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Fractured Illusion

@Secret Santa

Ima make a prototype post and if you guys like it, Ima post it.

And as registrations would end the 12th, thats when the list is made. Duuh. Have some faith :p

@Sheepie - AAT problem

Had to read the first and the rules to get an idea what the overall purpose is, haha. But the rules do say:

3) Authors may not request fan art or a personal portrait. They can only request what is related to their original stories.

So I don't think it would be bad to just say which story it is from.

and possibly put a cap on how many requests you can do per month, or a certain time period

Not sure how I feel about this one. I dont really see a need for this, since we already have a rule from preventing total hogging.

12/1/2008 #2,701
Fractured Illusion

@Secret santa prototype

Christmas is coming soon, and with it: gifts! The Review Game has thus decided to host a little Secret Santa gift swap in this time of family traditions and bloated men in red.

Minimum review requirements:

You will leave an ANONYMOUS review, with the name "Secret Santa" or any other coherent variation thereof so the author will know it is their Secret Santa.

Content is Easy Fix standard (but you are fully allowed to go above EF, but never under):

You need to state one thing you liked and *why*, and one thing you didn't like/could be improved, and *why*. Giving more feedback is not prohibited, but giving less than this is. Flaming is also prohibited. Being constructive is not.

(You can find more extensive info in the RG EF threads)

This is how we play Secret Santa:

All those that want to play make a post in this topic, a registration post with post requirements as stated below. When registrations ends, I will put all names in a hat, and leave it to chance on who gets who (but be at least a tad sensitive to the restrictions you made. But I will not coddle you.).

I will then PM everyone who they are secret santa to. No more info. No one will know who their secret santa is.

Don't forget to allow for anonymous people to review your works! If you have good reason to avoid it, please say so in your registration post, and your Secret Santa will thus PM their review to simpleplan13 who will give the review to you (and thus it will still be anonymous)

Important dates:

Registrations to play Secret Santa closes at the 12th.

Gift swapping (aka, reviewing) needs to be done before the 23rd.

The list of which contains all who were secret santa to who will be out 24th or 25th, depends on when opportunity is presented for the mods.

Registration post requirements:

Tell that you register for Secret Santa

Tell if you allow for anonymous reviews or not

Tell what pieces you would prefer to have reviewed (or if you have no pieces; what other author you want to be reviewed in your place)

Tell what type of stories/poems you really don't want to review (ie, slash, poetry)

Tell what others may not like about your work (tell if it is story or poem, slash, violence, strong language, etc)

Most Importantly! DO NOT forget under ANY circumstances:

Have fun :)

And Merry Christmas!


Did I miss anything?

12/1/2008 #2,702

Looks good. It gets a thumbs up from Radio. :)

12/1/2008 #2,703

Yep. Thumbs up from me too =]

Is the registration going to be in the celebration thread??

12/1/2008 #2,704
Fractured Illusion

Is the registration going to be in the celebration thread??

Yeah, but I am going to reserve the post under the main post and copy and paste all participants and the content of their post. Makes it easier to navigate.

12/1/2008 #2,705
Nicki BluIs

double thumbs up :P

12/1/2008 #2,706
Fractured Illusion


Thanks for the support guys XD

I'll just wait til mini or lefty approves (whichever comes first) then off to Celebrate we go!

12/1/2008 #2,707

I think it looks great. I say post away.

12/1/2008 #2,708
Fractured Illusion

Woot! I will!

Mini, what you say about Sheepie's AAT sugs?

12/1/2008 #2,709

I hate computers, I posted this earlier, but fp ate it.

I'm confused because I'm a bit unclear as to what fan art is versus what sheepie is talking about. I know I'm pathetic, but fan art isn't something I know anything about.

12/1/2008 #2,710
Fractured Illusion

Fan art is art of someone else's character.

A character from your own story = original art

A character from someone elses story = fan art

We are not dealing with fan art.

12/1/2008 #2,711

Ok. Well assuming the person is not requesting fan art (Here it does not seem that way. More like ppl asking for their own characters, but that are not in stories they have posted yet), then I think it's fine. Unless I'm still misunderstanding.

12/1/2008 #2,712
Fractured Illusion

I guess we will have to wait til she comes back and responds, mini.

In the meantime: the contests.

I would prefer if we opened the Writing Challenge in January. How about it?

And for stories, what is max word count? 1000 words? 1500? Or 2000?

12/2/2008 #2,713

I think opening in January is a good idea. As for word ocunt I dunno since I dunno what a normal length for a story is. Sorry!

12/2/2008 #2,714
Fractured Illusion

Its okay mini, I know that area is foreign to you :P

For the rest of you guys, I have no sympathy!

And Spamming Olympics. Open in January too? (since only one person actually opposed)

12/2/2008 #2,715

@Writing challenge contest:

I think the max. word count should be 1500...then people who prefer reading shorter stuff or poetry won't be overwhelmed, but there's enough space to include a decent mini-plot and story line.


12/2/2008 #2,716

@Writing challenge

I think the max should be 2000 to give those wordy people a bit of leeway. :P

12/3/2008 #2,717
Nicki BluIs

i say 2000 for the max. 2000 well written words is not alot so nobody should feel overwhelmed. and it is a challenge for the writer to get his/her point across in such a short space so everybody wins!

12/3/2008 #2,718

I think I'm supposed to post here....

I'd like to be added tot he list for the artists to be commisioned to draw pistures for authors. I draw in an anime/cartoonish look, and my tools are mainly pencil and paper. I do color, but I have no way to touch things up (no photoshop, or any such things). Not real preference on what I draw. I'm better as females, I can draw couples, and anthro. My weakness is bulky men (really, men in general), and backgrounds that onvolve a lot of in depth details. I'm good at children and women. I have a deviant art, my user name is Girl-Of-Roses-Hanna.

12/4/2008 #2,719
Fractured Illusion

Please write in the manner the other artists did (one paragraph for each subject, and also bold the subject word)

12/4/2008 #2,720
Fractured Illusion

OT 18 will start soon- lets think of names!

Off Topic - Legal!

12/4/2008 #2,721

Off Topic - Can't Touch Children!

Off Topic - Wasted!

12/4/2008 #2,722

Off Topic- Infomercial Ordering

Off Topic- I die for my country, but not drink (kinda long and only applies the US, but still thought it should be mentioned...)

12/5/2008 #2,723

Off Topic - Voters R' Us

Off Topic - Rock The Vote

Off Topic - Learn Your Limit (Drinking limit before the drink needs defenestration [haha!] from your body)

12/5/2008 #2,724
Fractured Illusion

Frac votes:

For "Legal" and "Voters R' Us"

12/5/2008 #2,725

Radio votes for Voters R' Us.

(And looks totally selfish doing so. :( heheh)

12/5/2008 #2,726
Fractured Illusion

Meh its the best option so far anyways XD

12/5/2008 #2,727

[cos OT is married now] Ooh! Frac! I didn't get to say goodbye! :(

12/5/2008 #2,728
Fractured Illusion

Voters R Us it is! :D

12/5/2008 #2,729
Fractured Illusion

Say goodbye in new OT!

12/5/2008 #2,730
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