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@ Banned List

I agree with Frac, for ridiculing and just so we don't forget. And putting it in the punishment section works well.

@ Freebie time limit

I misunderstood BJ's statement. I agree a week to give your freebie review is plenty of time, but I think they should not be allowed to do anything, not just another freebie. Especially since freebie review requirements are even less than EF

@ Point Counting

When I did Freebie I didn't go and check the quality of the reviews since we never had someone post the review did not meet the requirements. I did however not count that one person who did not do the review.

For Depth I would say count EF reviews because those are still reviews (and not pathetic ones) that were generated by the RG.

6/20/2008 #1,291

@ Freebie Time Limit

I also agree on the one week limit (I have exceeded this and it was unacceptable...=( ) on the notion that they are not allowed to start another freebie or participate in an RG until the review has been given. The reasons for not being allowed to start another freebie is apparent, but if they have time to write a review for RG, then they obviously have time for the freebie prize review.

On another note, I thought the minimum Freebie Review requirements was to meet EF's not? *runs off to check the rules for the 12475638th time*

@ Banned List

Having this not only serves as a place to remind us what we can ridicule people for (just kidding), but it also sets an example for others and draws clear lines as to what they can and cannot do... uhm, that last part didn't make sense to me... o.O

6/20/2008 #1,292

@ Freebie Coutning

It is easy fix... I was confused. But I still counted them all since no one has complained the review they received in a freebie did not fulfill teh requirements.

6/20/2008 #1,293

Ok, so, this may be just a tad off topic...shaaaame, shaaaame on me I know, but that is my sin.

Anyhow, I just am amazed at how devoted y'all are to this forum-y thing. (I'm so scientific) And how much you all think about this. You've really made this a home for people. THat takes some skill.

Ooooh, is this like...a forum review?......XD.....

Just...props and stuff. And after this, Rascle JO is going to have to limmit her happy posts, they're getting way out of hand....

6/20/2008 #1,294

Oh, and question (joy, I know, I just don't shut UP); When you ban a member, can you actually *ban* them. I mean, is there a form or something where they are forcably blocked from the forum? Or is it more of a, 'you aren't allowed to be here, and we're enforcing that insofar as telling you to get out etc'?

It's not really an important question, I'm just curious.

Ahh the attempts to familiarize myself with the online world.

6/20/2008 #1,295

thank you. :) we definitely try.

as for counting the reviews... are we also counting reviews that didn't count toward the review game? you know... those reviews that didn't qualify? (but they were reviews nonetheless...)


6/20/2008 #1,296

yes, we can actually BAN them. as in... if they log onto their banned account, they can't post on this forum, PM frac, etc. (though they CAN see what we're writing.)


6/20/2008 #1,297

BAM! That is a limmeted....internet.....virtual world kind of way.....

6/20/2008 #1,298
Fractured Illusion

@Rascal - Thanks. :) And yup. As Lefty said, they are banned. They cant communicate with us no longer. More often than not, they can make up for their mistakes, though. So being banned doesn't need to be permanent (like with RM).

Edit: Uh yeah, please stop spamming here now :p

@Lefty about Counting Reviews

Anything less than EF won't count. In Depth, EF will count too when we check how many were given. Err, did that make sense? O_o

I am on page 14 of Stories EF so far D: It's hard, but I learned this easy trick: Count per page! Also, per page there are 49 posts (or 50?) Either way, just substract all the post that are off topic and those that were below the requirement, and add when someone was double reviewed and needs to give back :)

But seriously, is it 49 or 50? I thought it was 50 but when I counted I got 49 so yeah... HELP! T_T

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,299

@ Pg count

I think it's 50 because it starts 01, 02, 03, 04, etc. 01 is one review, 02 is 2 reviews, etc. The exception to this is the first pg b/c you have the rules.

6/20/2008 #1,300
Fractured Illusion

Okay, cool! :D Thanks mini. Now there will be +1 on each page I have counted, mwahaha.


SERIOUSLY help me think of headlines, gosh darnit!!! -.-''

6/20/2008 #1,301

@ Nicknames

...Somehow I got lost, what headings do you need for the nicknames?

6/20/2008 #1,302
Fractured Illusion


For the different categories of nicknames, I need a nice little title for each. You can make up different categories too. The ones I have now are "The Regulars", "The Reocurring", Other and "The newbies" I think...

They all sound rather boring, and Other doesn't say anything at all O_o

6/20/2008 #1,303

@ Nicknames

So...what would those who play RG occasionally (who are not "members") be classified under? Other or newbies? Furthermore, what is your classification of a newbie, frac? Someone who is on the path to becoming a "Reocurring"? lol...that sounds kinda cool. ^_^''

6/20/2008 #1,304

@ Nickname

Ohhh... I'm bad at creative names. Maybe ask Kylie to help she had that whole Winds of Change idea.. lol

6/20/2008 #1,305


We could go with the whole religion of review love shtick. :D "The Regulars" would be "The Papal Community" (saints, half-saints, popes, and cardinals [should we choose to have them]), "The Reoccurring" as "The Clergy" (nuns and monks and priests and priestesses), and "The Newbies" would be "The Layfolk" (aka everyone else).

What do you all think?

And the banned would be the Excommunicated. Can't forget the banned. :P

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,306
Fractured Illusion


Interesting idea. But we'd have to explain the idea of Reggy and the religion around Review Love then.

The banned will NOT be on that list! Especially since most them dont even have nicknames

6/20/2008 #1,307

I think the idea of Reggy & review Love should be explained in trivia. It makes sense. So you explain that at the beginning and then it would make sense. And I don't think the banned should be on that list, but where you have them listed in Punishment you can say The Banned/Excommunicated.

6/20/2008 #1,308
Fractured Illusion

@The Nicknames and the Banned

Yeah, I like what you said, mini! Lets roll with that, especially sinec the nicknames are going to be in trivia too :D

6/20/2008 #1,309

MC Depth has given out 138 quality reviews as of Post 59!


I never meant for it to be put on the same list. I was just suggesting a title. :P

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,310
Fractured Illusion

@Review Count

I forgot to mention earlier! When you count reviews for on-going topics that haven't been closed, tell the post number of where you end so we can later do a continued count :D

6/20/2008 #1,311
B. J. Winters


I don't like "classes" of users. People's time varies and you could be active one month, and busy the next. What's the objective - Do you really want to group people, or encourage them to participate. It's a bit demoralizing to rank people, even if it is performance or senority based. If you want groups then you might want to put them in usage classes -- poem hunters, etc. Such a thing would potentially help individuals find appropriate reviews to discuss swaps.

I, for example, tend to do depth reviews only, and don't do poems (except in freebee) because I don't post poems. Does that make my participation less valuable to you because my number is lower? Sounds like it the way it's currently couched....particularly since I'm not even on your master post list *sniff*

But, if you called me a "detective" - then people might know I do mystery (write/review) and PM me for input outside the forum.

Just a thought.

6/20/2008 #1,312
Fractured Illusion

Review Count: Stories EF

Stories EF has brought in a dazzling 974 reviews! :D

I'll go do Poem Depth now.

Open slots to count the total amount of review are:

* Multi Easy Fix

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,313

I'll do RM since it's easy enough to do at

3398. However, this does not include reviews given to the winners by participants. I can do this if you tell me which RM the banned ppl participated in and which RM we changed it to reviewing 1st place twice & 2nd and 3rd place once (I'm thinking it was March, but I wanna check)

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,314

@ BJ

It would be IMPOSSIBLE to categorize every person based on what genre's they prefer to read. Maybe sectioning out poets would be ok, but to go through all the fiction would be crazy.

The issue is not whether or not you participate in depth, or Freebie or OT or RM. The issue is the frequency. You are categorized the the frequency you appear on the forum in any of the places (at least that's how I understood it). Yes ppl's participation changes (like that three week per. I wasn't on at all). If that happens Frac can move me off whatever list Im on to a different list.

As a general rule there are ppl who post a bunch of times everyday or at least once per week, ppl who are here once a week for a short post or a few times per month, and ppl who play once or twice & leave or have just started playing. I think that is how Frac has organized it and that is fair.

PLUS that makes sense with the nicknames since ppl who appear once & then leave won't have nicknames. If its someone you see all the time on the forum, but dont know their nickname you'll look in regular. If I see you post something & wanna know you nickname without having to ask, I'm not gonna know to look in "a detective" category.

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,315
Fractured Illusion

@BJ about Nicknames

I'll get to responding you shortly, I haven't really formed an opinion yet.

@Review Count: RM

The two first had only one winner. See how I did the line up? Jan and Feb have "winner", the rest have "number one winner" to signal this change :p

Those banned because of RM was either April or March..I have no clue D:

But people banned due to RM was all when they had 3 peeps to review. None was banned when only one was to review.

Edit: So yeah please add the reviews given to the winners :D

Those banned wasn't counted as active particpants btw. So you dont have to bother with those. Only know that snow missed a review on the previous RM (May). And thats it.

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,316

Ok thanks... I'll go do the math on that.

Oh, ok. So all the participants listed reviewed the winner? Except snow only reviewed someone once last time?

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,317
Fractured Illusion

@Review Count: RM

Okay so if we have 10 active participants and three winners, you do like this:

10 - 1 (because nr one winner never reviews). 9 people that reviews.

There was someone of the banned that participated in the RM and was thus active participant, but they didn't review the winners. (either March or April)

Snow reviewed nr one and three, but not nr 2 for the previous RM.

For this RM none of the winners have been reviewed yet, either :)

6/20/2008 #1,318
B. J. Winters

I'll take a minute and count the number of reviews/participants in Multichapter depth.

(edit) Oops, done. I mean Stories/depth

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,319
Fractured Illusion

@Volunteers for Review Count

Okay BJ I wrote you up for Stories Depth.

I added myself for Poem EF since I'm done with Poem Depth

@Review Count: Poem Depth Count

A "whopping" of 134 reviews

Reading through the pages was depressing. I was starting to think poets are just generally illiterate since only regulars took consideration to the review requirements O_o

Last post: #175

- Open slots to count the total amount of review are:

* Multi Easy Fix

6/20/2008 #1,320
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