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Fractured Illusion

The problem isn't of that anymore. Matter of fact is that someone got hurt by that list. Not everyone gets that it's meant for fun. Therefore I want to drop it.

Edit: I suggest we move on to other topics now. We have wasted a page talking about this and look where it got us.

The new topic I want to name News now, btw. Link to News

And what else is on the agenda?

For Review Count - still open slot for Multi Easy Fix.

Freebie time limit rule idea: did I get it correctly that they have one week to review? I have to say, I am opposed to not letting the person partake in any other activity on RG until that is done. I know for a fact that I myself like to post in the off topic while reviewing (just because doing one thing is so boring :p)

Edit: Also, what's with the strictness? It's a FREEBIE for goodness sake. Loosen up people. Losing it is not the entire world. Nor is it to have to wait for it. PATIENCE! Its FREE.

Banned list - I will fresh it up and make it in a post in one of those closed off topic places and link to it. Unless you guys want me to have the banned list in the current off topic? I dunno which place I should take the lists. The closed off topics or the active?

Link to Banned List

Tell me if you want me to change it in any way

6/20/2008 . Edited 6/20/2008 #1,351

@ Freebe

I mean that if they havent done in after the week they should be banned from all RG things until they do the review. I think that's what Lime meant as well.

@ Banned List

I don't think it matters where it is... lol. Whatever you want.

6/20/2008 #1,352

I have a different viewpoint on this ENTIRELY. I'm just in, making me a newbie of sorts, but instead of intimidating me, it made me feel a part of the game. It made me feel welcomed. I can almost understand how someone could take it the wrong way, but for me, it'd just be an instigator to get more involved. If the list is off, so be it, but I thought it was wonderful.

6/20/2008 #1,353

Mah...sorry if that got posted after topic was closed. That's what I get for not reading till the end.

6/20/2008 #1,354

@ nicknames:

i can tell i'm a little too late for input. almost six hours late. BUT I'M GONNA GIVE IT TO YOU ANYWAY!!!

i definitely think the list of participants/nicknames should stay.

though i'm not really sure about the classifications. (yes, i read the whole argument with BJ... poor BJ... feeling the wrath of argumentative lawyer frac...) unlike BJ, i don't think that the classifications would offend... but i don't really know if they're necessary... i mean... we already really have classifications (sorta) for the time we've been on FP. so maybe instead of ranking, you can just put it in order from top to bottom based on participation.


and as i'm typing this, i can already sense the opposition. or, rather, the rejection of my idea because i'm so late. so uh... i'm just gonna stop typing now...


ps: WHOA. i didn't use any emotes in this whole post! *would use emote, but wants to keep this post emote-free!*


Edit from Frac: Sorry Lefty I only edit this because its the only way I know how to get the link from the post so I can have it in the News D: You can edit after this if you want though beacuse I will have my link by then

6/20/2008 . Edited by Fractured Illusion, 6/21/2008 #1,355
Fractured Illusion


But what if we leave someone out by accident? Then someone's feelings are gonna get hurt all over again. So I see little point, really...

(Lefty: congrats! :p)

@Freebie Time Limit

(this is the most urgent, peeps!)

So the main suggestion is: 1 week time-limit for the freebie giver to review the winner(s) after the competition is closed. Most here seem to agree on that. Is anyone opposed?

Problem, though: Is there a punishment for not following this rule then? If it is, I propose it does not exceed what we have already written in the Read This First! post regarding Freebie punishment.

So far everyone seems to agree on this (correct me if I am wrong. No, seriously. Do it):

- After you close your own freebie competition you have ONE week to review the winner(s). If you have not done that after a week, you are not allowed to participate in the RG forum until you do.

Edit: Oh yeah: conclusion too. As you see, making the freebie giver unable to participate in the rest of the Review Game Forum exceeds the punishment established for Freebie in Read This First!. So either we change the punishment rule for it, or we lessen the punishment to only freebie, here.

6/21/2008 . Edited 6/21/2008 #1,356

@ Freebie

Here's my point of view, personally.

You have 1 week to review the winner. I don't think you should be able to start a new freebie until you have reviewed the winner of the freebie you started. I also think that if after a week you cannot participate in the RG in general because I think not giving a review they promised is worthy of banning (that's what we do if a person does not give a RM review that was promised).

@ Nicknames

I think that, yes someone was left out now and was hurt and that is awful, but Frac, you're human you can't by memory remember everyone's nickname. However I think if you start it with a Note that you did this by memory and if everyone was forgotten it is not person & please let me know, that would be ok. Also, no one who gets a new nickname will really be left out b/c you can add them right away.

6/21/2008 . Edited 6/21/2008 #1,357

Freebie Count

Ok I did my best, it was hard 'cause sometimes ppl said one review, but then ending up giving two. So total of both of them is 194 (I included the cat one, but not rassy's new one)

6/21/2008 #1,358
Fractured Illusion

@Freebie New Rule

Because RM is different! RM is assured reviews. We dont ban people for not giving any reviews during the RM. Only for the winners. Freebie is half the same: it's a free review. Thus the offence is less than not reviewing winners of RM.

We can't have the same harsh punishment for different degrees of offenses! It doesn't work like that. Take the legal system. Can't punish petty thieves as much as those that commit fraud. That's absurd, right?

I strongly oppose restricting their whereabouts other than Freebie, unless they are REALLY disrespecting the rules.

6/21/2008 #1,359
Fractured Illusion

@Freebie Count 2

Are you sure its 194? Its drastically larger than the previous freebie topic :o

6/21/2008 #1,360

@ Freebie COunt

192 TOTALY. Both of them

@ RM

When you start a freebie you promise a review to the winner. When you join the RM you promise a review to the winner. To that's pretty similar. Signing up for the RM and not doing reviews is fine b/c the rules do not mandate that you review anyone other than the winners. Just as the freebie review mandate you review that winner. To me that is the same.

6/21/2008 #1,361
Fractured Illusion

@Review Count Freebie

What was the individual for Freebie 2?

And on which post did you end? You need to say these things!

And is it 194 or 192?

@Freebie Rule

Then lets have everyone discuss it.

I am opposed to having a stronger punishment

6/21/2008 #1,362

@ Freebie count

194 (sorry) I dont know the total for each you have to subtract them. Im in a rush ill do it later if you want.

I did say I inluding the cat one, but not the new one. That's where I stopped I cant say a page since its in the middle of the page.

@ Suggestions for trivia

I mentioned this before, but no one responded, what about something about the OT polls wither just the quesiton & the top answer or all the answers & how many ppl voted for it.

@ Freebie Punishment


6/21/2008 #1,363
Fractured Illusion

--- OFF TOPIC ---

I'll add the whole thinking-of-new-freebie-rule to the news after I am done counting the reviews.

And substracting. Gawd I didnt tihnk of that *facepalm*


What she said *points up*

6/21/2008 #1,364
Fractured Illusion

@Review Count

I am here to bring in the remaining results of Poem EF, Stories Depth and Multi EF. I did Stories D despite BJ had it, because she got different numbers and didn't quite seem to be sure what it was she was supposed to do. So I counted it myself and saw there was a major difference. Here we go:

Poem EF - 629 reviews until page 14

Stories D - 567 reviews until page 13

Multi EF - 209 reviews until post #84

Here is the list as a whole:

* Review Marathon - simpleplan13 in charge

Reviews from RM - 3398

Reviews to RM Winners - 163

Total: 3561 reviews (ends at RM May)

see post #1325 for more clarified info

* Multi Depth - Kyllorac in charge

Total of 138 reviews up until post #59

* Multi Easy Fix - Frac in charge

Total of 209 reviews up until post #84 page 2

* Fight for the Freebie (both) - simpleplan13 is in charge

1st Freebie: 136 reviews

2nd Freebie: 58 reviews

Total 194 reviews, up until #1913

* Stories Easy Fix - Frac in charge

Total of 974 reviews up until post #1060

* Stories Depth - B.J. Winters in charge but Frac took over

Total of 567 reviews up until the end of page 13

* Poems Easy Fix - Frac in charge

Total of 629 reviews. Stopped at end of page 14

* Poems Depth - Frac in charge

Total 134 reviews up until post #175

--- TOTAL = 6 406 reviews


If you have any objections to them, voice it now.

This is also a calculated estimation. It is most likely possible we have miscalculations, but hey, not the end of the world. I remind everyone again, this is meant as a fun thing.

6/21/2008 . Edited 6/22/2008 #1,365
Fractured Illusion

@New Trivia Suggestion

I mentioned this before, but no one responded, what about something about the OT polls wither just the quesiton & the top answer or all the answers & how many ppl voted for it.

You mean like, linking to all those posts I made about those polls?

6/21/2008 #1,366

@ freebie:

okay, so you have one week to give out your freebie review. if you don't, i think you should be banned from FREEBIE activity until the review is given. you can still play the RG and the RM, though.


6/21/2008 #1,367

@ trivia:

i think it would be interesting to have all of the results from the previous polls up there... just to remember what the previous polls WERE. XD you could either link to the posts that report the results or copy/paste from those posts into a new "poll trivia" kind of post.


6/21/2008 #1,368

@ Trivia

I meant the second thing lefty said. Just copy all the posts you made with poll results & make one post out of it & link to that. If you want I can go find your posts about polls and make the one post, if you dont have time.

Also, just out of curiosity. Instead of doing the trivia as all links why not make a separate trivia topic? (This may have been discussed, if it was I'm sorry)

Oh, and even if we dont do nicknames with categories. I still think Reggy & such should be explained in the trivia section.

And I think we should link to Lefty's fanfic (assuming that's ok with her)

6/21/2008 #1,369
Fractured Illusion

@Trivia Poll

Ooooh, in ONE post? Well, works fine for me. Less to link to. And yeah, if it's okay by you, please go and collect them. Or do you want us to divide per off topic?

@Trivia - Own Topic?

I really don't want this to happen. Sorry. It's better as a small section in RTF! topic. Why do you want this as a topic btw?

@Trivia Reggy Review Love Religion

Yes, this will definitely happen. And linking to Lefty's story is an awesome idea. Lefty, do you mind the pimpage? :p *rolls eyes*

@ Freebie Rule

I agree with Lefty. Woot! We got one against (simpleplan13, whom wishes them "banned" from all activity all together on RG)

Any other bidders?

6/22/2008 #1,370
Fractured Illusion

Am I to take that NO ONE opposes the individual counts in the Review Count? If not, I will start summing up the total RG has brought in! :D

Edit: Done and posted! Now hosted at RTF! topic and I brought it into the current OT so people can comment on their own achievements if they'd like

6/22/2008 . Edited 6/22/2008 #1,371
Fractured Illusion

@Nickname List - The "poll" to settle it

To settle this once and for all! How many are pro and how many are no?

Frac: No

Lefty: Pro

Kylie: Pro

Asylum: Pro

Mini: Pro

Johanna: Pro

Silverdreams - Pro

6/22/2008 . Edited 6/22/2008 #1,372
Fractured Illusion

@New Sug: Freebie Less Time

I am a bit tired and annoyed at how long the freebies are getting, especially if they last the whole 5 days. This is getting more and more common, and it just CLOGS the freebie, and its rare those are that fun to play anyway.

I want to cut the time.

How about, max 3 days, and you have to give a hint within 2 days, and show activity within one day?

Edit: I am also willing to do 4 days, but 5 is just too much what with how "popular" Freebie has gotten

6/22/2008 . Edited 6/22/2008 #1,373

@Nickname List

Kylie is pro so long as there is a disclaimer of sorts at top. Something like "Here is a list of the people of the RG and their nicknames. If you don't see your name on this list and you have a nickname, don't feel bad. Just PM one of the mods to remind them to add you to the list. If you don't have a nickname yet, feel free to request one in the Introductions or Off-Topic topics."

@Shorter Freebie

I'm all for a maximum of 3 days. I've always thought that 5 days was much too long. 4 is iffy.

I think it would be better if there was a requirement of at least 1 hint per day. 48 hours is a long time to wait for a hint.

6/22/2008 #1,374
asylum writer

I'm new to the Suggestions topic, but here I go...

@Nickname List

I'm pro, but like Kylie I think a disclaimer would be necessary so no one gets hurt. I think it would be helpful list because I know I can't keep everyone's names straight.

@Shorter Freebie

I definitely think we need a shorter maximum. It's really annoying when a freebie is open for days, especially if it's static for a while.

6/22/2008 . Edited 6/22/2008 #1,375

@ Nickname list

I am pro with a disclosure as well and i vote let's not separate anyone out except you & lefty as mods.

@ Freebie Time limit

I think 3 days max is a good idea. I would say 1 day without a hint is a good limit. B/c most of the time ppl who don't give hints are either disappearing, or just things like the one now or the make the best scenarios. One day is definitely enough for everyone to have a chance at those.

@ Trivia Topic

I just thought it would be less links and adding to OTs... 'tis all. Not something I felt stronly about.

@ Trivia Poll

I will go and collect them all and make a post here. I might not get to it 'til Monday, though.

6/22/2008 #1,376

@ Nickname list

PRO! It made me feel SPARKLEH.

6/22/2008 #1,377

pro for the nickname list, though i agree with mini in that there shouldn't be any categories...

and there should be a disclaimer. yeah.


6/22/2008 #1,378

oh, and feel free to link to the epic story.

as to when the next chapter will be up...

well, that's as soon as this real life virus clears up and i can get back to writing.

if you've noticed, i haven't even worked on "mary sue," my... well... what USED to be my main story. XD so uhh... it might be a while... :\


6/22/2008 #1,379

@ Nicknames List

Lime is also pro with Kylie and Mini's suggestions: disclaimer and indicate Frac and Lefty as mods.

@ Shorter Freebie

I vote for a max 3 day limit on Freebies with a 1 day requirement for hints or update of current leads (if doing one for best scenario).

6/22/2008 . Edited 6/22/2008 #1,380
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