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Fractured Illusion
@Onar no it wouldnt be quicker. Quicker is A) saying the TITLE of your story, or, if you think you need a link; B) copy and paste Linking takes longer time. And it is not needed. If not needed: we don't want it. Excessive fat is removed at RG. @mini Well, 5 is a bit high. 3 maybe?
4/1/2008 #871
Lol.. I was thinking 3, but you tend to be harsher so I said 5. I think 3 is good.
4/1/2008 #872
the freebie suggestion sounds good enough to me. *shrug* -Lefty
4/1/2008 #873
Lefty you mean Fracs original one or with what I said?
4/1/2008 #874
yours. needing to participate in the RG 3 times. make it depth RG, too, while you're at it. XD -Lefty
4/1/2008 #875
Fractured Illusion
Wait! I just figured: this rule means *I* cant play!!! >.<
4/2/2008 #876
Otseis Ragnarok
>>I just figured: this rule means *I* cant play!!! >.<<< [sarcasm]Good job...[/sarcasm]
4/2/2008 #877
Fractured Illusion
Which is why we won't incorporate it :3 I would have been a legit freebie player if other factors came in but ah well. *tosses idea into Pile of Shizzle*
4/2/2008 #878

What part of it disqualifies you? The three times or the depth?? If its the depth maybe say 3 Rgs and one must be either depth or multichap.

4/3/2008 #879
Fractured Illusion

I've only played RG once. Me = disqualified

And why does it need to be depth or multi-chap? Doesn't make sense. Why not EF? What's wrong with that? Why do you put down my baby child? *pointed glare at mini* All my babies shall be loved EQUALLY! Rawr.

Freebie newbies has stopped to drop in lately though. *happah*

4/3/2008 #880

Ok but Im confused. Is this in order to play at all or just to get yourself off th blacklist???

I dunno it was Lefty's idea.. I guess just the idea that it takes even more time and is therefore more punishment.

4/3/2008 #881
Fractured Illusion

In order to play.

Meh, I don't care about this anymore. There is a one day activate rule already. We need no more.

Edit: well apparently we didnt have that rule. I go add it now. I remember it being discussed already

And blacklisting is so negative *is in PEACE HIPPIE mood*


4/3/2008 . Edited 4/3/2008 #882
Otseis Ragnarok

Why not make it one multi-chap depth to get out of RG hell...(Blacklisting)

If you've ever seen some of these requests, you'd understand why it's hell...

(8 chaps of a 35,000+ word story...)

4/4/2008 #883
Fractured Illusion

If you've ever seen some of these requests, you'd understand why it's hell...

(8 chaps of a 35,000+ word story...)

No one has ever requested more chapter than 4, and average is 2-3 ch. O_o

Scratch that, Kaiyako just did :P

Why not make it one multi-chap depth to get out of RG hell...(Blacklisting)

Why depth? Easy fix is good too.

Lets face it though. people like that liz are not likely to come back. If they want to, we can negotiate. But I dont think its likely.

4/4/2008 . Edited 4/4/2008 #884
Otseis Ragnarok

Hey, when's the poll gonna be over at the off-topic?

4/7/2008 #885
Fractured Illusion

Way wrong thread, pal. Post in correct one.

4/7/2008 #886
Otseis Ragnarok

Well, I wasn't sure which thread to post that question in...

Y'all decided on the poll here, so...

Where do I post?

4/8/2008 #887
Fractured Illusion

Hint: It's a QUESTION that you want answered. Take it from there.

4/8/2008 #888

Well Frac, you know why I'm here.

Your humble subordinate requests authorization to establish "The Arena," an off-topic forum focused on combat between RG members and any creatures they bring along.

I could come back with more details if you need them.

4/10/2008 #889
Fractured Illusion

An off topic focused on fighting?

...I say no. Off topic is off topic. We need to variations of it. Focusing on fighting makes no sense, as this topic is not about that. All "spam crap" goes into OT. No side-shows. RG is about reviews mainly. Off topic is to get to know each other. The fighting OT serves no point.

If you disagree, please argue for your point.

4/10/2008 #890

Think of it as writing practice. We'll require that those involved right scenes the way they would in an actual story. You could almost consider it a "collaboration fic" only you're not dependent on others for the story to progress.

Overall, I think it would be agood place for me and Onar to flex our OCs' muscles and improve on our action writing.

4/10/2008 #891
Fractured Illusion

There are plenty of RPG (sp?) forums dedicated just for this. Please go to those.

4/10/2008 #892
Otseis Ragnarok

There are plenty of RPG (sp?) forums dedicated just for this. Please go to those.

But we don't know anyone there. . .

Can we borrow members from the RG?

4/10/2008 #893
Fractured Illusion

Technically, RG has no members. Only loyal players.

Secondly, I do not own these loyal players. They are free to join whatever they wish to join.

4/10/2008 #894
Otseis Ragnarok

So... is it okay for us to advertise here?

4/10/2008 #895
Fractured Illusion

You can casually mention it when chatting to others in the off topic, but dont push it onto people

4/10/2008 #896
Otseis Ragnarok


4/10/2008 #897
Fractured Illusion

@Sug for new poll:

Poll will include lines of "You know you are addicted to RG when", wherein everyone will click the options they feel are true to them. Then we shall see just how addicted RG members are!

Naturally, I will feature this poll later when the current Off topic is closed.

What I want from you peeps is to bring me lots of lines that fit the "You know you're addicted to RG when"

ie; - Real life is RG life (sucky example but you get the gist, right?)



BTW, Onar, I hope you are working on a filler poll now! :P

4/11/2008 #898
Fractured Illusion

"You know you are addicted to RG when"

- you see the Forum Reply Throttle with every other post you (try) to make

- waiting two minutes for a reply makes you unconditionally bored

- you must nickname everyone you happen to stumble upon. And the nickname has to NOT make any sense whatsoever

- you log in to RG every day, even if you don't know why

- you want to log into RG everyday if you have no access

- your mind goes blank and you don't know what to do if you come to RG and sees that no one is online/you spam up an entire page yourself in hopes of a substitute of RG interaction

- you call people a "lazy noodle" in real life

- waiting for the new page to load in the middle of a spam fest is like torture

- when you have made a post and no new one has arrived, you click the upload button like your life depends on it until someone else posts

- you can remember everyone's nickname. Yes, those that even appeared once.

- you tried to contribute to this list

(I encourage everyone to alter/change these or any other suggestion if you think you can do it wittier. It's more fun when it's worded as awesome as can be!)

4/11/2008 . Edited 4/12/2008 #899

....when you begin to neglect ur rl friends for the rg........ ....when you areabsolutley heartbroken that no one is on and feel like dieing bc of it......... ....when you only want to discuss problems about ur teachers/friends/w/e with the rg ppl not rl friends.......

4/11/2008 #900
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