The pro's and con's of an arrogant character!
Different views on the typical arrogant god.
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I have to say I have read numerous stories, and they always revolve around that oh so gorgeous Arrogant male species. But what I wnat to know is what yuo think of them. do people like them or not?
10/26/2007 #1
I absolutely love your typical arrogant and gorgeous j***. There is always the fun of bringing them down. ;) This is quite apparent if you read one of my stories. It is always interesting to read how each author develops their character and how the female counterpart responses to the j***. Hope this helped :)
11/19/2007 #2
Yes I completely agree. And it is nice to get a point of view on it. Although, while I do love it, I have to say sometimes it can be over done, or just a little too clich'e. But in general I believe your view is good.
11/20/2007 #3
like them, but I'm slightly partial to arrogant and not so pretty because ar hard to crack in, that would mean they have more than looks and attidud but yep arrogant characteres are always interesting.
1/29/2008 #4
Honestly, I think the cliché is more bad than good. There are times when such characters are the most important aspect of a story IF you are planning on tackling the stereotype some how, or addressing the imperfection in the 'perfect specimen of the male sex', but beyond those reasons, I think the gorgeous, over confident guy is cliché in the worst way. First of all, I think the whole persona of an arrogant a** and overly confident person really doesn't exist. Personally, in my school of 4500 at the moment, I don't see one guy who is confident or who is some what of an a** that acts like the stereotypical 'king' in school. Everyone of these guys has a weakness and they have brains (they may not use often), plus they most often are aware of other's feelings. Secondly, I'd like to say writing about the insanely gorgeous guy who walks over everybody (ie, doesn't care who he hurts) is just a sad excuse for bad writing. Real writing is developing the character so there is a certain balance in them, and yet imbalance enough so they are unique. NO ONE be pure evil, unless you're writing about the devil. Thus, I believe the character of the 'oh so gorgeous arrogant male [specimen]'is just, in all actuality, a crutch for good writers who still need to get comfortable with the development of their characters.
2/7/2008 #5
Opps! I made some mistakes, but I think you get the general idea. ;p
2/7/2008 #6
Sally Can Wait

Why do girls like the arrogant guy character so much?

Because they like dominance. No matter how feministy they are, if they like the arrogant thing, they like it because it's their cavewoman instincts a-callin'. Girls want confident, self-assured, closer to perfect (if at least they themselves think they are). Why do you think so many girls like the "Twilight" series?

Most of all girls like arrogant guys because they put themselves in the leading lady's place. If they aren't confident and a non-confident leading lady gets together with this super awesome confident guy... it gives them hope that it can happen in real life.

Ah, fantasies, fantasies.

6/21/2008 #7

I love arrogance! A good friend of mine is very good looking, and it shows that he knows it in his confidence and attitude. He knows we think he's good-looking because he knows he is. But we love him anyway- attitude and all.

I tend to make my male leads arrogant, but not to the point where they're complete... ah, I'll say meanies for lack of a better word. As Sally Can Wait said, it's all about that strive to be dominated. Let's face it, domination can be very sexy when used correctly.

7/30/2008 #8
KM. Yaneth

I love arrogant ones, they're usually equiped with dumfounding intelligence, quick wit, and sex appeal that could knock a woman right out. =D Confidence and arrogance are practically the same thing, only the arrogant one's usually have a nice face to go along with it.

10/21/2008 #9

usually it will be the storyline that catch me. i basically don't like the "PERFECT" guy for some reason. like he's so good at everything, have a perfect life, have the perfect girlfriend, perfect family. i hate that. usually, i would tend to go for a story with a guy who, if for example, is arrogant, then he's arrogant for a reason, blah blah blah.

but really, i would just say, i like a male character's who's a butthole. that's what i define the perfect storyline. lol. jk.

10/24/2008 #10

You can't help but love them because bringing them down a peg or two is much more enjoyable.

5/1/2009 #11

I love the typical arrogant j***/prat. :) As has been said, they usually possess wit and good looks. A girl can dream...

7/23/2009 #12

That might be the real thing about literature. In real life, the guys who are arrogant, and generally jerks, are usually just that, but in literature you can have them being something so much more. Like loving the idea in theory, but not really loving it in practice. Like when it comes to a story we want the arrogant guy, cause he's hot, but if we had to choose between the guy who made us smile and treated us like a princess and the guy who makes us cry, I know what i would choose!!!

P.s Still love writing them though lol. Oh and I hope that my rant made sense.

7/23/2009 #13

Yep! I agree!

And yes, it all made sense, well, to me. :)

7/23/2009 #14

That's good to know, after I finished writing I started to wonder if it was completely nonsensical or something, so it's good to know someonw else understands what I mean lol.

7/25/2009 #15

I adore them,

they're more realistic and honestly, quite fun to write. However, they tend to be horribly stubborn and stuck in the clouds, so you have to shove the story along

they are even more fun to read about because they're that guy in gym class, the cute boy at Starbucks, the football captain, they're real, they have flaws (even though they probably think they don't :D) They breath. It's more realistic and harder to love, but why the hell not :)

I personally support reversing the roles, haveing an arrogant Female character can be just as if not more fun, as long as she's not a total B!*ch

8/18/2009 #16

I like them. I mean, if you want to read stories on here you have to at least stand them. Since, you know, most stories these days have them as a lead.

Personally, I LOVE BISHONEN!!!! Girly boys rock! They are usually more emotionally adapt, which I need in my relationships. I also need someone who will do my bidding.

At my school, there are no real 'Kings' or 'Queen Bees'. Sure, there are popular people, but that's just because they're more outgoing and friendly than some others. If a nerd drops their books in the hallways, everyone pitches in to help while joking about it. I can't really connect with the whole social ranking thing in those (lovingly) cliche stories. Yes, I love cliche, but only because everyone loves a good happy ending.

10/20/2009 #17

I agree, my school was never like the whole movie cliche deal, to the extent that i have to wonder does it really happen that much?! There were never any Queen Bees etc.

But i love happy endings, so if that's what a good story needs to make a happy ending eventuate, then i'm okay with it. :)

10/21/2009 #18

Cliche' is a bit off topic, but yeah I do agree that I never had anything like that in my school. I think however that having it separates the fiction from the real world. In a way it makes sure that people don't confuse it too much, and it's an exaggeration anyway. It's fine if used properly.

10/21/2009 #19

Yes, I agree. I like arrogant characters, but I think they need to have something other than looks. Without substance, they bore me to death.

10/27/2009 #20

I love the arrogant character in a story. They usually come in two flavors for me: the dumb, sympathetic guy who is overconfident but not necesarly mean (especially if there is a character who usually brings them down, or comments on their mistakes) and the arrogant, gorgeous guy mixed with the silent, smart and manipulative. The latter is basically a j*** who knows that he is good looking, but is smart too, if not evil, using it to his advantage.

Usually jerks are dumb and the idea is overused. A j*** doesn't necesarly has to be always in the center of attention. A character who tries to get said attention but fails, is much funier and a silent character who gets the attention but uses it as a tool to manipulate others, is far more interesting.

At least that's my opinion.

7/31/2010 #21

I like your take on the whole thing, because it really does make sense, and I can see it being that way too. The latter to me was always the type you loved reading about, but hoped to god you never actually met in real life, and the fromer reminds me of a character on Ouran High School Host Club.

7/31/2010 #22

Thanks, yep you're right. The latter was always very interesting to me because it was more complex. But I certainly don't want to met one in real life! ;)And the former... come on! Who doesn't like to read about a silly overconfident character brought down by reality! It's hilarious.

The former character reminds you of Tamaki right? The Prince type, however he does manage to get all the attention on himself.

8/1/2010 #23

Yes Tamaki!!! Oh so hilarious watching him get taken down lol. But it is that silly overconfidence that kind of makes you love him lol, that's why that type of character works so well. I'd write a character like that, but I don't think I could do it justice, unless of course I did it the anime way.

8/1/2010 #24

girly guys are the one i can't stand if it's supposedly a love stories.... i don't know why but i just can't stand it if the guy is beautiful..... in my dictionary...beautiful and handsome mean totally different for a guy. i like having a guy for a lead, but when he takes up the lead as the female... i don't know.....

i like arrogant men in stories because it's fun and romantic to see them develop as a character... it's cute when they denied their feelings. hahahaha.

8/1/2010 #25

@Stahlut: Yep, Tamaki never fails to amuse me. Yeah, I agree in the Real World is hard to write such a character without making him seem annoying while in manga/anime is easier since it's manga/anime.

@negenki: Well, beautiful and gorgeous are two different things. Beautiful it's a word used for females or anything girly while handsome is definitaly used for males. Describing a male as beautiful it's kind of... strange. At least in my opinion.

Really? I like stories that share each protagonist's point of view. For example in a story where the girl is in love with said guy. I would like to see said guy's perspective. If he knows, and if he does what does he think about the girl or if he feels the same way. Things like that... it just makes the story more interesting.

I like to see arrogant men caught in a love triangle like: A (arrogant guy) is in love with B (tomboyish girl with Tsundere qualities that is annoyed with him), while B is in love with C (nice guy who doesn't notice B's feeling or A's death glares). It's fun to see A try to win B over while his arrogance comes between them.

8/3/2010 #26

@E-Mouse10. LMAO. i totally get your perspective in that kind of story..... What I also can't stand is when the guy is everything you (as the reader) wanted; the arrogance, the looks, etc. But the heroine just failed. Big time mary-sue and in love-mode all the time, extremely kind and because of her kindness, it soften the arrogant male lead and he change 360 degree. UGH. annoying.

11/12/2010 #27
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