A Ronin Sacrifice
We lose someone precious to us that led us into a life of spirals and isolation. Consistently on the run from the ones we once called, our brothers and sisters. We saw the world for what it could be but our perception and naive fashion had let us astray from what it actually was. Could a Ronin like us ever find the things we love again? or will we accept our fate to be dead in the world of isolation? This is what a Ronin is and always will be, a warrior destined to be alone. (HIATUS)
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Austin Loudin

I guess Greed is going to be with Envy and Wrath.

12/12/2017 #151
Autobot Skyflame

Well, now with four people if everyone had two characters someone would have to have a character of the same sin as another.

12/12/2017 #152
Autobot Skyflame

Hey Sae, if both Yoshikazu and Akira use naginatas do you think they would have trained together sometimes?

12/12/2017 #153
Autobot Skyflame

I will reply tomorrow, right now is a bit past my preferred sleep schedule. So just wait for me to post tomorrow

12/12/2017 #154

Well guys, since this is the last day before the pivotal moment, I say that we all enjoy this site for as long as we can. After all, this may be the last time any of us are on here after the next... 7 hours and however long it takes them to vote.

12/13/2017 #155
Autobot Skyflame

Well that makes it worse as there is literally no clear options for my character to get them out of the mess their in. I know he wants us to be creative, but I am just not going to be able to respond with such a confusing and unclear situation.

12/13/2017 #156

I think he wants your character to find a way to escape falling rocks.

12/13/2017 #157
Autobot Skyflame

I also have to save Rin who is holding up the roof and two people above a spike pit.

12/13/2017 #158

Is Sae's character in any position to help with either?

12/13/2017 #159

It was made quite clear that she can barely stand, let alone help.

12/13/2017 #160
Austin Loudin

Look at the positive. It all works out.

Took a little nap as well by accident.

12/13/2017 #161
Autobot Skyflame

Sorry for writing such a long response, that was probably the longest time I have spent on a response. It had better have been worth it.

12/14/2017 #162

I think it works very well.

12/14/2017 #163
Autobot Skyflame

It is up to Austin to decide that.

It had better though, otherwise all of that effort may have been a waste.

12/14/2017 #164

Are you saying our word isn't good enough? If you are I just won't tell you what I think. :p

12/14/2017 #165
Autobot Skyflame

No, I completely trust you guys, I wouldn't have shared my email if I didn't.

I was saying that Yoshikazu's words to Glenda had better work as even I felt his emotions as I wrote that. I haven't felt like that since times similar to when I first romanced another rper's character.

12/14/2017 #166

We've all felt that way at one point or another for our characters, Sky. Thankfully, Admins usually take note of those kinds of post and have them be effective.

12/14/2017 #167

I know those emotions. I've had them many times. I've even started crying before because I've felt them so much.

12/14/2017 #168
Autobot Skyflame

Well now Yuko and Teriuihi are on a pointless venture, thoough I presume Austin will find something else for them in that place.

12/14/2017 #169

Probably. But Teriuihi has no idea of what's going on, and as such, is acting like the concerned leader he should be. Even if it's pointless. XD

12/14/2017 #170
Austin Loudin

I wouldn't say pointless when they head inside the village to meet Cedric.

Its going to get interesting I believe or hope so.

12/14/2017 #171
Austin Loudin

\(_)/ Sky, are you annoyed or something? Maybe I'm reading something wrong because this is just text-based.

Either way, I'm heading off to bed. School, school and more school that I love :)

12/14/2017 #172
Autobot Skyflame

No not at all.

Whqt I am annoyed about is that I cannot figure out what this is \(_)/

12/14/2017 #173

I have no idea what that means either. Is it meant to be raising hands?

12/14/2017 #174

I thought it was an annoyed face...

12/14/2017 #175
Austin Loudin
The sound of the water splash is heard. Goodwin's broom is what remains floating.

Sky: I would say that she plunged into the water since Goodwin's broom is what is left remaining above the water.

12/15/2017 #176


12/20/2017 #177
Austin Loudin


6/16/2018 #178
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