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Court of Wands

Element: Fire

Traits of the Court of Wands: Energy, inspiration, desire, planning, and design.

Ruled by: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Master of Wands: The fire within allows for complete mastery of one's card, and through the determination that brought you to this point feeds your fire-based magic. No source needed, but a source will only increase your power. Few are lucky to achieve complete mastery.

Knight of Wands: The fire within must be maintained and controlled, your magic is unreliable or even difficult to control. One moment it can be a raging blaze, and the next dim like the faintest of embers. Only through the Trial of Fire may your flame be tamed. Knights may rely on a small external flame but can conjure some their own flames for magic. Training as a knight takes many years before one can even think of taking the Trial of Fire.

Paige of Wands: Small sparks may accidentally flare up in times of most need. A Paige of Wands may not even be aware of their ability at this time. They often require a large flame source, some emergencies the magic will come on its own.

Healing: Healing under the Court of Wands is healing through fire and warmth. Purification of the spirit and mind through flames, and promotion of new growth through a fresh start. Burn away the sickness, and melt away the stress. A cleansing through fire can leave a soul pure and new.

Offensive: The Court of Wands is known for their destructive offensive capability even in cases of a healing card. One must always be careful with their flames least they harm those they are trying to protect. Lightning may result as a display of mastery over the flames.

Defensive: A good defense is a good offense to a member of the Court of Wands. Fire is often difficult to keep from spreading, but a wall of fire is always a deterrent for most. A good smoke screen might also provide a means of escape in a tight situation.

Those in the Court of Wands make for powerful leaders, good or bad as their passion and drive is highly admirable. A determination that never burns out lives within, but often enough it is that same drive and passion that tends to be their downfall. Stubborn, and easy to burn out one must be ready to play with fire.

Court of Cups

Element: Water

Traits of the Court of Cups: Emotion, romance, love, creativity, and the subconscious mind.

Ruled by: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Master of Cups: The water that immerses you allows for your magical ability to flow out making the subconscious a reality. In tune with the emotions within, your emotional mastery feeds your water based magic. No source needed, but a source will only increase your power. Few are lucky to achieve complete mastery.

Knight of Cups: The water that flows within must be kept clean and steady. Their magic is unreliable or even difficult to control. One moment it can be a raging torrent and the next a single drop. Only by cleansing the ponds of one's soul may you become a master. A small water source may be required, but the user can draw upon their own magic to provide some water. Years of training must be endured before taking the Trial of Cleansing.

Paige of Cups: Splashes of your magic will come in a time of need, though emotions may hinder the ability to come forth. A Paige often requires a large source, in some emergencies the magic may rush forth.

Healing: Water can rinse out, or take in any impurity. It is flexible and able to change form to serve the needs of the ill. A powerful master can will the movement of bodily fluids such as blood with their magic.

Offensive: Water's destructive force is well known, able to be pressurized and rush forth, or even being allowed to simply fill a sealed area. Water can erode structures, or freeze them solid. Though changing water's form takes much practice. Once water flows, it must go somewhere.

Defensive: Water has the ability to separate and block. Defensive capabilities can lead to unintentional drownings or harm.

Those in the Court of Cups make for excellent spiritual leaders, their ability to become in sync with their very soul leads to a very emotionally fulfilling life. Their compassion and emotions tend to rule their judgments

Court of Swords

Element: Air

Traits of the Court of Swords: Character, principles, communication, and intellect.

Ruled by: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Master of Swords: The air you breathe brings a sense of clarity to the magic you control. A strong sense of right and wrong based on one's own morals allows your magic to bring forth the justice you seek. No source of wind is necessary but helps in your grand plan. A true master takes years of rigorous training, and very few make it to be a master.

Knight of Swords: Air carries with it an uncertainty of its strength. A mighty gust could easily topple the greatest building or barely move the smallest leaf. A knight must achieve balance and keep true to themselves to become a master. Becoming a master means the user must pass a turbulent Trial of the Winds. A knight most often needs a small source of wind to create magic, can sometimes draw the breeze within.

Paige of Swords: The winds of change will drag you into your journey. Some accidents might happen, but this novice Warrior of the Tarot must rely on a large source of wind to make their magic happen. Sometimes in times of need, the winds may come to your aid.

Healing: Healing with air magic is all about cleaning the air. Both physically, and mentally. Easing political or conflicts with friends with their intellect. Cleaning the air of toxins and pollutants are important to an air healer.

Offensive & Defensive: Air is special in regards that at the same time it is offensive and defensive. Much like the others, however, it struggles to differentiate between the two. A powerful and potentially destructive force, it is difficult to control.

Those in the Court of Swords make for excellent political leaders, community leaders, and scientists. Their knowledge and ability to communicate helps to ground the other suits in an attempt to maintain order.

Court of Pentacles

Element: Earth

Traits of the Court of Pentacles: Environment, money, security, and the material world.

Ruled by: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Master of Pentacles: Your connection to the ground and life around you keeps you aware of things from the big picture. A Master of Pentacles is free to use the earth, it's minerals, and aid from its life to achieve their magic. A Master can call forth on even the smallest mineral if need be, or can draw from their own bodies. Mastery must be in balance with their responsibility to the human world. Not many can achieve this.

Knight of Pentacles: The earth is stubborn and difficult to move. A strong will and respect for nature will be the Knight's success. However, most Knights find it difficult to balance their magic and their love for the human world. True Mastery comes from the Trail by Nature.

Paige of Pentacles: When upset a Paige might feel the ground trembles under their feet. Paige's often have difficulty making the connection between their magic and a natural event.

Healing: Medicine that comes from the earth is a Pentacle's best source of healing. Earth healing is the only healing that can treat normal humans as well as magical humans.

Offensive: Earth's destructive nature makes it a magic that can take a toll on the livelihoods of those affected from the shifting grounds. One must exercise caution as to not expose the Warriors of the Tarot.

Defensive: The best defense comes from the security of the earth. However, it is not impenetrable. Overconfidence is usually the downfall of an earth magic user.

Those in the Court of Pentacles make for excellent businessmen, bankers, officers, etc. Their magic carries a lot of responsibility and must be dealt with in a humble manner. They are often the ones tasked with handling any human magical relations since Pentacles are able to empathize more with the human experience.

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