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@ Stealing (still open?)

Ditto to what Sparkles just said. I say no banishment if she defends herself and either updates her forum to give credit or delete it. I just took a look at her forum. She does mention the RG, but doesn't give credit to the RG for the idea she is using for her Romance-only genre she's got going there. Personally, I would like her to halt activities there and make a suggestion or request permission to have a Romance-only genre "Review Game" here in the original RG. Otherwise, she should change the format of review guidelines over on her forum altogether if her idea/suggestion doesn't fly over here.

...did I make sense? (I was probably being repetitive, sorry.)

6/24/2008 #1,411
Fractured Illusion

Haha, I obvsiously have to rule out Lefty too from voting ^^; We are too biased due to all energy put into this.

@BJ - am I to interpret that you believe in "no punishment"?

@Flipper - and you as "pro punishment"?

(just making an official check)


6/24/2008 . Edited 6/24/2008 #1,412

has she defended herself? huh? huh?? HUH?? XD

but seriously... i don't even know HOW you defend yourself from something like that.

"oh i just stole your idea because... i liked it. *compliment compliment*" yeah yeah, we're not kids anymore. if you stole an idea, you STOLE THE IDEA.

and if she wants the RG to be a "romance RG" then at least LINK TO THE REAL RG!! cite your sources, dangit. didn't you learn that in school?


6/24/2008 #1,413
Fractured Illusion

Yep. Definitely too biased.

No she hasn't defended herself. May be because this whole ordeal just got discovered a few hours ago and she may not be online? ^^;

Either way, if she is willing to delete the forum, I am willing to put the bad blood behind us. That seems fair enough to me. How do you feel about that Lefty? (even if your opinion doesnt count it does to me :D)

6/24/2008 #1,414

i agree. if she's willing to delete the forum, i won't hold it against her.

but if she doesn't delete the forum... THEN IT'S WAR!!!! :)


6/24/2008 #1,415

oh, i'll also be willing to forgive her if she gives us a legit excuse. but ONLY a legit one.

of course, i'm going to be pretty harsh in judging that excuse... *glare*


6/24/2008 #1,416


6/24/2008 #1,417
Fractured Illusion


Don't spam in this topic. Constructive opinions, please. random comments belong in OT

6/24/2008 #1,418

To clarify (if it needs any clarification), I vote for the following punishment scenario (therefore, Lime is "pro punishment"):

No Ban: (1) User deletes forum as requested by RG mods OR (2) asks for permission from RG mods, is granted permission AND gives proper credit in all things RG related in their forum - this should include all applicable links as well AFTER the idea has been shot down in RG.

Temporary Ban: User does not respond to RG mods' request (3 strikes, and you're out), but later deletes the forum or changes rules to their own AND gives an apology to RG mods. (The apology part may be omitted, it is up to the mods - should we vote on this too? I feel it is necessary because mods have been hurt, even if they had no ill wishes.)

Permanent Ban + Report to FP Admins: User has disregarded all requests from RG mods and has made no effort to come to a compromise AND/OR User has deleted the forum at one point and is found to have re-established it in the original fashion that warranted action from RG mods. (I agree with Lefty-mod on the reporting because, after all, it IS plagiarism.)

The user has a maximum of 3 days (or should it be less) to defend themselves or take action from the date the PM is sent. RG mods will keep copies of all communications regarding the issue in case reporting is deemed necessary. Repeated offenses will be reported to FP Admins immediately without warning.


People, please don't flame me for being harsh-sounding, I am also pretty biased right now but I mean no harm. This scenario is meant for users who knowingly and intentionally copy the RG without permission from RG mods. *scampers over to Frac-mod and hides behind her in fear of flames*

EDIT: I forgot something. In the scenario of a repeated offense has been added under Perm Ban + Report.

6/24/2008 . Edited 6/24/2008 #1,419

I feel like I have no opinion of my own in saying this, but Lime has pretty much voiced my opinion.

6/24/2008 #1,420

Lime's rule things seem fair and workable. +1 vote from Kylie.

6/24/2008 #1,421

I go with Lime. Pro punishment, hands down, and that's a good, organized way of putting it. It's also fair.

6/24/2008 #1,422

I go with Lime too. Pro punishment, and those conditions sound very fair.

6/24/2008 #1,423
B. J. Winters

I support Lime's approach.

6/24/2008 #1,424

What Lime said is similar to what I say and I agree.

My only question is what about those who have done it before these rules are in place? My issue is it seems unfair to make these rules now and then apply them to something that happened in the past. As future rules, they are great, but I don't think it's fair to give them the same punishment without them having any warning (esp. Sally who didnt flagrantly steal the idea) as we do ppl who will read these rules and disregard them.

6/24/2008 #1,425

Well, yes, what I posted is for future cases. I really don't know what to do for this current case though. My brain is a little fried right now, sorry.

6/24/2008 #1,426

has sally replied to frac's PM? if she hasn't she's banned right away. maybe we can send a PM a day. if, by the end of three days, she hasn't responded in any way... we report her.

i'm mad right now. i don't care if this sounds harsh.


6/24/2008 #1,427

Lefty, please check Sally's profile. I do not see any forums available for my clicking in her profile page. I am assuming she has seen this or has taken action from Frac's PM. Please verify. Thanks.

6/24/2008 #1,428
Fractured Illusion


Okay, it seems unanimous. Lime's sug, that is. Should I make it a rule in the punishment section?

And I got PMs from Sally. She deleted the forum. Here is the PM (she granted me permission to post it):

"Very sorry, didn't realize it would be upsetting. I was just bored and looking for something to do, and I had seen more than one reviewgame type site, not just yours. Don't worry, I deleted it. I honestly don't want to cause any trouble, I think what you guys did with the review game is great. I didn't have the intention of stealing anything. You really don't need to have a discussion about it. My forum is gone. Sorry for the trouble."


As far as I am concerned, Sally is off the hook, and all we ought to be focusing on is the general rule.

6/24/2008 #1,429

@ Stealing

Make the rule. Yay for Sally! Question if she wants can she come and ask permission to remake it? Since that was the issue in the first place, the not asking permission?

6/25/2008 #1,430
Fractured Illusion

This is more like a post to sum up all the sugs we've got left so we don't forget (its been really busy lately in here)

@Summing Up All Sugs Recently

- Stealing - adding it to the RTF! now?

- Fight For The Freebie (shorter time + 1 week to review winner(s) - left is to formulate the rules, giving the okay-stamp and implementing it. No retroactive effect!

- Trivia, Explain RG Religion + in correlation pimp Lefty's fanfic - I have a bit of a hard time explaining the order in a fun way. Also, who have we titled? I know the popes and the saints + half saint. But who else? Should we make more?

- Trivia, Collected Post of All Polls - in progress

- Nickname list - Done!

- Ban list - Done!

- Author - Genre list - Done!

- Review Count List - Done!


Did I miss any sug? These are the ones we've decided on, btw, not the ones rejected.

6/25/2008 #1,431

@ Summing

-Stealing: I would add the the stealing rule to News as well.

-Freebie: Do you have a pro con lis or somethng?

-RG Religion: I have no idea who else has a title. Explaining it in a fun way? Maybe do it like Lefty has been, but shorter? You know like a little story thingy.

6/25/2008 #1,432
Fractured Illusion


- Stealing: will do. But I am gonna wait til the freebie rules are done too

- Freebie: pro con list? what for? Everyone's decided they want it 1 week to review, and 3 days max. Or did I misinterpret? How about this:

7) If the contest has no winner within 3 days, it will be closed, and a new one may start.

8) The review-giver is allowed to give hints. They are only obliged to if there is no winner after 1 day. (THIS I DID NOT UNDERSTAND! HOW MANY DAYS DID EVERYONE WANT FOR HINTS?)

16) After the competition has closed, the freebie giver has 1 week to give the review(s) to the winner(s).

- RG Religion - in that case: LEFTY THIS IS YOUR JOB! Mwahah.

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #1,433

@ Freebie

I meant a list about when ppl wanted a hint, I said it wrong 'cause its not really a pro con list then... lol. I think Lime said she wanted 1 day a hint or an update on who's winning if there is no hint. I said 1 day for a hint and freebies where there are not hints should only be open for 2 days.

You should put the punishment for not reviewing the winner withing a week.

6/25/2008 #1,434

@ religion

uhhh... you'll have to give me all of the people who are ranked. XD there's Reggy the God of Review Love, Frac and Lefty, the popes... do we really have two saints? O_o and who's the half-saint? XD

yeah, my memory is pretty bad.

@ stealing

yes, sally is now off the hook. i forgive her. :) she can come back and ask permission to make a genre-based RG if she wishes, but we will request for her to link back to us. (and we can link to her, if she wants.)

@ freebie

freebies can be open for three days, the freebie giver can't make a new freebie unless he/she has given out his/her previous freebie, and there must be an update/hint from the freebie giver every day.


6/25/2008 #1,435
Sally Can Wait

@ stealing

Sorry again. Just wanted to say that I, also, support Lime's suggestion. I'd just like to point out that you should wait for a reply (unless you have seen activity from a user) before you report them. If they would be perfectly happy to delete and only made one in the first place because of being completely oblivious (like some of us :3) and you happen to email them while they are out of town for a bit... well, then it would kind of suck to get reported.

I don't think I'll make another forum, but if it comes up, I'll most certainly ask. And link. A lot. o.o

Although reading all of the angry comments about me makes me feel quite scandalous. :)

6/25/2008 #1,436

@ Review Love

I know me & Clapper are saints bc of the RM. I dunno about the half-saint.

6/25/2008 #1,437

@ Freebie

If a person does not give a hint in 1 day, I know we will close it, but is there a punishment (liek no posting a freebie for a day or something)... just wondering,

6/25/2008 #1,438

@Review Love - I'm the half-saint for resurrecting MC Depth multiple times after stories with epic chapter lengths were posted.

@Stealing - I agree with Sally. We should at least wait for a reply before raining down fire and brimstone upon their (hopefully unsuspecting) heads.

6/26/2008 #1,439

@ Stealing

I agree with Kylie & Sally that we should wait a reply, but I also think we need a limit... I know you said 3 days, but that's not fair if someone is on vacation. Maybe 1 week? And if we don't get a response, then punish. Also, if we get a response a bit after & the person says they were on vacation or their computer broke or w/e I think that should be ok.

6/26/2008 #1,440
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