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Fractured Illusion

@ freebie

freebies can be open for three days, the freebie giver can't make a new freebie unless he/she has given out his/her previous freebie, and there must be an update/hint from the freebie giver every day.

That's already been voted down. It definitely wont be in the rule. You have one week to make that review. If you cant do that within the time, THEN you cant play freebie.

Okay. So there is a update/hint per day. I will roll with this since no else says otherwise.

6/26/2008 #1,441
Fractured Illusion


Only two sugs remain.

- Trivia: RG religion

- Trivia: Polls


Other than this, are there any other sugs?

6/26/2008 #1,442

@ Trivia Poll

Do you guys want me to keep Frac's snarky comments about the results or jsut the results themselves?

6/26/2008 #1,443
Fractured Illusion

@Trivia Poll

Keep them for now. If they dont want it we can edit out later. If they want it, its better to take it all at once so you dont have to go through it all again D:

6/26/2008 #1,444

@Trivia Poll

I like Frac's snarky comments, so Kylie says keep. Unless there are objections, that is.

6/26/2008 #1,445

@ Polls Trivia:

Ok here are the results so far (I’m in 7th Heaven). I reorganized them so all the summaries matched up. Two things. One of the virginity quotes didn’t have an author. Onar's OT did not have any poll results, correct? Also, I vote keep Frac's and the few ones I added comments.

Sex of People: Female (11 votes)

Male (2 votes)

Neither (1 votes)

Admin (1 vote)

Both (0 votes)

"Which of the seven deadly sins do you carry within the most?"

And the answer was that most peeps here at RG are either horny or lazy the most.

(Lust: 3 votes, Sloth: 3 votes)

RG people also like to pass the time with eating and feeling full of themselves

(Glutton: 2 votes, Pride: 2 votes)

Most people at RG are however half-generous, not so easily upset and also aren't jealous (which might be because of all the sucky writers on this site making them fell full of themselves, already)

(Wrath:1 vote, Envy: 1 vote, Greed: 1 vote)

"Which of the seven virtues fits you the most?"

And most RG people admitted to being nice most of the time, which explains our friendly environment here

(Kindness: 4 votes)

RG people are also hard-working, which they kind of have to be if they want to write succeeding stories

(Diligence: 3 votes)

RG people have so-so patience, and they also don't seem to believe in "virgin til marriage" beliefs

(Patience: 2 votes, Chastity: 2 votes)

RG people however like to mock and pride themselves, while also not sharing anything. And perhaps mocking others for it

(Charity: 1 vote, Humility: 1 vote)

But RG people have zero temperance. They have no clue when enough is enough, and that is why they are so addicted to this place.

(Temperance: 0 votes)

"What gruesome death would you prefer, if the Grim Reaper made you choose?"

A vast majority of the RG people all followed the fad of being burned alive and leaving their mothers and fathers a burned corpse to bury.

(Burned alive: 5 votes)

A two-some were daring enough to stand against that and wanted the acidic rain to wash away their life and bodies, leaving their mothers and fathers a strange piece of meat, deformed beyond imagination.

(Acidic rain: 2 votes)

One wished to turn into poop, eventually.

(Eaten alive: 1 vote)

Another thought that viruses were the next hot thing on the market, and at least leaves their closed ones a body that is whole on the outside

(Ebola virus: 1 vote)

Another fancied the Komodo dragon to be kind of neat and epic, being left to eventually rot to death.

(Komodo dragon: 1 vote)

Another thought spending their last minutes on the toilet wasn't such a bad way to go

(Dysentry = 1 vote vote)

So what kind of superpower would you want to have?

Reading people's minds (7 votes)

Teleportation (7 votes)

The ability to fly (3 votes)

Being invisible (2 votes)

Super-speed (1 vote)

None. I'm fine as I am, thank you. (1 vote)

Super-strength (0 votes)

X-ray vision (0 votes)

Which of these imaginary creatures would you prefer to be?

The by far most popular answer was that most seemed to want to be a short male midget who had a fascination for green and Ireland

(Leprechaun: 11 votes)

Then second choice was that the people wanted to be tall, dark, hairy, and sought after by all Americans (but not in a terrorist fashion)

(Big Foot: 4 votes)

The last group of people wanted to be brainless bullies

(Zombie: 3 votes)

One who wished to be deformed (Goblin: 1 vote)

Another who wanted to eat little children for lunch (Ogre: 1 vote)

If you had to have a body part made of steel, which would it be? state why in a post

MostRG people are hostile because they either want to kick someone hard or take a punch well.

(Toes: 5 votes, Nose: 5 votes)

Another popular choice was also hostile, but mostly geared towards men. RG mostly consists of females, therefore this is logical.

(Knee: 4 votes)

Some RG people obsess with visual things (such as reading) and need their eyes intact.

(Retinas: 3 votes)

A couple wanted a comical effect by smashing people when sitting on them.

(Butt Cheek: 2 votes)

One was a preventive measure; you cannot be bitten by vampires or hung.

(Neck: 1 vote)

"Which of these unfortunate events would you be the least upset about if they happened to you?"

Turns out people would totally go for incest. RG people are very conceited and prefers a partner in which is similar to themselves.

(Marrying Long Lost Twin: 7 votes)

But another option got just as many votes because RG people are lazy about their appearance and they'd be more than happy to blame their bad looks on external circumstances rather than sloppiness.

(Scarred, Bumpy Skin: 7 votes)

Money is worth it sacrificing your parents over, apparently.

(Living with Abusive, Rich Uncle: 5 votes)

Many people want to view the world differently it seems.

(An Eye Popping Out: 5 votes)

RG people are too chicken to act out on themselves; they need someone to do it for them.

(Possessed by a Homicidal Maniac: 3 votes)

Few RG members were fans of fast food.

Flipping Burgers the Rest of Your Life: 2 votes)

Cannibalism was the least popular.

(Eating a friend: 1 vote)

Make your own Top 3 of the most epic virginity quotes in our history of off topic!

Most people went for cannibalism, which is a surprising feat considering how in our last poll, no one wanted to eat their friend. Ah well.

("Yeah so you can call them by name as you digest them... 'Ugh, I wish I hadn't eaten Susan! I'm way too full now. How will I ever eat dinner? Man! And we were gonna have porkchops... I guess I'll have to save Karl for tomorrow.'" - J.A. Madison: 13 votes)

Second came the fav for all the math geeks. RG seems to indeed be filled of them.

("After all, dividing by 0 wreaks such havock." - LucienofShadow.: 12 votes)

Shared third seat contains randomness at its highest, and cielings...which are also pretty high up.

("You sound smart and intellectual. I sound like someone who just ate food at midnight...lots of foood 0.000 I have three eyes on one side of my face!" –theflyingcrabsareeatingmyhair; 11 votes)

("It's not a personal attack on the state of american ceilings...just a generalisation..."- Ting Tong: 11 votes)

RGers obviously enjoy wise advice from their mothers.

("Going cucumber on a stick is never good for you, mama says" -Fractured Illusion: 7 votes)

Hostile RGers strike again.

("Ouches. You have just mashed the nun-killing master of nunicide into a bloody pulp." –Kyllorac: 7 votes)

Another cannibalism quote was popular.

(“Azalea!! Go eat Onar for your snack and stop bothering me for a whale!" - Silv3rDr34mS: 5 votes)

Some normal food for a change...

("The mocha is filled with mystery and intrigue!" – Frac: 5 votes)

Frac strikes again with some randomness,

("Soap? WTF?" – Frac: 5 votes)

Some original RG poetry...

("In order to commemorate this momentus occasion, I have composed a brief poem: Prescencen – A very pretty , Garbage can" –Kyllorac: 3 votes)

You know you are addicted to RG when..

You log in to RG every day, even if you don't know why: 15 votes

You after only 5 min of waiting for a response begin to wonder if you've been abandoned/ditched: 14 votes

You have to consciously stop yourself from going on the Internet because otherwise you won't get anything else done: 14 votes

You go on for just a few minutes and end up not leaving for hours: 14 votes

You have off topic, suggestions, an rg game (or more than one) open in individual tabs and are clicking refresh every 2 seconds: 11 votes

You care more about chatting with your RG friends rather than getting reviews: 11 votes

Your pulse pounds while waiting for a response on the Off Topic: 10 votes

You think that "examinator" is an actual word: 10 votes

You spam an entire page all by yourself in hopes someone will log in and free you from your lonely misery: 10 votes

99.9% of your reviews come from the review game: 9 votes

Reviewing outside the Review Game, you do it according to "easy fix" or "depth" guidelines: 9 votes

RG is superior to sleep, food, shower and/or real life: 8 votes

You tried to contribute to this list: 7 votes

Taking page virginity is the highlight of your day: 7 votes

You sneak on the computer during class to check up on the RG: 6 votes

You stay hours after you wanted to because you want to know the answer to the freebie: 6 votes

You create several freebies, despite not really wanting to give a review: 6 votes

You can remember everyone's nickname. Yes, even those that appeared only once: 6 votes

You prefer people to call you by your RG nickname rather than your real name (even in real life): 3 votes

You covet the title of "legend": 3 votes

You change your avatar at least once a day: 2 votes

If you had to have an itch you couldn't get rid of, where would you want it? Please state what you picked and why in a post

Back of my head. Duuh.: 11 votes

Only sensible answer is my chest.: 3 votes

My right eye-lid!: 3 votes

My armpit, of course.: 1 vote

Crotch. No need to explain.: 1 vote

Foot seems to own all these answers: 1 vote

"You've a test! Instead of paying attention in class you have been searching for Chinese Leprechauns in your clothing and bags and have no idea what the test is on. Before crossing the threshold of the room you decide that you are going to cut class. How?"

RG trend is still hot with the cannibalism

(You tell the teacher. “ I tasted human flesh over the weekend, and am in danger of attacking and eating my class mates. Could I escape to the guidance office and get an application for the emporium of hopeless cannibalistic addictions.”: 8 votes) Going mental is also attractive

(You sit on your desk with your knees pulled to your chest, mumbling incoherently to yourself. When anyone asks you what’s wrong you twist your head and look at them without blinking and yell “ Your Mom!” You are escorted out by the police.: 8 votes)

As is masochism

(You go into the class room and spot an ugly brute sitting in the back of the room. You put on a huge smile and run up and hug him, exclaiming how much you are in love with him ( it doesn’t matter if you are a girl OR a guy). The brute breaks your jaw and twists your arm out it’s socket. You don’t have to take the test for a LONG time: 7 votes)

Passive aggressive, however, is so last season

(You go up to the teachers desk and throw his computer on the floor and start jumping on it, singing the sesame street theme song and pouring an enormous amount of blue-jay blood down the your pants: 1 vote)

"If you could meet ONE person from the RG forum, who would you want to meet and why?"

Reggy, our God of Review Love!: 3 votes

Kylie, resident half-saint: 3 votes

Frac, aka me: 2 votes

Ting Tong, resident British person that we will assume has abnormally nice teeth for her nationality: 2 votes

Lime, resident action-holic, violent and weapon-crazy cat-dog-dragon-whatever: 2 votes

Era, resident bookworm with a flare for being mixed into drama: 2 votes

Bliss, resident bully you either love or hate, or just happen to be engaged to: 2 votes

Lefty, our epic mod and my chosen one!: 1 vote

Millie, resident non-resident who is beyond salvation regarding her sanity: 1 vote

Rassy, resident opinionated person that still lurk in the shadows: 1 vote

Lucy, resident objectified person by yours truly: 1 vote

Meve, resident professional. Nuff said.: 1 vote

Aussie, resident girl next door: 1 vote

Heda, resident representative of Africa: 1 vote

(Mini, Jelly, Ace, Dex, Draggy, Concon, Monk, Flipper and Sity: 0 votes)

Ok I'm done, I stopped with OT 10 more til its legal. Again this assumes Onar's topic did not have any polls if it did let me know and Ill go through it.

6/26/2008 . Edited 6/27/2008 #1,446
Fractured Illusion

"WHO SAID THIS???: 11 votes)

Ting Tong.

And whats with all the italics? O_O I am not quite sure I like the style in the post.

6/26/2008 #1,447

@ Poll

Ill add in ting tong.

The italics are the comments. If you dont like them like that I can change them, but having them in a regular font made it a bit confusing to distinguish between comments & answers that were long. So just tell me what you want me to do.

Edit: What about Onar's forum? Does it have any polls?

6/27/2008 . Edited 6/27/2008 #1,448
Fractured Illusion


How about a different font from the new codes kylie taught us? :D Spicing it up! (just not the white!)

And what do you mean onar's forum? O_o RG doesnt need to say the polls he may or may not have at his forum.

Do you mean the one off topic he made? No. Of course not. Like he even had a clue how to do the basic of "modding". I remember this vividly for he nagged for so long to be mod, and I give him a mod-assignment (do a poll) and all of a sudden he was reluctant.

6/27/2008 #1,449

@ Poll

I mean his topic not his forum.. Im sorry.

And though I say Kylie change the fonts, I know NOTHING about html (and I think that's what it involved). My sister might be able to do it when I get home or can you do it since you can edit my post?

6/27/2008 #1,450
Fractured Illusion

Yeah sure, I'll do it then.

Are those all the polls?

6/27/2008 #1,451
Fractured Illusion

Btw could you just copy and paste them as they are not move around things? I want the originals when I edit.

6/27/2008 #1,452

just to update... i've finally done the review love religion edit in the trivia section of RTF!. ^^;

sorry i haven't been around much. college already gave us a project to work on... (optional, yes, but strongly recommended... XD)


6/27/2008 #1,453

TO copy and paste them as they were in your posts I would hafta do it all over again and really I dont want to, it took over an hour to go through every OT page. I didn't change much, mostly just how you organized it like sometimes you did = and other times colons, sometimes you said votes, others you did, some you did a snarky comment above each vote, others just a general conclusion. If you really NEED me to redo it I guess I can, but can you try to work with what's there now instead?

Like I said before, it's all the polls from OT to OT Ten more til its legal.

EDIT: Just wanted to clarify, I did not change the results or the questions. Most of the snarky remarks stayed the same. I think once I deleted your conclusion, but it wasn't funny, Once I split it up so instead of just your conclusion the snarky remark went before the result to keep it consistent since that was how you started it that way. A few times I added a comment about a result that you didn't comment on again because I thought it was weird to not have comments on all the remarks in one poll since for the most part you did.

6/28/2008 . Edited 6/28/2008 #1,454

@ News

I just looked at it and I had a suggestion, if a later topic supersedes an old one can we eliminate the old one, so ppl don't get confused. Like you have the old Freebie discussion about the punishment, but we already decided that (which you say later down in a post), but if someone knew read from the top down they might come and comment on it even though we're done. Or instead of deleting it, maybe just say this discussion has been completed and tell the result?

6/28/2008 #1,455
Fractured Illusion


forget it then


kinda defeats the purpose of my "update" section, then. I mean, I do say when one thing is completed or decided, and if I dont, just tell me. like, you dont see real news edited afterhand, articles online for example. they stay the same. if you wanna know how it turns out you read the recent.

6/28/2008 #1,456

@ News

Wow.. I missed the updates section, Im sorry. Maybe put them on the top? I just feel some ppl might see the discussion and have an opinion on the issue, and not take the time to scroll down to the end to see the updates. Or like me, skim & magically miss them... lol

EDIT: Or put the update on a specific top with the original post about it.

6/28/2008 . Edited 6/28/2008 #1,457
Fractured Illusion


But if I put them on top, you'll miss the news instead.

Its better to miss the updates than the news, in my opinion. And I even bold the update T_T

6/28/2008 #1,458

@ News

I get what you're saying. My point is only that bc of the way forums are, ppl will start and the oldest news. This would take some work, but could you like post the new news & then copy the old news & edit it into that space & copy the new news & edit it into the old space, this way the new news would be on top?

EDIT: I meant like where you have the update about the Freebie you could also put that above the original news post about that issue.

6/28/2008 . Edited 6/28/2008 #1,459
Fractured Illusion

..I really dont get what youre saying. I should have it at the top and bottom of the post?

What's wrong with it as it is? Do more peeps want me to change it?

6/28/2008 #1,460

How about dating it?? My point is this.. the old news is on top & is the first thing ppl see. So they read that before the new news and might not realize there has been an update about the thing they are reading and act on it before they read the rest of News.

Basically they might not realize that old news is on top. My last suggestion was odd and convoluted, but I think putting the date at the beginning of the post so they go oh, this is old, let me scroll to the bottom would be good. This is more for newbies obviously who might not have the whole forum thing down & realize the bottom is the newest news.

6/28/2008 #1,461
Fractured Illusion

Basically they might not realize that old news is on top.

Oldest is always at the top at the forums, everyone knows this... I think you're thinking people too stupid, mini ^^;

6/28/2008 #1,462

I think its my job getting to me... lol. Everyone there is so stupid Im underestimating the intelligence of human beings.

6/28/2008 #1,463

@Frac - In the News topic, you liked to RM instead of Read this First! for Trivia.

7/2/2008 #1,464

I have a suggestion.

Can we make it a rule that in your review you have to say it is a review game review? For the most part I don't read the forum alerts and if I get a review I don't assume it's from there. If I got a review saying it was an RG review, I would be able to say oh hey that's not a depth review and post that in the topic sooner.

Basically I think knowing it's an RG review will make ppl check if it fits the qualifications and be able to state that it did not sooner, rather than later.

7/2/2008 #1,465

@RG Review Tag

+1 on min-tin's RG review tag.

7/2/2008 #1,466


I want to make a suggestion but I have to ask a question first!

7/2/2008 #1,467
Fractured Illusion

@Kylie - Fixed

@New Sug: RG Tag in reviews

We have already had this to discussion once before and it was voted down. It'd be too many rules to keep in mind regarding the review...or something. Or they wouldnt remeber or care. Dunno.

If you still want to argue for this sug, I will not stop you, though.


Go to this topic and ask away :)

7/2/2008 . Edited 7/2/2008 #1,468

I wasn't around for the other debate... and I don't have anyone to debate with... lol. I wait and see what others say.

EDIT: Yes I want to continue the debate.. lol.

7/2/2008 . Edited 7/2/2008 #1,469
Fractured Illusion

@Trivia: Poll

I will get to this after work is over so I dont feel stressed

@RG Tag

Does anyone want this?


It's coming! Our tenth off topic! Help me and lefty! Think of a killer name :D

As always, the formula needs to be

Off Topic - [witty text]!

Go at it! And try to make the witty text related to number 10

7/3/2008 #1,470
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