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Fractured Illusion
Yeah, you got a point there. Its not good if its too much. :/ Should we ditch both ideas then? Edit: Oh and dont forget to vote, you two
3/18/2008 . Edited 3/18/2008 #751
not ditch...more put on ice
3/18/2008 #752
Fractured Illusion
So we have so far three people that doesnt see a point in tag and freebie (lucy narc ting tong)
3/18/2008 #753
I can see how tag would slow things down, but not the Freebie... I think I agree with Frac that it's totally different. It's a free review instead of an exchange. It's fun, but it's not all that time consuming. I dont think answering a silly question would make anyone less likely to play the RG. And the question asker would take a bit more time, but still I don't think enough to stop them from playing the RG. Plus in the RG it's guaranteed reviews, whereas in Freebie the question asker gets nothing and the ppl who answer only have a chance... In my opinion I don't see playing one impacting the amount of ppl playing another
3/18/2008 #754
Fractured Illusion
This also makes sense. Ah! Too many logic options! T_T I just dont wanna hurt the RG,you know, guys? :( I wanna do what is best for it... Freebie wouldnt hurt people like me at least, who doesnt want reviews, ohoho. But maybe it would slow RG down? Maybe everyone would try to get a freebie instead? At least those who want easy fix reviews..? (Sorry for my constant swapping sides in arguments. I am just trying to present all sides fully :P)
3/18/2008 #755
But here's the thing trying to get a freebie would take all of what 30 seconds. Read the question, take a guess. Then proceed on to the RG... where yea you hafta give a review, but your guaranteed a review back and most likely faster than the question gets answered and that one person comes back online and sees the answer and reviews you back. I'm not like you I appreciate reviews... but I don't think me playing the Freebie game would take away from my RG participation... How about making the Freebie requirements one like/ dislike (if there is absolutely NOTHING you can compliment on)... then it's not even as much as an easy fix so ppl will still hafta play that for better reviews...
3/18/2008 #756
Fractured Illusion
Ah. So we lower the standards in a preventive measure? I dunno...I still wanna withold a certain quality standard on this forum. If a review game of sorts exists here, I want it to have some quality into it. In my mind, quality is concrit, which is both sides (good and bad). [q]But here's the thing trying to get a freebie would take all of what 30 seconds.[/q] Hmm..yeah...I guess. Maybe I am just being paranoid ^^; People also talk on the off topic for forever, and Freebie will probably just as silly... What about Tag then?
3/18/2008 #757
I'm not saying eliminate the quality of the reviews, but considering it's a free review it seems fair that the standard be a bit lower than the easy fix standards... Yea I think ppl blow more time in off topic then they ever would in freebie. I think tag I ruled out more because it sounds good in concept, but I think it would prove to be too confusing and I think that does have the potential to maybe take away from the RG since youre giving a review and getting one, but you have a choice of who it is... it has a bigger draw.
3/18/2008 #758
Fractured Illusion
Hmm... I dunno really. *torn* Lefty!!! Heeeelp, my chosen one! >.<
3/18/2008 #759
minimartini makes an excellent point. I'd consider Tag shot down.
3/18/2008 #760
Fractured Illusion
Logic has by all means shot Tag down, but the poll says otherwise... :/
3/18/2008 #761
Well I voted for it, but now after more discussion I would take my vote back. Maybe start the poll all over again?
3/18/2008 #762
Fractured Illusion
Start over poll? Hmm...I dunno. Why? Do you think it be any different results this time because of something or another? (Ie,I am looking for a motivation for such a decision)
3/18/2008 #763
tag is shot down. i don't know about freebie... it is true that the RGs right now are slow-ish. maybe we should wait to get more participants... :) -Lefty
3/18/2008 #764
Fractured Illusion
Should I close the poll then? It's a tie anyhow, seeing how mini took back her vote for the yes.
3/18/2008 #765
I think close the poll. Make a new one where you can chose two and ask about Tag and Freebies. This way you can just double check with tag, though it seems to be ruled down and ask about Freebies... kinda killing two birds with one stone. @ Lefty... they are slow, but again I dont think the Freebie's would affect that. If anything maybe it'll be a new thing to bring ppl in. They could do it and not actually hafta review and then we grab 'em and try and get them in the RG.
3/18/2008 #766
take down the poll. implement freebie and see how it goes. :) -Lefty
3/18/2008 #767
I agree, the freebie sounds like a pretty good idea. Additionally, it could be used to help people find betas. I think there are a lot of great betas out there who don't get noticed because the catalog has gotten so big- if the asker wanted, they could give the winner a quality review to show off their beta skill! This is a pretty popular forum, and word spreads fast, so you could get a lot of exposure here.
3/19/2008 #768
Fractured Illusion
@Tag Poll says No anyway, because one Yes no was taken back. So thats over with.
3/19/2008 . Edited 3/19/2008 #769
Fractured Illusion
I am going to write a suggestion post about the rules and the first post I will make in the Freebie topic, so then you peeps can tell me on any faults before I make the topic :P [b]RULES FOR FIGHT FOR THE FREEBIE[/b] [b]1)[/b] There will be no review exchanges. The person who asks a question (the review-giver) is obliged to give away at least one review to the person who gets it right. [b]2)[/b] There can only be one competition at a time. When one closes, another may begin. [b]3)[/b] The person who starts a new competition is the one who is to give away at least one review. Their first post will ask the question (or ask them to do a specified action). That question/requested action will be written in bold. When the review-giver has a winner and knows what to review, they make a post saying CLOSED. This must also be in bold. [b]4)[/b] The review-giver must ask the winner what they want reviewed before closing. But unless the winner wants another person than themselves to be reviewed, the review-giver is allowed to choose a different story of the winner. [b]5)[/b] The questions/actions must be reasonable and be possible to accomplish. [b]6)[/b] If several people say the right answer, the review-giver is only obliged to give a review to the first winner. [b]7)[/b] If the contest has no winner within 5 days, it will be closed, and a new one may start. [b]8)[/b] The review-giver is allowed to give hints. They are only obliged to if there is no winner after 3 days. [b]9)[/b] The review-giver is allowed to limit their demographic by saying they will only review stories or poems, or any other reasonable limitation. [b]10)[/b] The winner is allowed to request the review(s) for a story/poem that is not their own. --- [b]BASIC STRUCTURE OF FIGHT FOR THE FREEBIE[/b] Freebie 1: [b]I give one free review to anyone who can guess my country![/b] 1: Russia? Freebie: Bingo, 1! Spot on! What do you want reviewed? 1: My poem "Animal" Freebie 1: [b]CLOSED[/b] Freebie 2: [b]I give 3 reviews to the person who posts here first! (I only review stories)[/b] 2: Me! Please review "Skyscrapers" Freebie 2: [b]CLOSED[/b] --- (I only gave two scenarioes to show a question scenario and an action scenario that are both reasonable.
3/19/2008 . Edited 3/19/2008 #770
Fractured Illusion
FIRST POST: ---- This is the place you go when you are either willing to give away free reviews, or you feel in the mood to win one. The review requirement is Easy Fix, aka a simple review. Both stories and poems go in this topic. [b]For Fight For the Freebie Rules, go to "Read This First!"[/b] --- [b]Moving on, this is the basic structure of the competition:[/b] Freebie 1: [b]I give one free review to anyone who can guess my country![/b] 1: Russia? Freebie: Bingo, 1! Spot on! What do you want reviewed? 1: My poem "Animal" Freebie 1: [b]CLOSED[/b] Freebie 2: [b]I give 3 reviews to the person who posts here first! (I only review stories)[/b] 2: Me! Please review "Skyscrapers" Freebie 2: [b]CLOSED[/b] Only one competition for free review(s) can go on at a time. There is a 5 day limit to them. After that time, they close and a new may begin. The review-giver must speak in bold when he opens a new competition and in bold when he closes it (but not in-between). The review-giver ask a question or for a action. Anyone who wants may then try to answer/fulfill the action, in order to win the free review. --- [b]REVIEW REQUIREMENTS[/b] You need to state one thing you liked and *why*, and one thing you didn't like/could be improved, and *why*. Giving more feedback is not prohibited, but giving less than this is. Flaming is also prohibited. Being constructive is not. If you absolutely can only find good or less good things to say, then please state two things you liked and *why*, or two things you didn't like and *why*. The review will be seen as invalid otherwise. --- [b]LET THE GAMES BEGIN![/b] --- I am still a bit fuzzy of review requirements... Who wants easy fix and who doesn't?
3/19/2008 . Edited 3/19/2008 #771
What an interesting idea. In depth reviews would be too much. Easy fix is baseline anyway. They can choose to do more. I wonder what the questions would be like. Excited. By the way, think we had a dispute about the easy fix stories a little earlier, well still. Something about stories/poems.
3/19/2008 #772
Fractured Illusion
Depth would definitely be too much, especially as these are free reviews given. And I dont want freebies to substitute the RG :P I also hope for very interesting questions ^^ Yeah, there is a debate if we should lower the requirement. I think mini suggested just having saying one thing you liked, and why. And if you couldnt find something you liked; then something you disliked and why. Haha, they could be called mini requirements :P Whats your stand, concon?
3/19/2008 #773
Well then - say 2 things you either liked or disliked - more flexibility I guess will do.
3/19/2008 #774
Fractured Illusion
Why not one like and dislike, if the why-requirement is cut?
3/19/2008 . Edited 3/19/2008 #775
I mean you can have 1 of each, or 1 of both.... So - Why you liked & Why you disliked Or - Why you liked X2 Or Why you disliked X2
3/19/2008 #776
Fractured Illusion
Whatever we choose it needs to still have quality to it (because RG as a whole only deals with quality reviews. I don't want people to say: Cool read, I like. Update!") So which of these is reasonably short and easy, yet quality? Help me concon T_T
3/19/2008 #777
Easy fix rules then. It's pretty easy any way. Won't take you long unless you want to.
3/19/2008 #778
Fractured Illusion
Okie. Thanks for the input! :D Now to wait what others have to say. *rolls thumbs*
3/19/2008 #779
Otseis Ragnarok
I liked concon's idea, 1 like, 1 dislike, a minimum of two things... that sounds fair because it differentiates from the regular RG. As for tag, while I am sad to see it go, I do see everyone's point. It was a noble idea, but would be too hard to pull off effectively... But, if you do want to put easy-fix rules(I'm talking about the freebie thing...), then I say get rid of the easy-fix RG. Just an idea, though.
3/19/2008 #780
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