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i don't think you missed anyone. oh, monk? is she still here?

and concon, who isn't here anymore. oh, what about lime? is she still here?

how about the newcomers?

suggestions for names of the next off topic:

(if we're going with the rhyming scheme...) off topic - better than your date!

off topic - super motel (as in... super 8 motel)

off topic - the octopus (that one's kinda lame. sorry.)

off topic - the snowman! (that's kind of self explanatory - 8)

that's all i have for now. XD


4/26/2008 #961
Seigetsu Ren

frac forgot about me *cries*

o well, don't think anybody would want to meet me in real life a BORING person

4/26/2008 #962
Seigetsu Ren

oh, and about lefty mod's suggestions for the name of the next off topic, I don't think octopus is lame! The snowman is cool too!

4/26/2008 #963
Fractured Illusion

@Dex - added

@Off topic 8

We could also go with

Off Topic - Squish the Spider!

because spiders have 8 legs :p

4/27/2008 #964
Otseis Ragnarok

...Did I miss anyone?

You missed Sundial, and Oceans of Mercury(whatever his nick is....)

4/27/2008 . Edited 4/27/2008 #965
Otseis Ragnarok

Off-topic- Doctor Octapus!

4/27/2008 #966
Fractured Illusion

Oceans of Mercury(whatever his nick is....)

Yeah. ozzy. Sunnydale is too new to be honored in the poll.

Gosh, I hated dr octopus! :o

4/27/2008 #967
Otseis Ragnarok

Gosh, I hated dr octopus! :o


How about doctor octagonapus?


4/27/2008 #968

i personally really like the snowman. XD i'll think of others (hopefully)


4/27/2008 #969
Fractured Illusion

Why Snowman? What does he have to do with anything?

4/27/2008 #970

are you serious?! O_O

snowman: 8


4/27/2008 #971
Fractured Illusion

Sorry, I just dont get it O_o Is this an American thing?

4/27/2008 #972

ahahahahaha... wow, frac.

8 looks like a snowman? O.o? use your imagination! XD


4/27/2008 #973
Fractured Illusion

Oh! I get it now.

That's lame :p

squish the spider, dude! SQUISH IT!

4/27/2008 #974

hahaha, i like my snowman. :)

why are we squishing the spider? O.o?


4/27/2008 #975
Fractured Illusion

Why shouldnt we squish the spider? Just having it like Off Topic - The Spider! is boooring and uninventive

4/27/2008 #976

we'll be sued by those animal rights people. D:


4/27/2008 #977
Fractured Illusion

Noooes! Not PETA! :o

Okay how about

Off Topic - Speak to the Spider!

- Spam the Spider!

4/27/2008 . Edited 4/27/2008 #978

spam the spider is good.

off topic - ten more 'til it's legal!


4/27/2008 #979
Fractured Illusion

off topic - ten more 'til it's legal!

*bursts out laughing* This is EPIC!

4/27/2008 #980



4/27/2008 #981
Seigetsu Ren

yeah, that was awesome. let's not speak to the spider...i have arachnophobia

4/27/2008 #982

I was forgotten about as well...*hides in corner*

4/28/2008 #983
Fractured Illusion

No. Just too new.

New poll (the itch one) will be up as soon as 20 peeps vote in the poll

4/28/2008 #984
Fractured Illusion

@Sug idea

Should I add more "boxes"/areas concerning the Story Depth? We currently have Dialog, Characters, Writing, Spelling, Enjoyment, Plot and Other.

I think we should add more choices (but not add that they should write more. Still "only" 4 areas to comment on, but it'd be nice if we expanded. Poem got expanded a bit, and I want to keep it even between them.

So if you can think of a category that we could add, please state so :)

And if you think I am completely bonkers for wanting to add more, please state that too

4/28/2008 #985

I think we got all the important things as is

4/28/2008 #986
Otseis Ragnarok

Just add in a clause saying "Anything else you can think of" and it's fine.

that would cover anything we can't.

4/28/2008 #987

Length might be a good addition.

Also, I suggest a rule where if you have really long chapters (4,000+ words), you are only allowed to request a maximum of 2-3 chapters to be reviewed. This ought to help keep MC Depth alive. :P

4/28/2008 #988
Fractured Illusion

@Sug for Multi Depth a la Kylie

I don't know... I am quite wary about putting restrictions in the RG.

But we have all seen how it clogs the Multi up.

Basically, what we are discussing here then is where word limit goes, and where chapter limit goes.

You say:

+4000 words per chapter and you can only demand 3 ch at most.

Does this mean EVERY chapter of those have to be over 4000? Or just one? Or two? Which is it?

4/28/2008 #989

I think that if only 1 chapter is 4000+ words and all other chapters are average length (2000-3000 words), then the limit on requested chapters should be 5.

If more than 1 chapter is 4000+ words, then the limit should be imposed at 2 or 3.

4/28/2008 #990
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