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You have now entered the Review Game. Any harm, mental instability, or obsession that may be created upon your person cannot be held against the Review Game. Reading that line has hereby made you sign the unwritten contract that shall not be spoken of. I am glad you agree.

Ahem. Despite this post's length, please read the rules for which you are interested in participating. It contains your rights and obligations. If you don't take part of it now, it will be used against you.

First, I must mention that this is not a group you can become a member in. We have no members, only players. Come and go whenever you like. All we ask is that if you do play, follow the rules, or you'll end up without a review.

There are different kinds of categories to play in, in the Review Game, so find the one most fitting for you.

And don't forget: Be nice! This is regarding your entire activity here on the forums. We want no arguments. If its that important, take it to the PM's. If it has to do with the review game, tell the moderators. But don't bother others about it.


» Headlines in this post:





















This section shows our topics that don't really fit into the later, more specified categories.

- Introductions

As the title says, this is generally where all RG newbies come, make an introduction, and get a shiny new nickname appointed to them!

- News

This is an important topic! Whenever new suggestions, events or mod-decisions have occurred, they will be posted in the News topic.

- Problems/Questions about RG and FP

Do you have a question you can't find an answer to in the rules? Has a problem arisen when you played the Review Game? Bring it here! Questions about FP also accepted.

- Suggestions

This forum can always improve, so use Suggestions as a topic to discuss new possibilities! Bring suggestions yourself, or discuss those that are already up. If you are going to start a new suggestion, however, try to respond to other suggestions if there are any current ones going on. Just for courtesy.

- Resources for Writing

Here we (moderators and those in our community) have collected plentiful of helpful links and books regarding writing. If you reckon something is lacking, you can make a post and add a link/book in accordance to the first post.

- Off Topic

There is a reason I have not linked to this and it is because we have new OTs pretty regularly. Look at the RG menu and see which Off Topic is the latest posted in and join in on the discussions there! We got nice folks here, and everyone likes new faces, so don't be shy.

- Celebrate

Feeling particularly good about something? Share your joy in this topic, then! Not linked because these threads get filled rather quickly. Look for it on the RG menu!

- Elements of Writing

This topic is not about getting help with your own story, we talk about writing and its different elements in general here. Such as, what is your view of villains.

- Help With Your Writing

If you need help with any part of your own stories, such as summary, character, writing etc, then go to this topic and everyone will help to the best of their abilities.

- What Makes a Good Review?

Based on giving and getting reviews, here we discuss the value of reviews, and other sub categories, as long as it relates back to reviews. Everyone is free to state their opinion, of course. This is always the case unless explicitly told otherwise.

- Request and Recommend Reading

Title says it all. You can recommend and request both fictionpress and published stories.

- Book Cafe

For all book-related discussions. Book reviews are not included here.

- Book Reviews

Here you leave your opinions (whether they are good or bad) on published books.



Review Games:

- The Review Game: Stories - Easy Fix

Here you review and get a review for a story, but as this is Easy Fix, it does not hold the same standards and much less effort on your part is required. For more information, look at the first post for that topic

- The Review Game: Stories - Depth

Here you come to review a story and get a review for your story in return. As this is Depth, your review must naturally contain more depth. For further information, look at the first post at that topic

- The Review Game: Poems - Easy Fix

Like the one for stories, except this is regarding poems.

- The Review Game: Poems - Depth

Like the same for stories, but the categories differ slightly. And this is for poems. For more info, look at the first post at that topic

- The Review Game: Multi-chap - Easy Fix and Multi-chap - Depth

This is intended for stories with 4 or more chapters. So to get to later chapters, there is a reviewing process of several chapters at a time. This RG is more complex than the others, so you will have to follow the guidelines carefully. Available in Easy Fix and Depth.

Don't try this if you are new to the review games. It will be too confusing. Start with regular review games Easy Fix.

It is entirely optional for an author, that has more than 4 chapters in their story, to go to the normal RG Stories, or to the RG Multi-chap! They can play in neither, either, or both! No restrictions as long as their story and reviews given fulfills the criteria established.

- The Review Game: Various: Stories - Easy Fix and Various: Stories - Depth

This is for when you want several stories reviewed at once. It's not like multi-chap review games though, the stories can only have 3 chapters max unless it is a short-story collection. Available in Easy Fix and Depth.

- The Review Game: Various: Poems - Easy Fix and Various: Poems - Depth

Like the above, but with poems. This is for when you want several poems reviewed at once. It's not like multi-chap review games though, the stories can only have 3 chapters max unless it is a poetry collection. Available in Easy Fix and Depth.

Our competitions:

- Review Marathon

Since January, we've started this to have as a monthly event, where we spread reviews all over the site. The Review Games produces a lot of in-breeding here, so it's nice to get some time-out from all that and see other people's works. Those who spread the review love the most gets some loving back, too. Read the first post in the Review Marathon topic for further details.

- Fight For the Freebie [not linked because they get filled every once in a while. Look for the current one in the RG menu]

This forum already had review exchanges, and it had a monthly competition. But it did not have a regular freebie give-away. That's what this topic is for: when someone feels generous but don't know where to direct that overwhelming emotion, just let others fight for it, instead! So now that this forum has reached number one on the forum list, we are glad to introduce Fight For The Freebie: a friendly competition for all to play.

- Writing Challenge Contest

This competition is based on writing. The challenge is to write a one-shot/poem based on a monthly prompt. The winner gets depth reviews from all other participants and gets to decide the next month's prompt.



- For Fun: Answer With A Song

A game where someone asks a question and another person must answer with the title of a song.

- For Fun: Every Time

A game where you can use your creative skills to finish the second half of an "Every time ______, ______"

- For Fun: Quizzes

A place to post the quizzes you find online and your results.

- For Fun: Word of the Week

A contest where you are to make the best use of a word per round. Winner of the round gets to determine the word for the next round.



- Artist-Author Trade

This is the place to go if you need a picture drawn based on something from your original story or if you're an artist looking for a project where you can get "paid." In this topic authors or artists make requests providing the necessary information. Bring your best bargaining skills!

- Beta Network

Have you tried looking through the Beta Readers to find the perfect match for you and your story just to become completely overwhelmed by the choices? Are you a beta, but no authors seem to find you? Here's a place where both betas and authors make requests and the opposite category responds if they think they would be a good match.



- Want to know who plays RG and with what genres? Then check out the post The Collected List of Authors and Genres in the Story Review Games.

- The Review Game has the tradition to nickname every newcomer in the Introduction thread (whether they like it or not). See The Forever Incomplete List of Nicknames for the Residents of the Review Game

- Wondering how many reviews the Review Game has given so far? Look at this list, The Count of Reviews Given At The Review Game Forum

- Don't forget to check out the Previously Featured Polls we've had in the many Off Topic threads!

- While you're at it, don't forget to read the Words Invented by the RG Community.

- Believe it or not, Review Love is a religion. Yes, it's true. We have a god and a whole hierarchy to prove it. Here it is in a nutshell:

God of Review Love: Reggy

Popes: Frac, Lefty and Mini

Saints: Mini, OneHandClap and dragonflydreamer

Half-Saint: Kylie

The hierarchy is always growing! You, too, could become a half-saint, or even a saint!

- The Review Game is so popular, there has been fanfiction written about its members. Go here to read the epic adventures of the Review Game!

- Random fact: The first post on every new page is a special spot. When a user manages to be honored to have their post become the first one the page, they will exclaim "Virginity!" more often than not.



Person 1 says: Review "My Lucky Dream"!

Person 2 says: Ok, I reviewed "My Lucky Dream". So can the next person please review "Stereotypes" or "Window"?

Person 3 says: Done (I did "Window"), so can the next person review "Stranger"? Thanks.

And at such it carries onwards. Should both person 2 and 3 have reviewed person 1, Rule 10 applies. Then it goes like this:

Person 1 says: Review "My Lucky Dream"!

Person 2 says: Ok, I reviewed "My Lucky Dream", please look at "Window".

Person 3 says: I reviewed "My Lucky Dream", please read "Stranger". Thanks!

Person 1 does: He reviews Person 2, as he got two reviews. The review to person 2 is a makeup review, and Person 3 is left to be reviewed by the next participant.

Person 4 says: Okay, I reviewed "Stranger". "Without me", please!



Person 1: Please review "This."

Person 2: I reviewed two chapters of "This." please review two chapters of "That."

Person 3: I reviewed five chapters of "That." please review five chapters of "Yay."

Person 4: I reviewed five chapters of "Yay." "Story" only has four chapters, so please review all of them.

Person 5: I am reviewing 4 ch of "Story". Edit: Done! Please review 4 chapters of "Singular"

(This is more complex than other RGs so read the first post in these RGs and the rules here carefully)



Person 2 says: I reviewed Person 1's stories "Antenna" ch 1, "Baffled" ch 1, and "Chimney" ch 1. Please review my one-chaptered stories "Dragons", "Evolution" and "Farenheit".

Person 3 says: I reviewed "Dragons", "Evoltion" and "Farenheit". Can someone elease review "Games", "House" and "Invalid"?

Person 4 says: I am reviewing Person 3's requests. EDIT: Done (Games ch1-2, House ch 1, and Invalid ch 1), so can the next person review three chapters from "Jam" and one chapter from "Kaiser"? Thanks.

(This is more complex than other RGs so read the first post in these RGs and the rules here carefully)



Freebie 1: I give one free review to anyone who can guess my country!

1: Russia?

Freebie: Bingo, 1! Spot on! What do you want reviewed?

1: My poem "Animal"

Freebie 1: CLOSED

Freebie 2: I give 3 reviews to the person who posts here first! (I only review stories)

2: Me! Please review "Skyscrapers"

Freebie 2: CLOSED



Author 1: NEW TRADE. I'd like a sketch on my male character Bruce. He is a werewolf -- [what mandatory details needed to be stated in their opening post will be covered in "post requirements"]

Artist 1: I can do it for one depth review on my story "God is an alarm clock". I'll also be able to do the job in 3 days. [the mandatory information for artists is stated in "post requirements"]

Artist 2: I'll need two depth reviews on my story "Witch Princess", but I'll be able to do it in 1 day.

Author 1: Since I want it quick, I will pick Artist 2. CLOSED

Artist 3: NEW TRADE! I am willing to do a picture for someone's character since I am feeling rather artsy, I'm willing to do it for --- [see 1st post for post requirements!]

Author 2: I'd be willing to trade with you if you drew Melissa [insert info in accordance to post requirements]

Artist 3: I accept. CLOSED



Author 1: I WANT A BETA! I need help on a story. *insert other necessary information as stated below in "Post Requirements"* Is someone willing to beta my story?

Beta 1: Hello, I'd be willing. *insert other necessary information as stated below in "Post Requirements*

Beta 2: I am also willing to do the job *insert mandatory info specified in "Post Requirements"*

Author 1: I prefer Beta 1 and I wish to pick him. CLOSED

Beta 3: I WANT TO BETA! *insert info*

Author 2: You sound just like what I need for my story! I'd be glad to have you as a beta. *inserts info*

Beta 3: Taken! CLOSED



1) The Review Game is optional. No one is forced to participate. But if you do, do it according to the rules, and don't leave flames.

2) The review requirements mentioned the first post of the RG thread you wish to play are mandatory. The review requirements are different depending on which RG you intend to play. Basically, always read the first post of the thread you intend to play.

3) You may enter The Game how many times as you'd like. But you can't make two posts containing your stories (or other people's stories) at the same time without someone else having posted in between. And reviewing yourself doesn't count either.

4) About reviewing: *you* must review the person above your future post *before* posting (the most recent post, so to speak). Thus you have earned yourself a review. Aka, before Person 2 can post, he had to review Person 1 first. How the review is constructed, view the first post of the Review Game you wish to post in.

You are only allowed to review what the player before you specifically requests. You cannot review a piece of theirs they have not requested to be up next.

5) In your post, you are required to state what story/poem you want reviewed. Saying "I reviewed" is not adequate. The title of the story/poem needs to be stated. You must also state what chapter you reviewed. If there is only one chapter there is no need, though.

6) If you want a story of yours to be reviewed, don't go to the Poem Review Game. You will not be counted as a participant then, and thus won't earn a review, even if you have given one. Vice versa for poems in Stories Review Game.

7) If the story above yours is a multi-chap, you are only obliged to leave one review. Remember: *One* review is required as the minimum. Going above it is not discouraged, however.

8) There is no obligation to review the person that reviewed you. The only person you must review is the latest addition.

9) You are allowed to leave several suggestions in your own post for a story of yours the person after can review. *But* the person after you is still only obliged to leave one review on whichever story they choose from your selected ones.

Also, you are allowed to leave a story *not* your own as the one to be reviewed, if perhaps for a friend that you know wants some feedback.

10) Should it be, that in the rare case of two or more people reviewing your story (and posting), the person that got reviewed multiple times will review back. So, if two reviewed the same story, the author will review to the first of the two that posted. The last one is to be treated like a normal poster that is to be reviewed by a new one. Example:

Person A posts. Person B reads, reviews and posts, shortly followed by C (that reviews A's story too). Person A will then review B back, and C will be treated like any normal participant, since he was last.

11) If you have already reviewed the above story, *prior* to this challenge (or have promised to review it, *prior* to this challenge), you can not use that as a free pass. That is cheating. I hereby allow others to ignore those who do that, and thus not leaving them a review (instead, they should review the person that was not originally reviewed).

Exception of that rule: *However*, if you have not reviewed all chapters, you *are* allowed to review one of those un-reviewed, thus legally earning yourself a position in the game (ie, out of a 4 chapter story, you had only reviewed 2 chapters. If you now review the 3rd one due to wanting to enter The Game, you have left the mandatory review and you're thus all set) Again, I repeat, this does not count for those that have made prior promises to review all/certain chapters before committing to The Game.)

12) If you feel any injustice has happened to you, for example you were missed out of the opportunity to get a review, and the person who is supposed to review has not, please contact any of the mods here, and also state on the Review Game thread you are playing that this person has not reviewed, and thus do not deserve to be reviewed, either.

13) When you write an off topic post, other than stating it is an off topic post, ALSO state which story is up for being reviewed. People will get confused otherwise. If you do not know who is next, state that.

14) It is most certainly not allowed to use copy-and-paste reviews and claim them as legitimate. By this expression, it means that you look at what other reviewers have said, and then use that. It also means that you leave pretty much the same review to everyone in the RG. Also, you may not state the same thing twice for one area, or repeat one like dislike as it will not count as legitimate.

15) Keep the unnecessary posts in the Review Game threads at a minimum. I want it to be clear who is supposed to read what story. For discussion and questions, etc, go to the Problems/Questions thread.

ADDED 2/2014:

A) Rule 10s (see above Rule 10) cannot be created after a 1 hr mark. Meaning, if person A makes a request and person B reviews it, person C has 60 minutes to claim that they have also reviewed A before their review then becomes invalid. Any claims made by person C after 60 minutes will be ignored and the game will continue.

B) If a player requests a second story solely for players who have already reviewed all of the chapters of their first requested story, then the next player must review the first requested story if they are able to (aka, if they have not been "blocked" - meaning they have not yet reviewed all of the chapters of the first posted story). An example of this request would be as follows:

Please review [First Story]. If you have reviewed all of those chapters, then please review [Second Story], thanks.

So, if you have not reviewed all of [First Story] then you have no secondary option and must review [First Story], but if you have reviewed all of [First Story], then you can freely choose the secondary option, as it is your only choice.

Additionally, if you are making this type of request, please also try to stick to this formula for your request and resist using the word "blocked," as some new members might not know what that means (if you forget to do this, there will be no penalty, this is more just a courtesy request.)

ADDED 2/2016

16) If you have multiple accounts, make sure this information is publicly known and that you do not vote twice in WCC using both accounts. We are aware this is a rule that cannot be totally enforced, but we want to assure that everyone is fairly getting and receiving reviews the best that we can.

ADDED 6/2016

17) If for whatever reason a player decides to block another player, the blocked player must respect this and cannot submit guest or anonymous reviews in order to get around that said block. Any attempts to do so will be considered invalid and will forfeit the player's turn. Should the blocked player still submit a review and the games have moved on, then the offender will be asked to play another turn and "donate" their following review to the player who has them blocked. They will be given one week to do so and thereafter be banned if these demands are not met.

(Note: In this situation, the term "block" refers to the option that FictionPress provides that allows you to personally ban someone from sending you private messages and leaving reviews on any of your stories.)


16) You must have at least 4 chapters for the story you want to play with in these two RGs.

17) This RG reviews several chapters at a time. Your minimum to review is what the person above asked you, or if they have not specified: the same amount that the person above reviewed themselves. But you can review more, of course. If you review more than requested, you can also request more.

18) You always have the option to request less, as long as it is not below 2 reviews.

19) The minimum of reviews you can request is 2. The maximum number of reviews you can request is 6. If a person request a number of reviews that do not go between two and six, it means they have not read the rules. Thus the next person can freely choose any number from two to six, assuming the person waiting to be reviewed otherwise fulfills the criteria.

20) There is a restriction to the above rule. If your request includes a chapter with more than 4,000 words, you can only request up to 4 chapters max. Even if you had to review a six chaptered story. And if you have more than one requested chapter over 4,000 words, you can only request a maximum of 3 chapters.

21) You can only enter stories, not poems.

22) If the person above you have not specified any number of chapters to review, you cannot review less than what they have reviewed. Ie, they reviewed 3 chapters. So you cannot review 2 chapters from them.

23) Naturally, for every chapter you read you give a review to. You do not give a single review of all the chapters when you finished reading. If you read two chapters, you must have left two reviews, etc.

24) When you have not completed reviewing the above story before posting, you are not allowed to post what you want reviewed and how many chapters. Instead you must write that you are in process of reviewing. When you are done, you are free to edit in what you want reviewed and by how many chapters.

25) The time limit to completing the above rule is 2 days. If the reviews are not done within this time period, you are automatically discarded as a player.



16) Your story/poem can have at a minimum 1 chapter and at a maximum 3 chapters.

17) You need at least 2 chapters that must be available for reviewing.

18) You need at least 2 seperate stories/poems available for reviewing. Exception: when a person has collected their one-shots and poetry in one multi-chaptered piece. There is no maximum limit to how many chapters this collection may have other than what Rule 16 says about individual pieces' lengths.

19) You always have the option to request less, as long as it is not below 2 reviews.

20) The minimum of reviews you can request is 2. The maximum number of reviews you can request is 6. If a person requests a number of reviews that does not go between 2 and 6, it means they have not read the rules. Thus the next person can freely choose any number from 2 to 6, assuming the person waiting to be reviewed otherwise fulfills the criteria.

21) There is a restriction to the above rule.

For stories: If your request includes a chapter with more than 4,000 words, you can only request up to 4 chapters max. Even if you had to give 6 reviews. And if you have more than one requested chapter over 4,000 words, you can only request a maximum of 3 chapters.

For poems: If you have a chapter with more than 1,000 words, you can only request up to 4 chapters max. Even if you had to give 6 reviews. And if you have more than one requested chapter over 1,000 words, you can only request a maximum of 3 reviews.

22) You can only enter stories in the Various Stories RGs. You can only enter poems in Various Poems RGs. There is no possibility for mixing.

23) Your maximum to review is the number of chapters the person above you has reviewed, unless they asked for less. If you review more than requested, you can also request more. If the person above you have not specified any number of chapters to review, you cannot review less than what they have reviewed. Ie, they reviewed 3 chapters. So you cannot review 2 chapters from them.

24) Naturally, for every chapter you read, you give a review too. You do not give a single review of all the stories/poems when you finished reading. If you read two chapters, you must have left two reviews, etc.

25) Since reviewing several stories takes time, you are allowed to make a post before you are done reviewing, claiming that you are in the process of reviewing. You are not allowed to say what you want reviewed until you have completed the reviews. When you are done reviewing, edit your post to state what you want reviewed.

26) The time limit to completing the above rule is 2 days. If the reviews are not done within this time period, you are automatically discarded as a player.

27) As always, you are not allowed to re-review something you have already reviewed.



1) There will be no review exchanges. The person who asks a question (the review-giver) is obliged to give away at least one review to the person who gets it right.

2) There can only be one competition at a time. When one closes, another may begin.

3) The person who starts a new competition is the one who is to give away at least one review. Their first post will ask the question (or ask them to do a specified action). That question/requested action will be written in bold. When the review-giver has a winner and knows what to review, they make a post saying CLOSED. This must also be in bold.

4) The review-giver must ask the winner what they want reviewed before closing. But unless the winner wants another person than themselves to be reviewed, the review-giver is allowed to choose a different story of the winner.

5) The questions/actions must be reasonable and be possible to accomplish. It is allowed to be hard, but if it is, the review-giver must be ready to give helpful hints along the way.

6) If several people say the right answer, the review-giver is only obliged to give a review to the first winner.

7) If the contest has no winner within 3 days, it will be closed, and a new one may start.

8) The review-giver is allowed to give hints/updates. One hint/update per day is mandatory. More is optional.

9) The review-giver is allowed to limit their demographic by saying they will only review stories or poems, or any other reasonable limitation.

10) The winner is allowed to request the review(s) for a story/poem that is not their own.

11) You can guess how many times you want. But it won't help if you guess the same as someone else. First to guess right is first to win.

12) Your guessing-post can only contain 4 guesses max. For further guesses you have to make another post, etc.

13) The review-giver can never close a competition until he/she has asked the winner what they want reviewed

14) If a winner have been announced, but the winner isn't online to claim what they want reviewed, the review-giver may still close the contest if they PM the winner in question and can thus communicate that way. This means the review-giver has to have the PM function. Otherwise waiting is the only option. But they must still have fulfilled rule 13.

15) If a review-giver open a competition but abandons it thereafter, it will be closed after one day of inactivity from the review-giver. This will not happen if other people have not replied for over a day.

16) After the competition has closed, the freebie giver has 1 week to give the review(s) to the winner(s).



1) Artists for hire will be displayed in the 2nd post of the topic. To be on that list, artists must sign up in the Suggestion topic, and answer all the areas that the 2nd post dictates.

2) Authors and artists are bound to the guidelines mentioned in the 1st post.

3) Authors may not request fan art or a personal portrait. They can only request what is related to their original stories.

4) Only one trade may go on at a time. The trade opener opens it in bold, and closes it in bold. There will be no bold in between, for it will confuse.

5) They open with the words "NEW TRADE" and closes with "CLOSED".

6) Authors and artists bargain a price of which both agree on. If there is no such agreement, and none is reached after 3 days, the offer automatically closes and a new may arise.

7) An author can hire as many artists as he like for the same project. An artist can take on as many authors as he'd like from the same offer.

8) Author must give the artist their payment at least one week after they have received their art.

9) If the author is not pleased with the artist's work, and he has not reviewed, he need not review should the moderators find the author's opinion valid. Otherwise he must review. Has he reviewed, the artist must re-do or pay back in the same manner as payment was received.

10) If the artist is not pleased with the author's payment, and he has already contributed with his art, the author must re-do his payment, should the moderators find the artist's opinion valid.

11) One person may not hog the thread. When A has closed his trade, he must either wait 24 hours to make a new one, or he must wait until B makes a trade and closes it.

12) When the artist has completed their art for the author, the artist will edit in the link to it in their offer post.

13) If the author didn't get any trade out of his request, then when he or she closes, they can express a desire to want to be on the "Left Over" list in the second post. You are only added to the list if specifically requested. Trades will be sought through via PM then, not the topic, unless the author reposts their request. When the left-over author has gotten a trade, they will PM a moderator so that they can be removed from the Left-Over list. You can only be on it for a month.



1) Either an author or a beta make a requests. The opposite category then answer.

2) Authors, you may only have four requests max at a time. All stories must however be presented individually in your post.

3) A request will only last for 3 days before the request maker has to automatically close it.

4) When an author, that has not found a beta, closes their request, they must state if they wish to be on the "Left Over" list or not. If they do wish to be on the "Left Over" list, they must tell the moderators when they have found a beta, so they can thus be removed from the list. The list is only meant for those that does not have a beta.

5) The author opens a request in bold and closes in bold. He opens with the words "I WANT A BETA!" and closes with "CLOSED". No new request is allowed to start before the previous request has closed.

6) The beta opens a request in bold and closes in bold. He opens with the words "I WANT TO BETA!" and closes with "CLOSED". No new request is allowed to start before the previous request has closed.

7) Before the request maker closes, he must express clearly which author/beta he wishes to pick. Or if he does not want to pick a author/beta out of the willing ones, he must clearly express that too.

8) The author will close the request after he has openly decided on a beta. The beta will close the request after he has openly decided on an author. The rest will be settled through PM. If the person should decline, they can PM the other betas that offered their services.

9) When a beta or author makes a request, he must give information regarding himself and his work/beta characteristics so the potential authors/betas know what to expect. This mandatory information is stated in the first post of "Beta Network".

10) When a beta or author replies to a request, he must give information regarding himself and their abilities so the author or beta know what to expect. This mandatory information is stated in the first post of "Beta Network".

11) One person may not hog the thread. When A has closed his request, he must either wait 24 hours to make a new one, or he must wait until B makes a request and closes it.



We here at RG all love to keep it nice and friendly. But this is not always the case, so we have to take counter measures. First things first: We take reviews and reviewing seriously. RG is all about giving and getting reviews. If someone does not live up to their end of the deal, there will be consequences.

We do PM and warn of these things prior, thus it will not come out of the blue.

We reserve ourselves for the right to ban for other reasons. If us mods are not obeyed properly, or if someone is behaving very rudely to others, warning and/or banning will ensue.

Here is a List of Currently Banned Users

And below are the different forms of punishments.

General Rule of Banning:

You can be banned for excessive spamming, racial slur and ignoring direct requests from moderators. We mods reserve ourselves for the right to find other behaviors/actions as grounds for banning.

If banned, the moderators will tell you of how long, as a minimum, you will be banned. After you have done your minimum time, your ban will be removed if:

1) You will write a reflection on the behavior that caused you to be banned and include a brief summary as to what you will do differently in the future.

2) You will PM the reflection to simpleplan13 or Imalefty, who will also forward it to the two other mods. They will judge your reflection and determine whether or not you are fit to return to the Review Game forum.

If, upon return to the Review Game forum, the offensive behavior continues, you will be banned indefinitely. We here at the RG are forgiving, but we're not idiots.

Rule of Banning Regarding Obligations:

If you do not meet a set obligation within a given time limit decided by the moderators, you will be temporarily banned until you fulfill the obligation. Instances of when this could occur is during the Review Marathon, Writing Challenge Contest, Artist-Author Trade and/or in any of the Review Game threads. We will, however, remove the ban if you give the reviews.

When you have done what is required, PM either moderators simpleplan13 or Imalefty. Do not PM Fractured Illusion for she banned you, and you will not be able to contact her.

- Rule of Punishment Concerning Freebie:

If you open a competition but do not return, you are not allowed back into the Freebie topic. Not as a freebie giver, and not as a contestant.

For Freebie, you are let back in if you show activity on the RG forum in a consistent manner. Not sporadic. Ie, play the RG a few times or chat a bit in the Off Topic, etc.

Do note that you cannot get banned for misusing the Freebie topic. You will just not be allowed to play in it.

- Rule of Banning Concerning Copyright Infringement

This rule is enforced when someone knowingly copies and pastes the formula, requirements, etc that The Review Game Forum has made. All formulas belong to the moderators. Others can't copy and paste and make copycat threads. We do encourage spreading the review love, but we don't want others to steal what we've spent so much time in trying to accomplish. On a site built on imagination, we hope that others think of other ways to spread review love rather than taking the easy way out and copy what we have. If you want to use the idea, you can play on this forum.

To be allowed to use what The Review Game Forum has thought up, you need to ask permission first. If we deny you, that is that.

Here are the punishment grade scales of Copyright Infringement:

- No Ban: (1) User deletes forum/thread as requested by RG mods OR (2) asks for permission from RG mods, is granted permission AND gives proper credit in all things RG related in their forum - this should include all applicable links as well AFTER the idea has been shot down in RG.

- Temporary Ban: User does not respond to RG mods' request (3 strikes, and you're out), but later deletes the forum or changes formula to their own AND gives an apology to RG mods. (The apology part may be omitted, it is up to the mods)

- Permanent Ban Report to FP Admins: User has disregarded all requests from RG mods and has made no effort to come to a compromise AND/OR User has deleted the forum at one point and is found to have re-established it in the original fashion that warranted action from RG mods.

The user has a maximum of 3 days to defend themselves or take action from the date the PM is sent. RG mods will keep copies of all communications regarding the issue in case reporting is deemed necessary. Repeated offenses will be reported to FP Admins immediately without warning.



11/11/2007 . Edited by Dr. Self Destruct, 6/1/2016 #1

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Purulia Escort Service

10/2 #3

Narsinghpur Escort

Narsipatnam Escort

Narwal Escort

Narwana Escort

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Nashik Escort

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Natrampalli Escort

Naubatpur Escort

Naugachhia Escort

Naugaon Escort

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Naugawan Escort

Nauhatta Escort

Nautan Escort

Nautanwa Escort

Navalgund Escort

Navi Mumbai Escort

Navsari Escort

Nawa Escort

Nawabganj Escort

Nawada Escort

Nawagarh Escort

Nawalgarh Escort

Nawanagar Escort

Nawanshahr Escort

Nawapur Escort

Nawda Escort

Naxalbari Escort

Nayagarh Escort

Nayanpur Escort

Nazira Escort

Nedumangad Escort

Needamanglam Escort

Neem Chak Bathani Escort

Neem Ka Thana Escort

Neemuch Escort

Nehra Escort

Nehru Place Escort

Nelamangala Escort

Nellimaria Escort

Nellore Escort

Nemili Escort

Nepanagar Escort

Ner Escort

Nermand Escort

Nerua Escort

Nerul Escort

Nevasa Escort

New Delhi Escort

New Old Rajendra Nagar Escort

Neyyattinkara Escort

Ngopa Escort

Ngoungchung Escort

Niali Escort

Nichar Escort

Nichlaul Escort

Nighasan Escort

Nihal Singhwala Escort

11/21 #4
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