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this poem is for every one that has alot of bullshit in there life and yea
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yes, its true. not all emo's are bad. id just like to start a topic on how every one views the word "emo" in general.

plz no bashing.....just constructive thoughts on the topic.

4/10/2008 #1
Choco Hippo

Personally I feel that the title "emo" is merely a title and shouldn't be considered too deeply. Society labels everything and everyone. I have been called "emo" before, but that was just by people who didn't understand my personality type. I don't think that an "emo" actually exists; it is just a categorization and people shouldn't be categorized. When you take the time to understand people around you, and they take the time to understand you (not that this happens too often), then there needn't be any name-calling.

5/7/2008 #2

You shouldn't go around calling yourself emo. You shouldn't label yourself at all. You're nota f*** price tag. If you let people call you emo, or if you call yourself emo, then people will judge you and make up their minds about you before getting to know you. I don't think you want that.

7/22/2008 #3

We are all doomed. Why live on, if we can end it all simply.

7/23/2008 #4

I don't like the label 'emo'. In fact, I'm not mad on labels in general unless they're informing me how to cook tonight's dinner, to be honest. It's just that people, all people, are so much more complicated than any stereotype can ever be, and if we stopped using terms like emo, chav, goth, et cetera, then we might spend more time looking at who a person is to define them, as opposed to the make-up they wear or what sort of music they like.

10/9/2008 . Edited 10/9/2008 #5

That is so true. That is so very very true.

10/10/2008 #6

Yes, I totally agree with these comments, emo is just a title to put on someone. I think everyone would be much better just getting to know the person for who they really are.

4/8/2009 #7
words are all I have

true, but it doesn't hurt. Emo is also a music genre, so if you wear the "emo" style of clothing and listen to the music, you could be called emo. I hate the stereotype though, all emos don't cut.

7/22/2009 #8
Mia Homina Telos Writ
Evry single person is individual. You can't really say who someone is without trying to know them. Like example: Talia likes flowers, therefore she must like nature, therefore, she must be a tree-hugging hippie vegetarian. even though those statements hold alot g truth, there are other things in my personality that if people actually asked wuld notice: I'm constantly looking for new tv shows. I hate the smell of new cars. I like being alone sometimes. I enjoy riding my dad's motorcycle. I like reading and don't care for digital e-books that I could just get I'm paperback/hardback form.
10/24/2014 #9
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