Modern AU
In which Kat, Kai, Daniel, Aaron, and Emeary all live in New York in the 21st century.
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Aaron and Kai shared a small apartment.

Daniel, of course, lived in his father's mansion though he never seemed to spend anytime there except to sleep (and even then, he crashed on Aaron and Kai's couch more and more often). Emeary shared a dorm with a roommate she rarely saw because they both had devoted themselves to the medical field, and Emeary used all her spare time with her friends. Kat still slept in her childhood home and ate meals with her father, but Edward encouraged her growing relationships with her friends and never minded when she stayed away from home for a while.

So technically, Aaron and Kai shared an apartment, but more often that not, some combination of the other three shared the place with them. They barely made plans anymore. Just woke up to find Daniel on the couch in the morning. Walked in the kitchen to the sight of Kat making tea. Tripped over Emeary's textbooks piled next to the television set.

Aaron enjoyed seeing his friends, and Kai valued the warmth of a full home. Besides, they both worked so often that they sometimes barely knew when others made themselves at home in their apartment.

They only realized how far their living situation had evolved when Kai tried to dress for his shift at Walmart and squeezed into one of Emeary's shirts instead. The pale blue blouse hugged him in all the wrong places, and he never quite managed to wriggle his arms all the way through the sleeves before he stripped the shirt. Now wearing clothes of his own, he entered the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. Aaron already drank from his mug at the table, pouring over an open book.

"I accidentally put on one of Emeary's shirt this morning," Kai greeted.

Aaron didn't even look up from the text. "Did you rip it?"

"No, but it was a close thing," he admitted.

"Yesterday I came home from a double shift and used Kat's shampoo in the shower instead of mine. My hair still smells like lavender," Aaron deadpanned.

"There are five toothbrushes in our bathroom," Kai realized.

"Everyone has a shelf in our pantry for their favorite snack foods," Aaron added.

"We keep tampons under the sink."

"Daniel's entire game and movie collection is here."

"Emeary's test schedule is on our fridge."

"Our bookshelves hold more of Kat's books than ours."

"Just when did everyone move into our apartment?" Kai wondered.

Aaron shrugged and refilled his coffee mug. Kai sipped from his own as he pondered the question, but even as they came to their conclusions, neither man seemed overly concerned. In a way they'd known from the moment they decided to share an apartment that this would happen eventually.

"Maybe we should charge them rent," Aaron mused.

Kai snorted.

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