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Hed in the Cloudz

I was here for that, then accidentally blocked fictionpress for a few months, and now I'm back in time for it to come up again! My opinion was that it shouldn't be changed (because I suck at finding things to read!) and I still think that, I just tend to give opinions on absolutely everything!

5/27/2008 #1,111

I agree too... it shouldn't be changed, but if the vote was yes it should be, what suggestion do you prefer?

5/27/2008 #1,112
Midnight In Eden

Has anyone ever raised the idea of holding the RM over say twelve hours instead of a whole weekend? Like an "express" RM or something of that ilk?

Feel free to shoot it down but it might raise the stakes a little :p

5/27/2008 #1,113

12 hours would not work period. Because during Fracs awake 12 hours, I am asleep, etc.

24 hours is feasible, but I like this better because if you have an obligations one day you can still participate the next

5/27/2008 #1,114
Midnight In Eden

Ah. Oh well. 24 hours would be interesting. Just a suggestion.

5/27/2008 #1,115

we did 24 hours before... i don't know what the problem was for that, though. XD

okay, as for the not liking to review stories/poems...

you can participate in every 2 out of 3 RMs. that's not so bad. it's nice to take a break every once in a while (no?). so say next month is RM poem. mini can participate. the RM after is RM story. mini doesn't participate. the next month is RM both, so mini participates, and the RM after that goes back to poem. so mini participates. that's 2 out of 3. that's not bad. :)

i'm not going to comment on the c2... since... i don't have much of an opinion on that. (well, i don't really want to have to manage and maintain it. XD i'm lazy that way)

anyway. this is getting into a heated debate. :D or discussion. or whatever you want to call it. XD continue!


5/27/2008 #1,116

I don't mind not participating... I definitely could use a break, but I just wanted to bring it up as an issue, especially since as I said RM participation was down this month.

As for 24 hours... I forget why we decided on 48... maybe just to spread more review love? Or maybe so ppl who were busy one day could participate? Or maybe it's needed with the time zone... I'm trying to figure out if we do 24 hours are ppl with fp time zone benefiting? Too much thought needed there

5/27/2008 #1,117

hahahaha. yeah, it was definitely something about time zone or something like that... XD

RM participation was down... but RM PARTICIPATION was UP, if you know what i mean... XD

we had fewer people, but we had a lot more ACTUAL participation... people WILL review the winners, and there was a lot of enthusiasm... with three of us going over 200 and one getting really close. XD i actually think this may have been more of a success than the last one... (and we probably won't have to ban anyone! :D)


5/27/2008 #1,118

Hahahaha... true

5/27/2008 #1,119
Hed in the Cloudz

I think that the FP time people would be benefiting (and anyone from, like, Australia would be losing out). The more hours apart FP time is from other peoples' times, the more extra time FP time-ers will have after everyone else has gone to sleep.

5/28/2008 #1,120
Midnight In Eden

I'm in Australia :p

I was just thinking it might be fun to do a couple "express" RMs.

5/28/2008 #1,121
Hed in the Cloudz

So isn't it, like, afternoon there? I used to know all the time differences, but now I'm confused because I've been figuring out European times...

And would you really want such a split up RM?

5/28/2008 #1,122
Midnight In Eden

I'm relinquishing my point. I just thought it'd be fun to do a really quick one. I hadn't thought that much about time zone differences.

And it's 9pm here.

5/28/2008 #1,123

Lol.. it was a good thought! Time zones are just tricky business!

5/28/2008 #1,124
Fractured Illusion has a decision been made or what?

About points: I said you could make a sug about it if its damn good. So yeah...

Express RMs dont seem like they would substitute weekend RMs and thus it would mean more than 1 RM per month, and that *I* just won't do. If you guys find other examinators that know their stuff (mini? since she has the experience) then it could be nice to host? Maybe? I dunno. I'm against for now because of the extra workload and I have plenty on my plate already, real life and RG wise.

5/28/2008 #1,125

I wouldn't mine examinating an express RG once in awhile since it would probably be shorter, but that would mean I could not participate because I cannot examinate myself... unless someone else also volunteered. Other than examinating (and making sure ppl review the winners) what would hosting require?

5/28/2008 #1,126
Fractured Illusion

My duties when RM is on:

- I PM all the participants when RM is approaching (didn't for this time though, I think, due to busy schedule. Shame on me ._.)

- I PM the participants when they have a week left of reviewing (to those that have yet to review)

- Since winners generally don't state who reviewed (usually only one winner out of three does this, such as last time) I have to check the reviews of the announced winners regularly

- Remind the people with only a day or two left that they will be banned unless they review

- Ban :p

- examinate :p

- tell people that their registration has been allowed, and if needed, that they need to put up a link on their profile, or something, so its according to the rules

And I dont have the patience to think of more...

5/28/2008 #1,127

I don't mind the express RM idea, but I really don't think the RM needs any changes. However, if there was a push for there being changes I really dislike Lefty's idea for the reasons I've said.

I don't know if my point idea is damn good... I think if people sort the poems and stories like Frac said it would be easy to examinate (which I know was one of the issues with the poem/story thing). In all fairness I don't think there was any opposition to the points idea (other than just not wanting to change the RM in the first place)

I do have one suggestion.. unlike last time can you do the poll separately? Like do a do you want it to change and then if the answer is yes another poll about which change. Only because I would vote no, but if I a majority thought there should be a change I would like to pick which change I like...

Also for the RM express would we incorporate the whole poetry, story thing?

5/28/2008 #1,128

I can't ban ppl, can I?????????? Lol...

The thing is... I would be willing to do this definitely for the next few months, but I really have no idea what my schedule will look like once school starts. Maybe the extra RM express could be only a May-August thing since a lot of us tend to be busy once school starts?

5/28/2008 #1,129
Fractured Illusion

I can't ban ppl, can I?????????? Lol...

Well, if you could, I'd be worried :o But maybe Reggy has given you special powers, being a mini legend and saint and all ^^;

I don't think we should dicsuss Express RM until we finish the first issue, if RM needs to changed.

I will not hold a poll. Id rather people state their opinions here just because it all turned into such a big mess last time. Poll doesnt allow people to change their votes.


And for goodness' sake, give us a reason for your position, too! Say what it is you want to be changed!

5/28/2008 . Edited 5/28/2008 #1,130


here is my reasoning:

as the RM is now, poems get way more review love than stories do... generally speaking. yes, there are many stories that were reviewed for the RM, but let's face it... from this past RM, mini's whole list is poems (232), at least half of mine is poems (~105), and many of hed's points came from poems, too. not to mention all of those points of other people who participated. i think that both stories and poems need equal ground.

also, poems are much easier to read (most of them are a LOT shorter than any story... even one shots) and allow for faster reviews. this makes them very tempting for those people who can review both stories and poems (speaking from experience here), so people who may have done stories otherwise would switch to poems to rack up more points.

i see where mini is coming from - she doesn't have any experience in stories and story reviewing. however, i think that we can develop an RM that, although it is focused on reviewing stories, allows for reviews to poems, too. (like the point system, for example) we can also develop it so that it minimizes the work of the examinators... maybe during these RMs, people have to separate their posts between stories and poems.

and of course, we won't have RMs that ONLY focus on stories - there will certainly be ones that reward poem reviews as well. this will make it fair for everyone. :)

and then we can have the all around RM where everything goes.

i think this would be a nice way to spread review love. :) as the RM is now, poems get a lot more of the love than stories do. and i think... it needs to change.

so uh... there we go. XD


5/28/2008 #1,131


I do not think there needs to be a change because:

1. I don't think we've come up with an alternative that I like (see my above reasons).

2. We've had winners with mostly poems and ones with mostly stories. People have given reasons why poems are harder and why stories are harder. This seems to imply that there isn't that much unfairness. Reading some poems is harder than stories because poems have a lot of hidden symbolism and such and sometimes need to be read a few times to get the whole idea before reviewing. Whereas (to me anyway) one shots are easier to read.

3. As an examinator having to make sure something someone says is a poem or story is annoying. Especially since some poems get formated odd and look like prose and some authors categorize their stuff incorrectly.

4. What makes something a story? Is a short prose piece a story? Is an epic 800 word poem still a poem? We've established going by word count is too frustrating, but it seems that stories vs poems is tricky business.

5/28/2008 . Edited 5/28/2008 #1,132

Just in response to lefty.. some of mine were actually short prose pieces that would fall under the story category.

Also Lefty.. your idea does force ppl to review more of a certain thing than another, which is basically what you just said was not really fair.

Also, Mercy reviewed almost exclusively stories... which balances out my mostly poems in response to how the breakdown was this month.

5/28/2008 . Edited 5/28/2008 #1,133


1. Tracking down new stories/poems separately takes a bit of work, even with the filtering options of the search feature. Because it takes some extra work, RM will lose potential players if it focuses on one type of writing per month. Maybe in the future, when the RG has many more regular players, Story/Poem RM could be implemented, but I don't think now is a good time.

2. A good portion (70%+) of newly submitted material is poems. Since RM is about spreading the review love, it doesn't make much sense to me to leave all those many poems un-torn apa-- I mean unreviewed.

3. More rules may scare potential players away. Have you taken a look at the initial RM post? It's one formidable mass of rules and regulations that is, quite frankly, a bit overwhelming. Most people on the internet have the attention span of a fruit fly and so will likely not trudge through the entire post. (I suggest maybe breaking it up into separate posts for each section; tricks people into thinking the rules aren't that long. :P)

And that's all I can think up at the moment.

5/28/2008 #1,134
Hed in the Cloudz


(But first, a rebuttal to Lefty)

Actually, I don't think that many of my reviews came from poems at all! If they did, every single one (or, most of them, anywho) were by the same person. That was, I admit, discriminatory review love, but it wasn't in favor of poems. My point here is that it's harder to find stories than poems, unless you are a very skilled searcher, and thus having a requirement would put some people at a drastic loss.

I would second that it's easier to read poems, but for those of us who aren't poem experts (or stories, in that case) it's harder to give quality reviews. We don't know what we're talking about, and thus say thoroughly stupid things. This makes it so that we are much more likely to lose points when being examinated.

And, thirdly, it will DEFINITELY make the RM lose participants if it's split up. It would be harder to examinate, and any more rules would make it much harder to review. If we're clueless, we don't review as well or as quickly, and we...I dunno, but the first bit was good. I just second what everyone else said, I guess. Those were good reasons.

5/28/2008 #1,135

gee, i feel hated. T_T


why would having a requirement put people at a loss? O.o if the same requirement is put on everyone... then it's fair, right?

someone once told me that the RM was about quantity not quality. (yeah, sad... but kinda true.) i don't think it matters exactly WHAT you say... but rather... if you give a legitimate "what you liked and why and what you disliked and why." i'm not an expert poet (i barely even write poetry) but i think i can review a poem with the easy fix criteria.

T_T i don't see how it would lose participants, since you can review both stories and poems in both RMs. O.o it's almost EXACTLY THE SAME!

and as for examination... we mentioned that people could split up their posts between poems and stories. it's really not that hard. and the examinators would even have to think about it...

but i guess no one likes my idea. but seriously - poems get a lot more love than stories do - no one is going to take RM time to read stories even if they're only 2000 words long... or at least... in my experience. people will, however, take time out to read and review almost any poem.

anyway, i'll stop now. you guys can keep the RM the way it is.

T_T everyone hates me. *goes and sulks* ...


5/28/2008 #1,136

Lefty!!!!!!! I do not hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lefty, I do see what you're saying. I really do. I just don't think tell ppl they need x amount of stories (in relation to their poems) is not fair when giving out free reviews. Plus you say poems got more love, but in the last RM I don't actually think you're right... take this months RM

-Most all of Mercys were stories most of mine were poems (assuming mine and mercy balance out with a bit more to poems let's say 260 poems and 200 stories)

-Yours were about 105 poetry and 105 fiction (at least that's what you said)

-dragonflydreamyr (3 poetry and 4 not)

-snowdance-lyghtning (4 poetry and 5 not)

-Harmonic Discord (2 poetry and 13 not)

-asylum writer (0 poetry and 11 not)

-perceptual questions (19 poetry and 2 not)

-Hed in the Cloudz was mostly fiction (I counted up to 75 and got 50 stories and 25 poems, so at a 2:1 ration she did 60 poems & 120 not)

-Kylie (7 poetry and 2 not)

So with some guesstimation involved.. the total is 467 poems and 462 stories. Which is not that bad. Now yes, a lot of the nots were short proses or one shots, and a lot of the poems were short, but there is no way to change the fact that ppl will want to read short pieces because that's a way to get more reviews. Even if you say you have to do x a mount of stories ppl will probably lean towards shorter one shots.

5/29/2008 . Edited 5/29/2008 #1,137
Hed in the Cloudz

Mini, you are the most patient person in the world...

5/29/2008 #1,138

I am pretty patient, but I'm also insanely bored most of the time at work.

5/29/2008 #1,139
Hed in the Cloudz


Don't they notice when you spend all day looking at poems, though? :)

5/29/2008 #1,140
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