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Marie Silver

I'm editing a YA urban fantasy (not on this site) and have come to a point where I currently have two scenes of exposition and am debating whether to add a third. It'll contain needed information but come to roughly 2,400 words altogether and/or 3/4 of a chapter - is that too much? If I don't get it in there now I'm not sure where I can add it later.

Would so much exposition put teenagers (or yourself if you are a teen) off or bore you? Or would you not care if it's just the one chapter?


~Marie Silver~

3/24/2009 #1
Paper Cutouts

As a teenager myself who greedily devours urban fantasy, I would say not at all. If you think the information is necessary, by all means includ it. A reader should be able to get into the exposition if they're going to enjoy the world you're setting out.

4/4/2009 #2
Marie Silver

Thanks for the help, I'll put it in.

~Marie Silver~

4/5/2009 #3
Sometimes if you can weave exposition together with action it can make it easier to swallow. Just IMO.
2/24/2010 #4

Yes, I agree that it's best to mix exposition with action and dialogue. It's the old "Show don't Tell" mantra again; letting the character perform for us and show us who they are. You don't have to obsess over "Show don't Tell", but it's a good rule of thumb to keep your characters interacting with their world in order to flesh it out. If you want to use straight out exposition, try to keep it short and sweet, or as interesting as possible.

7/26/2011 #5
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