A Ronin Sacrifice
We lose someone precious to us that led us into a life of spirals and isolation. Consistently on the run from the ones we once called, our brothers and sisters. We saw the world for what it could be but our perception and naive fashion had let us astray from what it actually was. Could a Ronin like us ever find the things we love again? or will we accept our fate to be dead in the world of isolation? This is what a Ronin is and always will be, a warrior destined to be alone. (HIATUS)
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Austin Loudin

[A Ronin's Sacrifice - Book One: A Grieving Soul]

(Next Village: Tsuki Hana (Moon Blossom))

The Mortal Demons had made pace to seal their identity towards Tsuki Hana. Lushes green tops on the trees wailed in the breeze of the wind as the wheels creak from each stroke it gave onward onto the dirt road towards the village. The sun starts to over peak the lush trees with heat beating down on the Mortal Demons.

There was no sign of rain today and the clouds looks scarce in the sky. With the given knowledge, the village is said to have the lake be blessed by the moon to make the water sweet or so its been told by drunken bards.

With little supplies, you hoped to fill up at the village and stay for a short while, it wouldn't be long till the Emperor is hot on your trail.

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Austin Loudin

Yuko was walking beside the carriage of supplies. The carriage was just a big wagon with almost nothing on the back. There was room for seats in the back and front as the horses started to stride along the dirt road.

Yuko looked at the sun that was over peaking then she turned her attention to her peers. Her hakama was half torn, only revealing the bandages across her shoulder and chest while the other half was covered by her hakama.

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu kept close to the wounded to help incase they were attacked. 'How long has it been? I feel like this walking has gone on for an eternity.'

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Teriuihi sat in the back of the carriage, wrapping up his wounds and keeping a close eye on those too wounded to move. He was perfectly capable of walking, and hadn't suffered nearly as grievous of injuries as others had, but he still felt he deserved a rest. It wasn't even his more demon half wishing for it, it was simply the exhaustion hadn't yet left him.

"How far are we from our destination?" He asked as he glanced towards the sky.

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Austin Loudin

"Two miles." Yuko inquired as she guided the horses along the trail, her voice was stoic without emotion. Then again, that was how she always acted towards him. "When we get the village, what do we need?" she asked Teriuihi and Yoshikazu

The wind started to breeze past the carriage making the grass wave and the trees rustled. Yuko started to hold her "Sacrifice" tighter.

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"Food, water, medicine; anything we can use to survive out here for a while longer." Teriuihi responded. "A few cloaks would do as well so we can hide our identities. Have you noticed any of them following us?"

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu overheard this, "Sir, if you allow me I will head to the back and keep an eye out for anyone approaching." he suggested to him as he wanted to a bit more to actually help.

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Austin Loudin

Yuko watched the bushes along the trail being pulled back by the wind.

"Just the wind. Just the wind, take a deep breath." Yuko kept reminding herself as she gripped her weapon tighter. "No, I don't believe anyone is following." Yuko was paranoid, this was due to her lack of sleep but her stoic nature was intact.

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Teriuihi hummed in thought. "Aye, you may do so, but make sure not to fall behind. We can't afford to lose anyone in our current state. If you spot anything, let us know." He ordered. "Cone to think of it, Yuko, how long have you been awake?"

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Austin Loudin

"Thank you for your concern but I've slept long enough." Yuko said in her stoic tone but Teriuihi never saw Yuko sleep since the escape.

Yuko looked at Yoshikazu. She gave him an emotionless look but it was the same, don't lack behind or I'll do something about it.

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Teriuihi sighted and leaned his head back. "As soon as we reach the village, you will sleep, understood? I won't have you falling on the first blade we see because you're too tired to lift your own. I will hear no arguments." He told her. "Now, what can you tell me about this village we're stopping at?"

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu keep back. Most of his attention was on watching their backs, but from back there he could see the condition of everyone as a whole, 'How did something such as this happen. At this condition we will be no match for the emperor's soldiers.'

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Austin Loudin

"If I am to fall in battle by a blade then I'll sleep." Yuko acknowledged her leader's orders but she sighs. "The village we are headed to is called, Tsuki Hana, Moon Blossom. It is known that the lake there is tended to be blessed by the moon to give a well refined water." Yuko still had a stoic tone, "and refinded sake." she added. "Drunken men among them all and blossoming women among them. It is rare for samurai to be here." she added once more.

"You listening Yoshikazu?" she asked behind her. Her stoic tone was harsh towards Yoshikazu.

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Autobot Skyflame

(How many Mortal Demons are there? I ask this because if the is a large number with him at the very back then he wouldn't hear, but if it is a small group then I suppose he could.)

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Austin Loudin

(Small group.)

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Teriuihi nodded. "We'll need to keep a low profile then. Yuko, Yoshikazu, you two will accompany me into the village to gather the supplies. We'll leave our armor and weapons here to blend in. Word shouldn't have reached this village just yet, so we may have enough time to get what we need and leave." He yawned and his eyes began to droop. "In the mean time, I shall... rest, for a bit."

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu sighed, "I think we all can, Miss Ko." he said as he took his naginata from his back and began to use it as a walking stick in order to expend just a little less energy.

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Austin Loudin

"Of course." Yuko added before she turned her attention to the road.

The sun raised a little bit in the sky to beat the heat more onto The Mortal Demons. The outskirt of the village is seen into the view by the mortal demons. The wind started to feel cold once more the clouds started to spout into the sky. Still no sign of rain.

"The village is near." Yuko said to everyone.

12/3/2017 #18

Teriuihi was sound asleep in the back of the carriage, slumped over next to his injured comrades.

12/3/2017 #19
Austin Loudin

Commotions started to spur up ahead. As the carriage grew closer and closer to the commotion, Yuko started to grip her weapon real tight.

"You have to be kidding me." a man said in the distance as they looked at their own carriage in the ditch.

"What happened?" a woman inside the carriage said as she looked out.

"Keep walking. Keep walking." Yuko didn't pay attention to the two.

12/3/2017 #20
Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu ran back up to the rest of the group to see what is going on. "Miss Ko, what is..." he noticed the wrecked carriage. He cautiously began approaching it.

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Austin Loudin

"Yoshikazu. What are you doing?" she whispered as she grabbed his right shoulder to stop him. "What are you trying to do?" she asked him again.

The man started to push onto the carriage. His strength wasn't doing much to the carriage.

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Autobot Skyflame

'She probably just doesn't want to waste time.' he thought as he turned to her, "They need help. I will caught up later so you needn't bother slowing down." Yoshikazu said as he began walking towards the wreck.

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Austin Loudin

"So be it then Yoshikazu." Yuko said as she pressed onward to the village with the carriage slowly following.

The carriage was budging a little but not enough. The man and woman spotted Yoshikazu.

"A samurai?" the woman said in awe.

"Samurai?" the man stopped to gather his breath.

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu smiled friendly, "Hello, you look like you could use a hand here." he said as he walked up to the carriage, "Would you mind some help?" he put his naginata.

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Austin Loudin

"What a generous man." the man spoke as he continued to push. "I think w-" he was interrupted.

"We would be grateful for your assistance." the woman answered for the man.

Yuko wondered with the carriage into the forest not to far from the village. She steps onto the back and tapped with her foot to wake the leader up.

"Lets get a move on." she inquired as she yawned.

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu walked up to carriage and got read to push, "Okay, we will push on three. One, two, three." he began to push it.

(What about the villain forum?)

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Teriuihi moaned as he felt her foot tap against him. "Wha? why am I here? And where did all of the women go-" He glanced up at Yuko. "Ah, it's you... forget everything I just said. Why have we stopped?"

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Austin Loudin

The man started to push with the carriage with Yoshikazu and the carriage budged out of the ditch.

"Why thank you very much!" The man generously said, "For people like you should get a reward. Here take this young man." the man said as he pulled out some of his currency.

"Men." she mumbled as she started to glare. "We stopped to go into the village." Yuko was being vague as she stepped off of the carriage and started to proceed towards the gate of the village from the forest.

(I'll reply tomorrow. I just want to get this going.)

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Teriuihi sighed. "For someone who's weapon is Lust, she remarkably closed off." He mumbled as he stepped off the carriage and followed after her at a slow pace. Thankfully he was already in his robe, so he didn't have to worry about changing out of his armor.

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