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If our current artists linked to it (the group) then maybe that could help spread the word?

Sounds good. It also might help if they made an entry in their journal about AAT and linked right to it.

10/16/2008 #2,341
Fractured Illusion

Just to be in the clear here: this IS allowed to do on DA right? The artists wont be banned or anything for doing this?

10/16/2008 #2,342

Just to be in the clear here: this IS allowed to do on DA right? The artists wont be banned or anything for doing this?

I'd like to say no . . . but I highly suggest asking someone else about this. I'm far from the most knowledgeable person about DA ^^;

10/16/2008 #2,343
Fractured Illusion

No D= So what do you think is wrong with it?

I think Lefty might know more about this. She enjoys drawing. Maybe she got some scoop on DA


10/16/2008 #2,344


Ack, sorry, I meant no, I don't think it would get people in trouble.

Just browsing through some groups, I'm finding some that deal with critique and whatnot, but I haven't found any that link to other sites. I'm also not findind any rules against it, though.

10/16/2008 #2,345

So I read everything and am responding.

@ Another thread

I agree with Frac, this is impractical and there is no need for another thread. It is the same subject matter.

@ 2 day limit

I think this is a feasible option. I rarely see people get offers in that last day.

@ Waiting List

I can kind of see the thought there. Frac, as you said, it wouldn't solve the lack of offers. However it would fix the problem people are mentioning about time zones limiting their opportunity to post requests. The only real problem I see is if they put their name on a waiting list, who is responsible for making the post? And if you're next on the list how do they have before the trade ends to post it. What if they disappear for a day or two? Point is this idea is a bit too complicated imo.

@ multiple offers open at once

We just decided someone couldn't do two offers in one post because ppl are already having issues & it would just make it more complicated. So I think this idea is totally out of the question

@ DA

Good idea that I know nothing about... lol.

10/16/2008 #2,346
brightest darkness

I don't know if anyone else suggested this, or if there already is one, but I think this would be awesome on

10/19/2008 #2,347

any updates on the 2 day limit decision?

10/19/2008 #2,348

@brightest darkness

Your suggestion has been brought up multiple times and shot down by the mods each time because the mods feel they cannot entrust someone with the RG over at FFnet.

10/19/2008 #2,349
Fractured Illusion

any updates on the 2 day limit decision?

Not really.

Mini should we go for 2 day?

Are anyone opposing the 2 day limit? Speak now or forever hold your peace! ...or something

@ DA

Good idea that I know nothing about... lol.

Then maybe we could just ask them to link to us in the DA profile? Unless thats un-hip or something over at DA... I dont wanna make them all into sell-outs or whatever :p

@brightness darkness

Yeah, what silverdreams (Lime) said

None of the mods are interested in managing it over there

And we dont trust anyone else enough to do a proper job (its a lot of rules, for one).

10/19/2008 #2,350
Nicki BluIs

@ 2 day limit:

i don't see its purpose other than giving requesters less time; the problem of waking up in the morning and finding that someone had already made a post is still there; Im not saying i oppose but i dont see it fixing anything...

EDIT: heh devil's advocate virgin :P

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #2,351

I just came across the artist - author thing and I'm interested. I'm not that great, but I'm not that terrible, either. I might try my hand at drawing for others so that I can practice some more on my own art.

Style and preference - Sorry, I only do cartoonish/anime style. It's not the serious looking kind, either, like Cowboy Bebop or anything. I developed my style off of Digimon back in the day, so think rather skinny characters with big feet and eyes--Digimon or Teen Titans or something.

What media you can do and which is preferred - I do NOT draw in pencil. I draw in pen only, and I color with colored pencils. I prefer black and white. If you want it colored with photoshop, it's gonna cost you extra, as I need outside help on that one. I'm a newb with photoshop.

Specific preference regarding subject - I like drawing people, but I'm not very good with poses that aren't standing (like sitting and things like that), I don't do scenery--people is about all I can draw, but I love drawing other people's OCs. It's pretty fun. I also like creating my own OCs, which is why this artist trade thing interested me. Male, female, animal, monster, doesn't matter. But "cutesy and girly" is what everything tends to look like--even though that is the kind of anime I stay away from. I also like to draw really overdramatic weapons.

Weaknesses overall - I don't draw hands especially well, but I have my ways around that. I'm not good at drawing realistic people or scenery. I really suck at drawing guns or machines--anything technical really.

Strengths overall - People; full body pics or busts. Girly anime style. Clothes/costumes.

Web Link: You're going to have to click the browse gallery option, that's where you'll find more typical artwork by me.

10/20/2008 #2,352
Fractured Illusion

You are accepted, Dei :) Thank you for joining! i will now add you to the AAT list

10/21/2008 #2,353
Fractured Illusion

@Bubbles - 2 day rule - artists

I dont see it fixing anything either. But if people want change for this area (though only starleaf has openly claimed to want it so far?) then I can go for that.

CAN PEOPLE PLEASE STATE IF THEY WANT CHANGE OR NOT REGARDING HOW CURRENT REQUESTS ARE DONE? I mean, I am not going to implement a new rule because of one person, I hope everyone realizes this :P So speak us, both sides.

I say nay to 2 day rule and say yay to trying to get more artists.

Artist Research

We need some sort of pimping and on deviantart too.

Maybe we (the mods) could ask the artists, "what is your most influential hinderance of not participating in AAT?/What makes it unappealing?" because its the artists views I am interested in. They make the show run. Then maybe we could ask them if they'd be willing to link to RG in a journal entry or something like that, and if they have any thoughts on how to pimp AAT more.

Lets face it, the artists should know best of how artists work :p

So how about it?

10/21/2008 . Edited 10/23/2008 #2,354
Fractured Illusion

Pending Topics That Needs To Be Discussed And Decided Unless You All Don't Care Enough

- Limiting the Artist-Author Trade and Beta Network request limit to two days instead of three. What we want to know: How many want this to happen, and how many don't.

- Researching the thoughts of the artists in Artist-Author Trade and ask if they are willing to link to AAT on the deviantart profile in addition to asking some other related questions in a PM without making their answers public unless anonomysouly (?). Info link

- Getting more artists (general discussion). :p Suggestions?

- Moved from Problems/Questions: Preventing cheating in Multi-chap RG. Suggestion link number 1 and number 2 . What we want to know: Do you want any measure to be taken? If yes, which of the suggested ones? Link nr 2 feature two possible ways, and both links go in depth on the first choice.

(if I forgot anything please remind me)

10/23/2008 . Edited 10/23/2008 #2,355

@AAT -

I'm against it. Sure, more people will get a chance to participate, but given the time frame, I think even less people will actually establish trades.

@AAT artists - PMing the artists and asking them to put a link on their DA profile sounds good. If they made a journal entry for the RG, that would be seen by a lot of people. I also think you should bring this up in "News" because i'm sure there are others like me who just use DA for stories and could do it as well.

@Gen. Artist discussion - Still trying to force my friend to make an FP account and sign up :p But other than that, I've got nothing.

@Multi-Chap - To confuse issues further, I'd like to propose:

If you wish to reserve a spot in MC Depth (or EF too, I suppose), you must PM a mod and ask for permission. If permission is granted, only the mod may make a post in the topic reserving your space, and then you make your own new post once you're done. If your reviews are not completed in X days, then the mod post will be deleted and it will be open again.

It's similar to the others, but the mod posting will let other players know that the person has been given mod permission.

10/23/2008 . Edited 10/23/2008 #2,356
Fractured Illusion

@Request Limit

That makes 1 pro (starleaf) and 3 against (Bubbles, Frac and Sparkles)

@AAT artist PM

Yes, the journal! Right :p We better ask that too ^^

@Gen. Artist disc.

I appreciate your efforts :P Thanks! ^-^


I think it is easier for them to ask in Problems/Question for mod permission. Most of the time when people PM, they only PM one of the mods. In Prob. thread, all of the mods can take notice. Also, the decision is public, so people can just go there to check if they doubt it. So no need for a mod to post to reserve a spot, the gamer can do that themselves.

(And yes I also think you should be able to reserve a spot but only with mod approval)

Does the mod decide the X number of days they have to do the reviews?

Are people allowed to review or not review during the course of period it takes for the one granted permission to review?

10/23/2008 #2,357

Does the mod decide the X number of days they have to do the reviews?

I figure that's up for debate; mod chosing based on specific case or vote on a set time.

Are people allowed to review or not review during the course of period it takes for the one granted permission to review?

Unfortunately for the requester, it looks like that would be allowed. Not the strong point of my suggestion :/

10/23/2008 #2,358
Nicki BluIs

@ 2 day limit: as i said i dont see the point therefore i vote no; arbitrary rule changes make things even more confusing

@ cheating: i dont think mod approval should be required. if this is for multi chap chances are ppl will want to save their spot more often; this would mean mods will have to be granting approval more often; if i remeber correctly the point of the RG format is to have it self sufficient so that mods are necessary to solve problems. this "mod approval" rule would make the mods an integreal part of the process; if saving ur spot is built into the rules i see no need for mod approval; a time limit would fine though

10/23/2008 #2,359
Fractured Illusion

@MC cheating

Good point bubbles about the mod thing. I think that is good reason to look away from that option (sorry Sparkles)

(I still wanna say though that mod approval is always an option. You can ask for it - we just maybe wont give it :P)

Possible options:

1. Bubbles and Mini's idea:

Save your spot - say what you intend to review (and how many chapters). Edit it when you are done, saying you have now done this.

To debate: If others are allowed to continue the game while the person that reserved a spot is still reviewing? Can the one with a reserved spot still be reviewed? If so, how does that even help with assuring safety?

And if we do not allow people to participate until the reviews have all been given, does this not hinder the game? How much time, max, do they have?

Someone said you can start recieving reviews after doing half of the required. This sounds smoother, but then I want it mandatory that the second person inspects the reviews the person gave so they are legit. Also, if someone has to do 3 reviews, what is half? 1 or 2?

2. Lefty's idea

You don't make a post until you have given all reviews. No "reserving a spot" philosophy.

3. Sparkles' idea

No reserving unless given mod permission (though mod permission would be a more active part)

Frac is leaning toward:

Number 1. MC are going slow either way so it wont matter much you have to wait til all reviews are given. How many max days do we given them though? (should we decide to go with this idea)

10/24/2008 . Edited 10/24/2008 #2,360


I don't think it's a good idea, but it's really a bad one. I think it's kinda pointless, but if it will make people happier about things then ok whatever. So I'm gonna abstain.

@ DA

I know nothing about it so I will bow down to sparkles knowledge and agree with her.

@ Artist in general

I know I personally have been looking at the profile of everyone I review (or most since I forget sometimes) to see if there's a link to DA or a reference to liking art and if there is either PMing them or leaving something about AAT in the reviews.

I think really we should try to make ppl aware that this is an issue. Mention it in OTs a lot because a lot of ppl here dont read sug or news. If we bring up there and say hey try to keep a look out for anyone who could be an artist it might help....::shrug::

Preventing Cheating

Personally, I like my idea. I think it is less work for the mods and also less waiting time in general first because you don't need mod approval and second because with lefty's idea someone can tie up depth for a day since no one can continue to review them. I also think making them do some reviews before they reserve a spot makes them more likely to finish it out.

EDIT: I say half is rounding up half of 3 is 2 in this case, anyway. I suggested a time limit to do the reviews, but you said putting in reasonable grounds would satisfy that. Personally I think one review per day, but a max of 3 days. So if you wanna do 3 reviews, you do two and then you have one day to do the third one. If you wanna do 9, you do five and then you have 3 days to do the other 4.

10/24/2008 . Edited 10/24/2008 #2,361
Fractured Illusion

@AAT - mini

No one but starleaf wants it to happen though, so it doesnt matter.

@DA - mini

So who will PM who of the artists?

@Artists in general

That's quite awesome actually! We'll have to bring it up more. =D Good ideas

@MC Cheating

What was your idea? What did I miss? D=

10/24/2008 #2,362
Fractured Illusion

@PMing artists, prototype PM:

Hello, I am Frac/Mini/Lefty, one of the moderators at the Review Game. You are currently registered as an artist for hire in our Artist - Author Trade (for which we are thankful). We would however like to ask you some question and hopefully get a response, if it is not too much of an inconvenience. The answers can help us make AAT more artist friendly. So far we have heard plenty of thoughts from authors but few from artists. So this is your time to be heard! :)


1. What is your most influential hindrance of not participating in AAT? (ie, real life, not liking the requests, etc)

2. What makes Artist - Author Trade unappealing? (ie, too many artist demands and too little time, annoying way of coordinating the requests and offers, etc)

3. As an artist, do you have any suggestions to us, the moderators, on how we could more successfully bring in more interested artists like yourself?

4. Do you understand the rules of AAT? If no, can you specify what area troubles you?

Lastly we ask that you please mention and link to the Artist - Author Trade in your deviantart journal entry and/or on your profile. This is not mandatory, but we encourage it since we believe it could help more artists find their way to the topic.

Thank you for reading (and replying and linking, if you do any of those)!

- Frac/Mini/Lefty"

How bout it?

10/24/2008 . Edited 10/24/2008 #2,363

@ cheating

Well you called it bubbles suggestion. I dunno if she started with a suggestion or an issue, but I know I expanding on what she had said. So it was the solution are partook in coming up with... lol

@ PMing

I think it should be one person who does the pming so that one person can compile all the response. Otherwise we'll hafta PM each other with the answers we got, which is kinda silly. I don't mind doing it if no one else wants to, but if someone else wants to that's cool too.

I also think maybe changing the word hindrance, it's kinda scary. But other than that it's perfect.

10/24/2008 #2,364
Fractured Illusion

Yesh, you do it and PM them :p

You can just post their replies here on the Sug though. You dont need to say who said what (aka do it anonymously) That way everyone can share the wisdom of the artists! =D

And what else other than hinderance? O_o??

And I changed so it is your and bubbles idea now :p

10/24/2008 #2,365

What is your most influential hindrance of not participating in AAT? (ie, real life, not liking the requests, etc)

Can become

What are your reasons for not participating in AAT? (ie, real life, not liking the requests, etc)

10/24/2008 #2,366
Fractured Illusion

Yeah that brings the point much better :P I always complicate things T_T

Go for it!

10/24/2008 #2,367

OK so I PMed them all, I feel kinda odd posting their responses though, is it ok if I like take ideas? You know 3 artists said real life got in the way, 5 said AAT was unappealing because ppl always mess up... lol. etc?

10/24/2008 #2,368
Fractured Illusion

Crap forgot to respond to this.

Why yes, yes you may. I do not oppose it :p

10/24/2008 #2,369

@AAT -

*sigh* My half-dead artistic muse has finally succumbed.

I would like to be an artist for AAT.

style and preference - A strange blend of cartoon and realism with an odd twist of anime/manga.

what media can you do and which is preferred - Generally, I only do pencil, and colored pencil if colored. I have photoshop, but I can barely use it. I'm okay in MS Paint, but I'd prefer to avoid it.

specific preference regarding subject - I'm fine with men/boys or women/girls. I'd prefer to stick to regular humans; my creativity just doesn't stretch far enough for fantasy :p

weaknesses overall - Body proportions is my main one. I'll also take a while because I'm such a perfectionist.

strengths overall - Erm . . . shading?

web link:

(Sorry, I only have one quick sketch posted. I'll try to put more up soon).EEDIT: Dang, that format was really screwed up o_O

10/24/2008 . Edited 10/24/2008 #2,370
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