A Ronin Sacrifice
We lose someone precious to us that led us into a life of spirals and isolation. Consistently on the run from the ones we once called, our brothers and sisters. We saw the world for what it could be but our perception and naive fashion had let us astray from what it actually was. Could a Ronin like us ever find the things we love again? or will we accept our fate to be dead in the world of isolation? This is what a Ronin is and always will be, a warrior destined to be alone. (HIATUS)
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Austin Loudin

[A Mortal Demon's Contract]:

Each of The Mortal Demon is known to have the Devil Style Blood-lust and the mark of a laughing demon. Being a Mortal Demon is a curse as you must hold the urge to seek blood from others. Sensei had said something special about being a Mortal Demon. Sensei described that being marked from the laughing demon meant you were targeted for many disasters to come, not by humans but by spirits as well.

(The Mark Location is where the branded Laughing Demon is located on your body.)






Physical Appearance:


The Mark Location:

How did you meet Sensei?:




Carving on your weapon? (Words, saying, etc.):

What sin is your weapon?:

What number where you in the line when you were escaping?

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Austin Loudin

Name: Yuko Ko

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Personality: Emotional Stoic - She may not rely on her emotions to show on the outside, she is however emotional on the inside and rarely shows her feelings towards people. Her emotional and stoic natures are always battling each other. She does however have a protective nature and if she feels as if her dear friend is being threatened, she confronts the problem.

Physical Appearance: Her hair style of the Shrine Maiden, long and dark towards her feet she is in a physical appearance of slim and agile. Her chest isn't fully developed as for her skin is pale. She stands at 5'5''.

Clothing: She wears bandages around her chest to her left shoulder indicating the scars from the escape. While wearing one of a Miko. She wore a red Hakama alongside a white Haori. She wore wooden sandals. She wears her "Sacrifice" on her right side to quickly draw from her right.

The Mark Location: On her back but small.

How did you meet Sensei?: She was the second student of the Sensei. She was found stealing from the Sensei and using a weapon against him. She faced his first student in combat which rendered her from moving. Sensei embarked as Yuko was the sign of Sacrifice. He described her life as giving everything up but couldn't find anything in return.

Weapon(s): A katana called, "Sacrifice."

Desire?: She desire to find her place in the world once more.

Motives?: Her motives is to strike down those who dare attack her.

Carving on your weapon? (Words, saying, etc.): "Bonded by Love."

What sin is your weapon?: Lust.

What number where you in the line when you were escaping?: She was behind everyone. Relying on her feet to grab her out of danger and stepping slightly in the rain. However being last was a target on her back.

Name: Rin Ironheart

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Personality: Aggressively Caring.

Physical Appearance: This woman is a towering giant figure among everyone. She has abs on her stomach and small muscles on her arms to intimidate anyone. Her eyes are said to be like fire, bright red with sharp teeth. Her chest sticks out but her bra restraint that. She looks like she is able to lift many houses on her back. Her hair is as well dark red that sticks out and never straighten.

Clothing: Bandages wrapped around her stomach with metal wrist bands on both wrists. She just wears is a fur leggings with a fur coat that wraps around her waist as if she was some kind of Antarctica Savage. A special made bra that is made of fur to her. Light Tan is most of the color of the clothes while the outlines are white.

The Mark Location: Left of her chest.

How did you meet Sensei?: Short and simple. She meet him in an arena, fought him and he gave up. I took pity on him. (Actually she was beaten fair and square although she cheated.)

Weapon(s): A flail called, "Crusher"

Desire?: To be the strongest there is in the world.

Motives?: Eliminating anyone that posses that kind of threat to the desire.

Carving on your weapon? (Words, saying, etc.): "Smash Deserters."

What sin is your weapon?: Wrath

What number where you in the line when you were escaping?: Second to first.

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Name: Teriuihi Sugai

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Personality: Teriuihi is a very conflicted man. On one hand, he feels strong emotions and always feels as though it's his duty to do what's right. On the other, he feels a desire to simply do nothing but sleep all day and simply do... nothing. He has a protective nature by heart, but also feels as though acting on this nature would endanger his life, and in turn simply wants to sleep. He is very intelligent man who is skilled in battle tactics, and understands what ever person always wants. When he isn't lounging around or sleeping, Teriuihi can be a very charming and charismatic man.

Physical Appearance: Teriuihi stands at 6 Ft. with dark brown eyes and a black hair reach's down to his shoulders that come into spikes at the end. He has the build of your average man, but is much stronger than his physique would suggest.

Clothing: Teriuihi wears bandages to voer the wounds on his leg and arms he acquired during the escape. When he isn't doing anything, he usually wears wooden sandals and a simple white robe. When he is doing something, he wears a set of grey and white Hotoke dou (dō) gusoku, a grey Horo, a quiver full of arrows on his left hip, and his katana on his right hip.

The Mark Location: The palm of his right hand.

How did you meet Sensei: Teriuihi was one of his sensei's star pupil. He found him lounging among the sleeping bodies of the rest of his students, all of which had been eagerly training before. After they all awoke, Teriuihi managed to beat his best without moving nearly as much as the others. After that display of skill, and witnessing the Mark on his hand, he decided to take him on as a student.

Weapon(s): 1. Death: A katana

2. Reach: A yumi

Desire: To survive, and clear his name.

Motives: Survive, and kill those who'd betrayed him.

Carving on your weapon? (Words, saying, etc.): "The world will go on without you." is emblazed on both weapons.

What sin is your weapon: Sloth

What number where you in the line when you were escaping: He was the first in the line and lead the escape. With his life put in danger, his more sloth-esq nature was overridden and he cut down each of the guards that got in his way as quickly as he could.

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Austin Loudin

Welcome leader to the group.

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Austin Loudin

You want to start or me or wait?

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Wait sounds good.

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Austin Loudin


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Autobot Skyflame

Name: Yoshikazu Adachi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Yoshikazu is a rather outgoing person. He is willing to make friends. Friends are what he values most and he will do nearly anything to protect them. He is also very hotblooded individual, far to eager to rush headfirst into a fight as he has confidence in his abilities, but he isn't foolish as when he fights he can think on his feet and adapt to most battle conditions.

Physical Appearance: Yoshikazu is 5'6" he has raven black hair all combed to the right and his eyes are silver. He has rather visible muscles, not as large as some of the stronger warrios, but definitely greater than average soldiers.

Clothing: He wears a black shirt just barely thick enough to keep himself warm, over that he wears a hotoke dou(without the haidate). He wears a purple overcoat that goes down to knee length, has a black trim, and only covers half of his chest, it has long sleeves over which are black bracers and he wears black fingerless gloves. Around his waist over his coat is a black sash. He also wears something resembling a baldric, it is black and made from leather, it holds his naginata on his back.

The Mark location: One the back of his left hand

How did you meet Sensei: Yoshikazu was on the streets having lost his parents and home to a bandit attack. As much as he tried to work he was forced to spend his nights starving on the streets while looking with envy at all of the people passing by while not being able to reach out to that life. One night he saw a group of thugs gang up on a man. He did what he thought was right and came to the man's aid. Without any trainer and just natural talent he managed knock out one and injure another before they all ganged up on him. It was then that the man who he would come to call Sensei saved him instead. Impressed Sensei decided to have Yoshikazu taught.

Weapon: Naginata known as "Hopeful Edge"

Desire: To have friends and to stand by them no matter what.

Motives: To do whatever he must to protect his friends.

Carving on your weapon: "Hope to reach the stars"

Weapon sin: Envy

Number in line of escaping: Near the middle. He was a bit disappointed to not see any action, but in his state of grief he probably would not have done his best.

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Austin Loudin

Accepted! I like the ages we have. 20, 21, and 22.

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Name: Akira Suzuki

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Personality: Akira is a very sweet girl, but don't let that fool you. She'll put on a smile and charm you until you let your guard down. Later, you may find all of your money to be missing. She is rather manipulative and will go to any means to get what she wants. This usually involves thieving, as this was the only way she had managed to make it through her life. She's very open about herself and her present, but when people ask about her past, particularly her past in the red light district as a prostitute, she clams up and gives some excuse to leave to avoid the topic. Sometimes she'll spill a little if she's drunk enough, but she usually ends up passing out before telling much.

Physical Appearance: Akira is a petite woman, standing at about 5'3", with long black hair she keeps in a bun, held together by a set of red chopsticks. Her skin is quite fair and she has dark brown eyes. She doesn't always wear the traditional white makeup on her face, but she always paints her lips a bright red.

Clothing: Akira is always wearing a relatively simple kimono with her naginata strapped to her back in such a way that she can simply give it a tug and the sash holding it there gives way and allows her to use it immediately. It's easy enough to pull the sash from the weapon before using it then.

The Mark Location: Just above her belly button.

How did you meet Sensei?: Akira was working in the red light district when she was assaulted. She successfully managed to take down two men that were almost twice herself with just the fan she had on her person. This skill brought Sensei to take her on as a student.

Weapon(s): She wields a naginata called "Ocean" and a tessen (for emergencies and because who doesn't want a fan when it's hot out) she calls "Sakura" for the cherry blossom that adorns the fan.

Desire?: The freedom to be who she is, not who she is told to be.

Motives?: She'll do almost anything for her freedom. Almost.

Carving on your weapon? (Words, saying, etc.): She has a dragon that spirals halfway up the handle of her naginata.

What sin is your weapon?: Avarice

What number where you in the line when you were escaping? Third. She ran as fast as her feet would carry her to get the hell out of dodge.

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Austin Loudin


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