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Jesse the Storyteller

Also Re: I too want to know why people don't want to review.

I know it's stupid but I didn't want to read Clap-Trap's stuff at night because it's all ridiculously creepy and I kept only finding time to do it at night. :(


5/7/2008 #1,021

Yo, Frac and Lefty, I gots a question that could possible be used on a poll (I have others as well....) and they are quite insane and unnessicary (sp) so I completely understand if you object to using them:

2). You are going to science class, and suddenly a classmate walks up to you, a stricken expression imbedded on his/ her face. “ We have an exam today,” he/ she says, you frown, knowing that instead of paying attention in class you have been searching for Chinese Leprechauns in your clothing and bags and have no idea what the test is even on. Before crossing the threshold of the room you decide that you are going to cut class. So, how do you accomplish this?

A). You tell the teacher. “ I tasted human flesh over the weekend, and am in danger of attacking and eating my class mates. Could I escape to the guidance office and get an application for the emporium of hopeless cannibalistic addictions.”

B). You go into the class room and spot an ugly brute sitting in the back of the room. You put on a huge smile and run up and hug him, exclaiming how much you are in love with him ( it doesn’t matter if you are a girl OR a guy). The brute breaks your jaw and twists your arm out it’s socket.

You don’t have to take the test for a LONG time.

C). You go up to the teachers desk and throw his computer on the floor and start jumping on it, singing the sesame street theme song and pouring an enormous amount of blue-jay blood down the your pants.

D). You sit on your desk with your knees pulled to your chest, mumbling incoherently to yourself. When anyone asks you what’s wrong you twist your head and look at them without blinking and yell “ Your Mom!” You are escorted out by the police.

5/7/2008 #1,022
Fractured Illusion

OMFG that is hilarious and just the kind of material I want for polls! :D You are hired!!! ...wait Im not hiring O.o Well, it is ACCEPTED! :D

This is just as offensive as lefty's new avatar

5/8/2008 #1,023
Fractured Illusion

Unfortunately, the poll question seem to have a sort of character limit, so I will have to use the low-fat version

5/8/2008 #1,024

:O my avatar IS NOT offensive!!!!

anyway. very... uh... INTERESTING poll question. XD we should have psychoanalysis to go with each answer. :)


5/8/2008 #1,025
Otseis Ragnarok

:O my avatar IS NOT offensive!!!!

That's right, it's controversial....

5/9/2008 #1,026
Fractured Illusion


Suggestion to include in the RM registration requirement to have them(people that register) state in the post that they are committed to reviewing the winners.

I am FOR

5/11/2008 . Edited 5/11/2008 #1,027

i am also FOR. :)

i think that decides it. XD


5/11/2008 #1,028
Fractured Illusion

Suggestion will now be made reality. can be changed if major opposition occur.

5/11/2008 #1,029


Everyone from rg comes to the wedding of OnarXCake [aka, Jelly]............


5/11/2008 #1,030
Fractured Illusion

@Suggestion/Question-thingie about Recommended Reading Thread

I think we need to decide whether or not to include manga in the recommended reading thread. As it is now, there is nothing indicating they should be allowed, but nothing that says they shouldn't, either. I just want this cleared up, that's all.

5/12/2008 #1,031

Manga is a visual medium, therefore, it does not qualify as "reading" material. Simple as that. As such, I feel that Anime/manga discussions outside OT shouldn't be part of the RG.

5/12/2008 . Edited 5/12/2008 #1,032
Fractured Illusion

I agree that manga is not really reading material and should not be a part of the discussion in the rec reading thread. That was certainly not the intention when it was made, this I know.

I disagree with your second comment about RG hosting (at least this is what I interpreted it as) an anime/manga thread. RG is about reading and reviewing, and anime and manga has to do with neither. It is all welcomed to be brought up in the off topic, though. Also, there is a manga forum on this site. They must have plenty of that.

5/12/2008 #1,033

uh... yeah, i guess manga isn't considered "reading." considering that this is a WRITING site, i think we should be focusing on WRITING.

so should i put that into the recommended reading thread? that manga/anime isn't considered "reading" and therefore cannot be recommended?

if, however, a manga/anime is based off of some real writing (ie... manga shakespeare or howl's moving castle) it is open for recommendation. :)


5/12/2008 #1,034
Fractured Illusion

Seems pretty unanimous so far. Lets await further replies and get some more replies before we make a decision (and see the side of the story from a pro-manga rec person).

5/12/2008 #1,035
Fractured Illusion

@Sug regarding banning

As we banned Otseis Ragnarok, yet have no timeline for it, we are here to discuss how we will deal with the time limit for bannishment due to disobediance of moderators

(excuse my sloppy writing. I am tired)


5/12/2008 #1,036

You had thought maybe a month.....[or so you suggested in questions topic] I think.....[yes yes i am biased we all know it] that one to two months is sufficient.........I will give him eticquette training..........then we shall prove to you that he is worthy of being reinstated as a member.............

5/12/2008 #1,037

yes - maybe we need something to confirm that the banned person will be on good behavior when he/she comes back. we give them until they can prove it to us in some way or another.

and uh... if after that they step out of line again... then they're banned indefinitely.


5/12/2008 #1,038
Fractured Illusion

I think 1 month would be the barest minimum I could ever accept, but I of course want a longer punishment. Minimum is not really enough for me, and I don't think he can change in tow months since he kept blabbering about "problems with authority".

But also, this is to establish a general rule and not just for Onar, but to fit this type of case all around.

and uh... if after that they step out of line again... then they're banned indefinitely.

I like the sound of that. Seriously annoying to have to hound after people

How shall they prove themselves then? It has to be through you for I ban everyone and they cant get in contact with me due to it

5/12/2008 . Edited 5/12/2008 #1,039

I second Lefty's motion!

[Am I allowed to do that? If not, well then forget what I said, but I still agree that her idea is marvelous.]

5/12/2008 #1,040
Fractured Illusion

Lets give out time frames everyone can take a stand on:

1-2 months

3-4 months

4-5 months

6-7 months

8-9 months

10-11 months

An effing year


5/12/2008 #1,041

okay, this might be weird... but how about this...

we ban them until they become the next rank of person (newbie, apprentice, camper... whatever the order is) the reason why i say this is because newbies might just be new to the site and don't know all the rules. people who have been on here longer should know better, so their punishment is longer. then, after the time period has elapsed, they have to prove that they can come back and not cause trouble by PMing me with a reflection on their behavior and what they should do in the future.

if, after we accept them back, their behavior is unsatisfactory, we ban them indefinitely.


5/12/2008 #1,042

I understand where you are coming from FRAC, but I do sincerely think I can get him to behave within that time span.

[I know you are trying to make a general set of rules but I am just babbling ideas that come into my head about the current situation.]


Oh and a random thought I just had about any other future problems with members having behavioral issues. I would be glad to counsel them as well. [Just a thought, doesn't have to grow from there. Just thought I'd throw it out there for you.]

5/12/2008 #1,043
Fractured Illusion

Sounds reasonable, I guess. But what if they are the highest rank and cant get any higher?

5/12/2008 #1,044

Lefty is so smart! I think her idea has some worth to it. [I know I am not a mod so I don't get overall say in the matter. Just thought I'd try to be of help by posting my opinions.]

5/12/2008 #1,045
Fractured Illusion

I understand where you are coming from FRAC, but I do sincerely think I can get him to behave within that time span.

You may do whatever "counselling" you want with him during his banned period, but your judgment of it will mean nothing to me for you are incredibly biased and I cannot expect you to be objective about it.

5/12/2008 . Edited 5/12/2008 #1,046

a year is the max, i think. a year is a pretty long time. :)


5/12/2008 #1,047

frac and i will be the judges of behavior. the reflection/apology/whatever you want to call it will be sent to me, and i will forward it to frac.


5/12/2008 #1,048
Fractured Illusion

So the fanatic gets a 1 year repentance?

I think it should be the banned person taking contact with US (and them remembering the dates and such) rather than reversed roles..for we have better things to do

5/12/2008 #1,049

I know that I am extremely biased, but I will do my very bestest not to be in this case.

5/12/2008 #1,050
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