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Fractured Illusion
[q]Don't worry about it. I agree. We all know I have issues coming across as nice...[/q] We do indeed share the same problem. *le sigh* Tip: I have started lately to begin the review with the bad, but end with the good! That way I hope it won't be as bitter :P Next RM seems to be 5-6th too... In case anyone hasn't noticed I put the "When is next RM gonna be?" poll in RM topic since this topic needs its own stand-alone polls. So yeah. The change is pretty permanent, and several have already voted so I feel it is a good decision. Anyone disagree? [b]And should we install "Newbie Freebie" alternative?[/b] (I want it named like that if we do! Please? :D) [b]Btw, do I add the rule of linking to RG in profile, but mentioning RM is in it (also in profile)?[/b]
3/11/2008 . Edited 3/11/2008 #631
Yes and yes.
3/11/2008 #632
I think you should put the newbie thing somewhere else though too.. bc ppl who ply the RG and not the RM might want to thank ppl for brining newbies... if that makes sense Yea I didnt edit that into my edited rules bc I wasnt sure what exactly we said about it. I would put it in and use Lucy's as an example
3/11/2008 #633
Fractured Illusion
RG linkage: Has been completed! @Newbie Freebie A different topic so that people can THANK THEM? :/ I dunno. There are PMs and off topic. It seems like a rather useless topic if people are just gonna say their thanks. Does anyone agree or disagree with mini? If I get no comments, I will do it my way.
3/12/2008 #634
I'd argue it can be done as part of the same thing. The Intro thread already has a 'how did you find the forum' section after all.
3/12/2008 #635
Fractured Illusion
[b]@Newbie Freebie[/b] So far: 2 pro sug (Lucy and Frac) And 2 pro it being in RM (lucy and Frac) 1 pro it being in a seperate topic (mini) ...I seriously need more opinions to go through with this :/
3/13/2008 . Edited 3/13/2008 #636
Esther Jade
Hmmm, the pro of it being in the RM is that the RM is primarily a promotional activity, so it would go quite nicely with it. It would incentivise people to make that extra effort in advertising the RG during the RM without having to make a bunch of rules about it. Also, if it was part of the RM it would be more likely to happen because the RM is when a lot of effort and activity takes place and people are fairly active so whoever the volunteers or whatever are, they would be more likely to give the freebie. At the same time, I'm not against it being a separate topic - it just might be harder to implement. So, that's my two cents worth...
3/13/2008 #637
@ Hade's suggestion -That way doesnt make sense to me. The incentive is you might get a review in return? Not even for sure? I dont think that would ensure that people advertise whereas keeping it in the rules does. @ Frac -My point was just there are a lot of ppl who ply the RG, but not the RM or the introductions neccessarily. And ppl in the RM who don't play the RG. The idea of giving reviews to ppl who recruits is great, but I think targettimg the people who care that there are recruits is important too. But youre right it doesnt really make sense to make a separate topic... so I dunno. Oh, and I volutneer to be an examinator for April.
3/13/2008 #638
Fractured Illusion
I don't see why people need to be thanked :/ I mean, they're trying to get newbies here so they can get reviews. "Thanks for acting selfishly, it made us RGers happah!" heheheh ^^; But really, they get thanked when the volunteers review them. And I think volunteers HAVE to review people if they volunteer. It's just common practice! All rules will be kept though, of course. I dont wanna trade a rule for PRing RG to some hippie "do it and you might newbie freebie!" no no. So far: 3 pro sug (Lucy and Frac, Heda) And 2 pro it being in RM (lucy and Frac) 1 pro it being in a seperate topic (mini)
3/13/2008 #639
I cant tell who you just responded to Frac, but I wasn't saying they needed to be thanked. My point is RGers who do not do RM should know about the voluteering and be able to volunteer. And I wasnt saying the volutneers won't review ppl my point was that we cant promise ppl will be reviewed bc we cant garuntee volunteers. Plus I feel we need more specifics about the volunteers. Does a volunteer hafta review all the ppl who brought in newbies for as many newbies as they brought in? Just one review? What if it ends up being like 20 ppl total and the volunteer doesn't have enough time? Is there a time limit like 2 weeks for RM prizes?
3/13/2008 #640
So I reread the rules that you edited and I had a few things to comment on -And what does one win? Well, it is to be mass-reviewed back! All other participants are obliged to give at least one review to the winner!... the winner gets 2 reviews... -you can review whoever you want, though.... its whomever -4) Copy and paste reviews are not allowed and will not be counted.... I think you can get rid of are not allowed. Will not be counted I think gets the point across -Number 6 & number 8 both mention keeping a total at the bottom.. is that really neccessary? -14) The time-zone the RM goes by is FP's standard time: GMT -8... you say that up there.. I might get rid of it either here or at the beginning
3/14/2008 #641
Fractured Illusion
Seeing as how not even my fellow mod has decided to comment on the Newbie Freebie, we will ignore it for now. simple - edited what I thought necessary
3/15/2008 #642
OKAY! i'm going to comment on the newbie freebie. :) so... you guys probably answered this question, but WHO will review the people who brought newbies? O.o? volunteers? and... how will we know if someone brought the newbie or not? (they don't always say who brought them here) okay, i think that's it. otherwise, i like the idea. :) -Lefty
3/15/2008 #643
oh, and i side with mini on this one... the RM rules are too long already. if we make another topic, we can keep track of volunteer reviewers, the newbies, and who's reviewed them. :) and if someone has noticed that they've recruited a newbie, then they can post on the topic and let us know. :) -Lefty
3/15/2008 #644
I'm not a fan of the newbie freebie idea...too complicated.
3/15/2008 #645
In this context its easy to check. You just see if the newbie is the author of one of the pieces that author listed for the RM.
3/15/2008 #646
Fractured Illusion
RM Rules are damned good in length now >.> I'd rather to keep them in that topic because people will pay even less attention to them otherwise. Like htey do with RG. Seriously, are you after a suicide here?
3/15/2008 #647
i wouldn't pay attention to them if they were in the RM rules. i've only read the RM rules once, and i probably won't go back to them any time soon (unless we do some major changing). >_> -Lefty
3/15/2008 #648
Fractured Illusion
You pay attention to them if I just added in the post "Freebie Volunteers" :P But that doesnt look like its happening
3/15/2008 #649
why not? -Lefty
3/15/2008 #650
PAGE! :D -Lefty
3/15/2008 #651
Fractured Illusion
Too much complexity for such a side-attraction
3/15/2008 #652
Otseis Ragnarok
You know, considering that this is the review game forum, we only have one actual game here... (Sure we have variations on it, but only still one game...) I was thinking we should work on a new form of RG. Some new game involving reviewing... Anyone have ideas?
3/17/2008 #653
Fractured Illusion
[q]Anyone have ideas?[/q] I don't have any, or I'd have said them already :P But what kind of review game? I mean, we have both for one - one review exchanges sort of, and we have several review exchanges possible. Is the new game just going to do the same sort of deal?
3/17/2008 #654
Otseis Ragnarok
I don't really know... It's just that the current RG is kinda boring... We need something new and exciting. Something we haven't done before... How about something like review tag... Review someone randomly(That agrees, of course), and they have to review someone else on the list... It goes on until everyone on the list has been reviewed. Something like that? (I'm just making things up as I go along...)
3/17/2008 #655
Fractured Illusion
A review tag? Eh? That means we need to get a list to start with. Suggestion on how? First person in the list wont get any review, though... Unless the list ISNT endless, then the last could review the first? Hmm...I have seen on another site ( that sometimes a person does a post asking a really silly question (Ie, what is my favorite SHADE of color?) Then people have to answer, and the one that finally gets it right, they get a free review :P I have also seen silly things such as: Go to the store, buy M&Ms milk and tuna, mix, take a photo and post it! ohoho, the crazy!
3/17/2008 #656
Otseis Ragnarok
well, yeah. The last person would review the first. The fun comes in when we pick which person from the list to review... (Totally into this idea now...) [q]Hmm...I have seen on another site ( that sometimes a person does a post asking a really silly question (Ie, what is my favorite SHADE of color?) Then people have to answer, and the one that finally gets it right, they get a free review :P[/q] That seems a little bit too 'out there' for me... I say we should give my idea a try... or at least see if anyone has any ideas, or suggestions for improving it...
3/17/2008 #657
Fractured Illusion
[q]I say we should give my idea a try[/q] Only if majority agrees. So how does one moderate the Review Tag? I as a mod need to do that, of course :P
3/17/2008 #658
Otseis Ragnarok
Well, you make sure the person reviewed knows to review another person. That's really about it... Oh, and maybe we could set up one for depth, an easy fix, poems, etc.
3/17/2008 #659
Fractured Illusion
[q]That's really about it...[/q] Yeah, but how do us mods know who reviewed who, if someone got a review or not? In RG it is easy to see because everyone says what tehy reviewed nad what they want reviewed. How do we do it in Review Tag? And how much time is allowed to pass when a person got a review before they do one themselves? What do we do if they are absent for days?
3/17/2008 . Edited 3/17/2008 #660
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