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You could hide an action in the rules post like "PM Frac stating you've read the rules." in the middle of the post. If they don't PM you, any and all mistakes will be righteously frowned upon (and possibly flamed :P).

6/5/2008 #1,201
Fractured Illusion

Oh my. Genius. Except one about the oldies that already read them and know them? D:

6/5/2008 #1,202

We won't have to because you already know we read and know the rules. :P

6/5/2008 #1,203
Fractured Illusion

I do?

I mean...I do!


But does this mean the poll should not be made?

6/5/2008 #1,204


No. Put it up anyways, just for entertainment. :P

6/5/2008 #1,205
Fractured Illusion

So what we have is:

1. Rule Sug: Make a rule to PM me if they've read the rules. If they dont and are new, we know they didnt read

2. Poll Sug: Ask if they have read the rules prior to playing the RG


6/5/2008 #1,206

ahahaha. sure. XD

put the poll in the RG topics. common sense, i know, but just in case... XD


6/5/2008 #1,207

I like the poll thing, but I'm confused... if they haven't read the rules & they don't PM you what happens differently? They're still gonna post and someone is gonna as an off topic tell them to read the rules.

Also I nominate myself to examinate this month's RM.

6/6/2008 #1,208
Fractured Illusion

What happens? Nothing ,except me berating them way harsher in the RGs, if they make a mistake. Also it is to see how many read the rules that are new, like I said.

6/6/2008 #1,209

Oh ok... well it will do that. And I dont know which is worse... reading the rules & PMing you but disregarding them or just disregarding the fact that you should read them. Who would you be harsher on?

Do you accept my nomination? Never mind.. I checked the RM & there I am!

6/6/2008 . Edited 6/6/2008 #1,210
Fractured Illusion

It's a difference between having read, but forgot something, and completely disregarding. If I knew it was the latter, I imagine I would be as harsh as not having read. I think I'd be more vary, though, because I wouldn't truly know if they misread or whatever.

6/6/2008 #1,211

But as you said there was that one person who read the rules and used them for EVIL!!!!

6/6/2008 #1,212
Fractured Illusion

Totally evil, I know! :o

But I reprimanded then!

Or? What are trying to say? O_o

6/6/2008 #1,213

I'm just saying someone could read the rules, PM you and then use them for evil. I'm just saying how can you tell if they "misunderstood" or pretended to misunderstand just to get away with something.

6/6/2008 #1,214
Midnight In Eden

I have two suggestions that I think will help people in the Poem - Depth thread adhere to the rules (which is not happening at all at the moment).

1. Whenever you review someone in the Depth thread in your reply stating that, you also post the review you gave.

i.e. I reviewed that poem + here is the review + So please review this"

That way people will see the standard that is acceptable and it'll be easier to pull people up who haven't obeyed the rules.

2. I think it should be a requirement to give praise (ie. I really liked the flow) as well as critique (ie. the rhyme scheme is a bit forced in stanza one). So that instead of just going in-depth about what you like, you also have to in-depth about what to improve which I think is a big part of the Depth thread.


6/11/2008 . Edited 6/11/2008 #1,215
Fractured Illusion


Review Game Sug in general:

0. I'd rather we make it a rule they state which poem/story they reviewed. Many times, I have come into the poem sections only seeing "Reviewed. Mine are up", and it's practically impossible to check their review if the person they reviewed has 50+ poems! So I'd like it if it was mentioned WHAT poem they reviewed (this goes for ALL review games not just P Depth btw).

Poem Depth Sug:

1. As for inserting the actual review it'd be easier to spot flaws. As you made your sug out, I'd like to keep this for Poem Depth only and not the other threads, since they don't share this problem.

At least, we could do with this for a trial basis, see if people get better? I am for this.

BUT I can see how it wouldn't work! What if the person has given harsh criticism? Perhaps they'd feel bad to have it put on display like that. It may also give counter-measure to nr 2 here, actually decreasing the amount of criticism if they know that what they write will be on display for all in the RG.

2. I also think criticism is needed. But I see this as more like the easy fix, then. Because sometimes you can be amazed by the work that you can't really find flaws. So should we have it like we have it there? Mandatory to offer praise and criticism, unless you absolutely not can't find any for one category?


To anyone reading, please offer your thoughts and help us improve RG!

6/12/2008 . Edited 6/12/2008 #1,216

I totally agree with suggestion 0, Frac.

1. As for posting your review, I agree with Frac that people might not want to post harsh criticism there. The only thing I can think of is making a rule that before you review someone check their review of the previous person and make sure it is valid. That requires some more work from ppl and hoping that the person who does the next review actually knows how to do a depth review though, so I dunno how that works. I think right now Frac and Midnight, you are both basically checking reviews to make sure they fit the qualifications and I'd be willing to help do that too. Maybe we could see if we can find someone else willing to do it, then there would be 4 of us and hopefully one is around soon after the post?

2. I don't think we need to say positives are necessary since I personally have never seen someone give a depth review that was completely cruel. If anything I think reviews are lacking criticism, not positive feedback. But how can you require someone to give negative feedback. I know personally (not even for depth I dont think) I read one of your poems Midnight and I had nothing bad to say. I just didn't. You can't require someone to say something bad if they don't have anything bad to say. Even in easy fix you can do 2 positives if you want. I think maybe in the rules just emphasize the whole pointing out negatives and how ppl enjoy constructive criticism because it helps them and therefore will not get mad at you for it. (Though I have to say there's at least one person I know who plays depth who got pissed at me for constructive criticism... so maybe that's part of the problem. The fear of pissing ppl off.)

6/12/2008 . Edited 6/12/2008 #1,217

I figure I'd post here since this is where we had the discussion last time.

In this RM we reviewed 177 stories & 116 poems. Granted the stories are not necc. stories (most of mine were just prose pieces or one shots), but if we were to make a rule about stories & poems those would count as stories, so yea. Just to let you know.

6/17/2008 #1,218

Wow this place is jumping, jumping now. My review is a simple yet complicated one. There are times that I would like to play the review game however The story is of a genre I dont nescicarily care for. At times this is cool cause I get exposed to topics that I wouldnt normally and expand horizons. Other times I just want to read something that would intrest me. Is there any possible way to incorporate a thematic review game into the mix for some of the more popular themes. How would this be done? I'll leave that to people smarter... and with more time...


6/19/2008 #1,219
Fractured Illusion

@Meve and Mini

We will put this sug on hold until Lefty comes. Though I am considering establishing sug 0 anyway (but it feels weird without Lefty having a say :/)


What would interest you? You are incredibly vague. Is it fantasy? Is it sci-fi? You said the bigger genres, but they are already occuring the RG games quite a lot. There are new requests everyday.

For fantasy, Seirei, harmonic discord, Esther Jade and more are often active. Sci-fi isn't a big genre on FP. Or is it romance? Dexterity is a regular in that. Katenheimer has romance, as do Stargirl Lilac., to speak of recent. (I assumed it was fantasy you were after, considering you have written it, and also its the biggest genre here. you have written more sci-fi but like I said, its not a big genre)

Or general? KnittingKneedle is a name. Imalefty too (as of now she is absent though).

These are just a FEW names. So your question "How would this be done?" is not what we should ask ourselves. What I ask you, is "What do you want done?" and more importantly, "Why do you want it done?". I believe that since RG often has more than 1 player per day in each RG, it can't be that hard to find a story within the popular genres.

Or did I misinterpret you? feel free to argue back.

As it is now, I have no interest to think of your question since it had nothing substantial to back it up.

6/19/2008 #1,220

@ Frac @ Me & Meve

Okies... I hope Left comes back. I is worried about here.

@ Frac's confusion

I interpreted it as such.

Issue: They try to play the RG, but does not want to read the story at hand because they do not like its genre.

Solution: Make a separate RG for a genre so that people who want to read that genre can review it. (However this has flaws)

@ Mad

I think the issue with your suggestion is that it was a bit vague. Some thoughts to think about and then come back with a bit more of a concrete proposal.

-What genre do you want to have an RG for? Do you want one for all them? Do you want to ask Frac for a poll to see which genres people are interested in?

-Do you want do to it for Easy-fix, depth, multi-chap or what?

-I understand your point about going into RG and there being a story on a topic you're not interested in, but does this happen often? How long before a story you like comes up? Also, will genre RG's fix the problem? Because if the issue is really that you like reading (genre here) and most ppl playing the RG do not write that genre, then separating it into its own RG won't help. If that is the case then more what we need to do is find ppl who write that genre and maybe invite them to join the RG (you could do this as part of the RM if you wanted)

-Also, let's say you write romance so you start playing the romance RG that is made (this is just an example).So now the ppl who write romance will mostly be posting in the Romance RG & playing there. This will limit the amount of romance in the regular RG, which is unfair to someone who likes to read Romance, but only writes sci-fi.

-Lastly, it would limit the variety of the reviews. Ppl playing in a category specific RG could only get reviews from ppl who write that category, as Frac said there's only one or two ppl writing in some categories. So if someone posts something & all the ppl playing the RG that write that genre have reviewed it already, that would put it at a standstill until a new person writing that genre joined the RG.

-It might also slow the RG down because ppl will be doing their own genre things.

6/19/2008 . Edited 6/19/2008 #1,221
Fractured Illusion

Ooh, I get it now.

Well, Mad, the problem with you not finding stories you like will still be the same. Its not like that just because we get a RG Easy Fix Fantasy, new people will suddenly join up. It is still the same people, same stories, etc. So with that argument I see no reason to establish genre based review games. Like mini said, will also make normal RGs less popular, and that is something we don't want to do. The normal review games are the biggest priority, everything else has lesser importance.

And you are free to come with counter arguments or just your thoughts about our thoughts. In fact, I encourage such dialog.

6/19/2008 #1,222

@ Frac @Simple

First let me say... wow the moderators are like omnipresent. Do you like get the emails on your cell phones?

Second... my appologies about being vauge. I suppose My suggestion was more of an inquire than a question.

It does'nt happen too often.

And since im not always on RG I don't know which stories are most popular. I like Scifi Fantasy. Action... not so much romance. but the main point was that if I want to play RG but say dont feel like reading a slash. which say is the current one up for review. Then I simply must wait. Which is no big deal however I was thinking about the convience of being able to check out stories of a particular genre than just from random genre's. Again this is merely for convience and non essential.

I normally do in depth reviews. So when I think of RG that is what stands out in my mind. Sorry I was vauge.

Did not mean to spark trouble just pointing out something I was thinking about.

Hope that smooths things out a lil

6/19/2008 #1,223

Hate to reply to my own topic but I failed to mention. That you both throughly answered my inquire!

And I thank you.

*Humble Bow* ~_~

6/19/2008 #1,224
Fractured Illusion


No no, I am at the computer, and I suspect Mini is too :p (she's at work and I got off work early. Booyah)

And since im not always on RG I don't know which stories are most popular

I went by the first page (home page) and looked at the number of entires each genre has. Fantasy, Romance and General are the strongest genres.

(A side-note: Slash is up? By whom? Dexterity's story is straight...Or are you thinking of the RG Multi? Though I don't think neither of those are slash either...)

That you both throughly answered my inquire!

Shall I take this that you are satisfied by our replies?

Oh btw! There is trouble on your behalf in the Review Game Stories Depth! Please take a look at it quickly so as to correct the problem and not lose a potential review.

6/19/2008 #1,225

1. I is not a mod.. lol & my cell phone does nto have e-mail.

2. Don't apologize. You had a thought and you shared it. Suggestions are always appreciated because it means someone is thinking and caring about the forum.

3. Glad we answered your quesion.

4. Next time you can always edit your reply instead of replying to it.

6/19/2008 #1,226

I was thinking that perhaps we could make a list of all the active participants in the RGs and the genres they write in. There wouldn't be much of a purpose except for reference, though.

On the topic of specialized RGs, I was thinking that we could have monthly branch RGs based on subject matter/genre. The only major adjustment that would have to be made is that the first person to post in that RG (aka the person who gets free reviews) will have to review the last person to post in the monthly RG. This would ensure that everyone who participated in the monthly RG gets reviews.

Then again, branch RGs would probably work best with more people than we have right now.

6/19/2008 #1,227
Fractured Illusion

Then again, branch RGs would probably work best with more people than we have right now.

I agree. Despite RG is big on FP, it is still too small if we want to introduce genre based ones. It would get watered out quickly.

I was thinking that perhaps we could make a list of all the active participants in the RGs and the genres they write in. There wouldn't be much of a purpose except for reference, though.

I really like this idea! How about I make a list in a post here, and everyone can just add to it (of course I will edit it in) and we'll see how it is truly going on. This to better know our players.

Should we count all the stories' genres they have or only the genres for which they have played?

6/19/2008 #1,228

I think it should be just the stories played.

However where would you put it in suggestions. If you just post it then we'd have to come back to pg 25 in order to see it. Could you maybe put the list in the RG? Like with the first post? so A. It would be easier to find and B. newbies and ppl who don't read the suggestion topiccs would know it was there. Or at least maybe a link the suggestions topic page that has the list?

6/19/2008 #1,229
Fractured Illusion

I don't want to put it in the first post of RG, because it will even more discouraging for people, thinking "OMG what a long post :o I better not read and hurt my brain". I thought maybe I could make it on the first post of some Off Topic if you all want it more official and accessible.

And yeah, only for stories. Not poems, since I havent ever gotten any thoughts about genre-separating it.

6/19/2008 #1,230
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