Warriors of the Tarot
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1) Mature themes are allowed however please take lemons to the PMs

2) Be excellent to each other. Don't be a dick, don't god mod, don't piss and moan when your Paige gets their ass kicked by a Knight. These spells will be easy to god mod with, but as with all RP fights compromise with each other. Realistically no one leaves a fight unscathed, exceptions obviously apply.

3) Characters can and will die, and you need to accept this right off the bat. Don't want your OC to be sleeping with the fishes? Maybe don't go picking glory fights with someone who can cream you into the ground.

4) Officers, military, etc all exist in this world. This is set in our time, be wise about your decisions, and don't get mad if after flooding the streets of New York your character is shot in the face by police.

5) Conversation is to be left out of the RP except when necessary to direct the other RPers to a different topic. The moment there's an issue during a fight the RPing of said fight is to stop, and discussion of it is to be handled in Chat. If need be the Admin or a Mod will decide the outcome of the move/fight.

6) No 'Perfect' characters. Not everyone is a super special awesome snowflake with a super tragic backstory and infinite funds.

7) No, your character cannot be an existing human being on this planet IRL.

8) More amendments to the rules will be added when/if the need arises. When they do all RPs must stop until the rules are once again agreed upon.

9) If you have read and agree to these rules please tell me which Starburst flavor you think is the best. And don't say yellow we all know you're lying ;)

1/5/2018 #1

Yellow...seriously i love it XD

1/12/2018 #2
I like yellow too! *waves*
2/16/2018 #3
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