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The following is a contest to see who will be next in the Chronicles of the Universal knights, submit your characters here and see if you can be interested
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Calling everyone: forum

Hey guys, Stormknight089 here, today I'm here to present to you what is about to happen, so I'm almost done with knights of the lost empire and I'm about to move onto my next big story, i want to do something a little bit fun, so I'm going to do an OC contest

That's right, we're doing this, for those of you who read the story or you just want your OC to be in a story, well you came to the right place

Here is an example:

Name: Darien Kyle

Age: 14

Appearance: Darien has short blonde spiky hair with freckles all over his face with a skinny body, he has green eyes and appears to be short, he wears a T-shirt with torn up blue jeans with boots on his feet, he also wears a backpack

Race: Human (Caucasian-Japanese American)

Weapons/skills/powers: Darien wields a katana which can cut through any material, he is a master swordsman, using an offensive fighting style to take down his opponents,

He as the ability to generate energy from the katana through his entire body, he can also absorb anything light based projections or can shoot out energy projectiles through his hand, he can also take on a form known as Samurai Lux, where he becomes Stronger, faster, and his energy attacks becomes more powerful then ever

Personality: Darien is a very confident person who believes in his own strength, he is very determined on getting his goals, and is willing to do whatever it takes on getting to it, Darien also tends to be really cocky and hotheaded, often getting into fights with others that he doesn't like very much, but Darien also has a caring and forgiving side, showing sympathy towards his friends and even sometimes his enemies

Backstory: Darien grew up in a poor city of Chicago, all his life he's been dreaming of becoming rich and famous like other people, his father left him when he was only 3 years old, showing no signs of his whereabouts, when secret cult threatens his family and city, he has no choice but to accept his fate of becoming the next Shoujen Samurai

( P.S: you can't use this character )

You can also PM me if your prefer to be more secretive, the contest will last up to 1-2 months, so take your time, don't rush

I'm also giving out a special slot for those of you who want to be the villain in a specific chapter

There are initially 5 slots for those of you who want to be the hero, and there is only one slot for the villain role

But there are a few rules

  1. You can't use magic based abilities
  2. You can't be a demon or have any demonic influences ( including being a furry, a witch, a werewolf, a vampire, a mummy, Etc )
  3. You can't wear anything inappropriate or show anything that is not kid friendly

Other than that, go crazy!

Well I hope you guys can get creative and enjoy the contest, I hope I will, good luck

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