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when after only 5 min of waiting for a response you begin to wonder if you've been abandoned/ditched...........and ask if anyone is still around right as they are posting suttin

4/11/2008 #901

How about when you start to doodle your nickname.

4/11/2008 #902
Otseis Ragnarok

When you bring all your rl friends to the RG...

[even the ones who don't actually write...]

4/12/2008 #903

When you have off topic, suggestions, an rg game (or more than one) open in individual tabs and are clicking refresh every 2 seconds.

When you sneak on the computer during class to check up on the RG

Every time you see an object, you contemplate whether it could be a useful weapon in Lime's army

4/12/2008 #904
Esther Jade

When your DotA-addicted boyfriend observes that you spend too much time on the Internet...

When you read more RG stories and poems that anything else...

When you have to consciously stop yourself from going on the Internet because otherwise you won't get anything else done...

When you curse the new avis because the colour on your screen may make it easier for your boss to see you're not actually working...

4/12/2008 . Edited 4/12/2008 #905

When you go on for just a few minutes and end up not leaving for hours

When you stay hours after you wanted to because you want to know the answer to the freebie

4/12/2008 #906
Otseis Ragnarok

When you walk for two hours, in the rain just to get internet access for the OT...

4/12/2008 #907

when rg becomes more important than anything...especially sleep....and food............

4/13/2008 #908

you turn to rg for entertainment instead of rl

4/13/2008 #909

when visiting friends you begin to wonder what you could be talking about at rg and end up having a convo in ur head w rg ppl.....then ur friend gets ur attention and ur like, "Wha? Sorry, FRAC. I was spacing."

4/13/2008 #910

when you're on RG on your laptop instead of taking notes during class.


4/13/2008 #911
Otseis Ragnarok

When you spend an entire period on RG instead of paying attention to a class you know nothing about because you were always on the RG.....

4/14/2008 #912
Otseis Ragnarok

When you prefer people to call you by your nick rather than your real name, even in real life.

4/14/2008 #913
Otseis Ragnarok

When you run across train tracks, with the barriers down just to make it to computer access for the RG...

(I just did....)

4/14/2008 #914
Otseis Ragnarok

When OT people become your main topic of conversation with your real-life friends.

4/14/2008 #915
Otseis Ragnarok

When your pulse pounds while waiting for a response on the OT.

4/14/2008 . Edited 4/14/2008 #916
Otseis Ragnarok

When you create your own OT just to continue a really good convo, despite the apparent fact that it is breaking the rules......

4/15/2008 #917
Fractured Illusion

-you care more about chatting with your RG friends rather than getting reviews.

4/15/2008 #918
Otseis Ragnarok

-you care more about chatting with your RG friends rather than getting reviews.

lol, I'm actually guilty of that one......

ex: You have to force yourself to tear away from the OT long enough to play the RG......

4/15/2008 #919
Fractured Illusion

-you can't study properly, because you know something could be going on at the RG

4/15/2008 #920

-99.9% of your reviews come from the review game

-when you look at your review counts you think that your story must be oh-so popular because it has so many reviews

-and then you realize that it's because you've been playing the review game.

-you think that examinator is an actual word.

-and you've used it in real life


4/15/2008 #921

-when you review exclusively for the review game.

-and if you DON'T review exclusively for the review game, you review according to "easy fix" or "depth" guidelines.

-you look at the reviews your receive (from non-review game players) in terms of "easy fix" or "depth."

-and if the review doesn't meet either of those guidelines, you want to PM the person and tell them what they did wrong.


4/15/2008 #922

-when you covet the title of "legend."


4/15/2008 #923

-when you change your avatar at least once a day. (maybe even once an hour.)


4/15/2008 #924

When you are willing to fight to the death to defend your title of "legend"

4/15/2008 #925
Otseis Ragnarok

When you go out of your way to have your name as the last post on as many topics as possible....

4/16/2008 #926
Otseis Ragnarok

You feel hatred for the "read this first" because you keep thinking you have to post there.....

4/16/2008 #927
Fractured Illusion

-when competing in Fight For the Freebie becomes an addiction

:p guiltyyy!

4/16/2008 #928
Otseis Ragnarok

When you forget who someone is because they just recently changed their avatar....

4/17/2008 #929
Otseis Ragnarok

When you have two separate conversations with the same person: One in person, and one on the OT.

4/17/2008 . Edited 4/17/2008 #930
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