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A forum dedicated to the short but in progress story called The Morningstar: Hell Lost. For questions, critique and even religious discussions. As long as you use reason in your posts and opinions you can discuss anything, anywhere and all the time.
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Julius Magnus
The Morningstar: Hell Lost is only the first out of two stories, the other (unwritten) one being Hell Regained. Yes, the titles are indeed inspired on Milton's classics, but that is where all similarities end. These stories are not the work of a Satan worshipper or a religious writer at all. They come from the hand of someone who has given himself the role of 'Devil's Advocate' and the task to write a story about Lucifer. Everybody knows that Satan is the Adversary, a lot of people know that Lucifer was cast out of Hell and there isn't a soul on Earth who does not know that Satan rules in Hell and punishes the sinners. Since I have always been intrigued by Milton's Paradise Lost, I wanted to write a story that adds more depth to Lucifer and that ties some loose ends in Christian mythology. This work does not mean, in any way, to offend. Take it what it is, a story, and (hopefully) enjoy it.
9/4/2007 #1
Leana C

That does sound interesting. I've heard of Milton's Paradise Lost, but I've never read it. I really do want to, though! And I would like to read your story too. Good luck with it!

1/12/2009 #2
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