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These are the tarot cards that allow each member of the varying suits to have a different unique ability that defines their magic as a whole. One OC per card. Certain cards have special importance to the plot and will be marked with an asterisk (this does not mean that the other cards are not important to the plot!). Please PM for further details and explanation as to what your role in the plot is. If your character dies your card no longer belongs to you, and it will be available to other RPers.

These cards are your only source of magic, so choose your card wisely, and be creative with it!

*The Fool: Copying other Tarot abilities regardless of suit. The fool lacks their own magic and must use the experience of others.

The only means for a fool to learn is through experience

The Magician: Can conjure Magical projectiles that can follow a given target. Projectiles depend on what suit you belong too. These projectiles may also be offensive or defensive spells.

Concentration is key to a Magician's performance, the wilder the audience the more difficult the show

The High Priestess: Becomes empowered if in the presence of someone being harmed, only then may the High Priestess summon forth their elemental might. Elemental might can be offensive or defensive in nature.

Power demands sacrifice and so does the Church

The Empress: The more followers one possesses, the greater their own strength becomes. Card is open to offensive and defensive capabilities.

A Monarch is nothing without it's Kingdom, be it through fear or respect

The Emperor: The more followers one possesses the greater their own strength becomes. In combination with the Empress, their power is to be feared. Card is open to offensive and defensive capabilities.

Heavy is the Head that bears the Iron Crown

The Hierophant: Can heal injuries and defend against harm. Card is open to healing based on their suit and defensive capabilities. (Note sometimes healing can harm and provide protection such as a splash of water in the face, or a small burn from a healing flame.)

Faith is a well that never runs dry

The Lovers: Bestow one's health upon another freely, own health is affected. Can also be used to bestow illness or poison onto others. Card is open to exclusively healing magic.

Of all the Human experiences, none are as potent and changing as Love

The Chariot: Becomes neigh impervious to damage once a full sprint is reached. Can use weak offensive and defensive spells.

Ride Eternal

Strength: Becomes as physically powerful as one's magic supply allows them to be. Card is open to offensive magic only.

True Power is a union of the body and mind

*The Hermit: Transport one's self where no one else maybe if they're already alone. Card is open to minor defensive magic only. The Hermit often holds wisdom and knowledge that has been lost to the Suits.

Solitude is as much freedom as it is a cage

Wheel of Fortune: Conjure a random offensive, healing, or defensive spell through a game of chance with the admin or a moderator.

Roll the Dice

Justice: Level the playing field of a given situation through a singular powerful defensive or offensive spell. Card does not guarantee a win in a fight.

The meek shall become firm and the strong shall become humble

The Hanged Man: Body parts can be controlled separately from one's self and float. Offensive spells only.

Day by day does the noose around one's self-tighten, be free of its constraints

Death: End and consume a spell to gain strength before providing your own spells to end a situation. Card is open to offensive and defensive capabilities based off of how many spells they've absorbed.

This is not the end, it is merely the next step in the Journey

Temperance: Transfer power from one individual to another for a small period of time.

Be it Magic, Wealth, Luck, or Wit, you are born with some, and must earn others

The Devil: See through all Deceptions yet be unable to speak your own. Minor offensive spells available.

The Serpent's tongue ever hisses secrets and honeyed words

*The Tower: The tower is seen as the most destructive card, an omen of evil; Raw power that is immensely difficult to control. Open to offensive and defensive spells.

To the holder of the key, a prison may be a Castle

*The Star: Know at all times where the other Tarot holders are in the world. Can only focus on one at a time, must meet the Tarot holder beforehand.

There are worlds beyond this one, mayhaps someone there is looking at us knowing the same

The Moon: Power waxes and wanes with the cycles of the Moon. Card is open to offensive and defensive capabilities.

Look to La Luna

The Sun: Power waxes and wanes with the orbit of the earth around the sun. (During the winter the user is much weaker, summer they're stronger) Card is open to offensive and defensive capabilities.

Dim enough to guide and bright enough to blind

*Judgement: Will be compelled to punish the wicked and will garner power for doing so. Card is open to offensive and minor defensive capabilities.

The time for deliberation is past

The World: Can sense when a Tarot card is used and can work with the Star to locate the card user. Minor defensive spells.

There are no surprises to one who shuffles the Deck

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