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Fractured Illusion

[RG = Review Game / FP = FictionPress / PM = Private Message / WCC = Writing Challenge Contest / OT = Off Topic]


Here goes any of your problems and/or questions about the Review Game Forum overall that you feel weren't made clear in the "Read This First!" post or in any other place. All problems/questions about all topics featured on this forum belongs here.

Problems or questions about Fictionpress also goes in this topic. Although we are not the ones ruling this site, team effort may help you get solutions.


Go here. If a question you find frequently asked is not answered there, you can ask for it to be included. You ask for it to be included in this thread.


A typical problem is whether a review is legit or not. This is to be brought in here, where the moderators compare the uncertain review to the review requirements. When you make such a post, do these things:

1) Tell who made the review, and to whom the review was for (story title included)

2) Tell which thread and post

3) Copy and paste the review

4) Link to the review, if you know how.

Users who have review debt need to post in this thread to say they have completed their review, and what they reviewed and by whom (chapter number included, if more than one exists).


If you are banned and wondering what you have to do to be let back in, please view this post. Contact is to be with either simpleplan13 regarding these issues. However this information should have been sent to you in a PM before you were banned, so be sure to check your inbox for it.

If you are not in that post, it means you got banned because of WCC . Check the latest month you participated in to see who you need to review.

[PM = Private Message WCC = Writing Challenge Contest]


The FP help page: Here

If they do not respond there, go to this page. It's for the sister-site Fanfictionnet.


Threads have a maximum amount of posts, and it ends at post #5000. After that a new OT is to be made, but that usually takes some time due to different time zones. Post in Celebrate while no new OT is open. Even if a mod is present a new OT might not be made, because OTs are made in a certain rotating order (Frac, Mini, Potter, Sparkles). If one of those mods do not make a new OT within 2 days, the next mod in line will do it.

[OT = Off Topic]


If you want, you can manually type in the different HTML codes, in which case, please visit taerkitty's helpful thread FAQ: Help! I Can't Make Separate Paragraphs in Forum Posts, belonging to her forum About FictionPress: Peer Help for New Users.


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11/11/2007 . Edited by lookingwest, 7/14/2013 #1
Terrance Riverdarb
Okay, I know I seriously should have asked this before the forum was moved, but I didn't think of it. What if, for the easy fix, I can't think of anything I do/don't like? Would I be allowed to post two of the other instead?
11/11/2007 #2
yes - four of something you did/didn't seems like an equal exchange for two you liked and two you didn't like... but if you say four things you didn't like, just make sure it doesn't sound like a flame... ^_^;; -Lefty
11/11/2007 #3
Fractured Illusion
Yes, I second Lefty's notion! But you should try really hard to come up with at least ONE thing of the liked/didn't like :P The four one is the last way out! ^^
11/11/2007 #4
Fractured Illusion
I have a problem concerning the Review Marathon!! I wanna participate, I really, really do! But I don't want to win it! ;_; Can I participate, but if I accidentally win, the person that comes second takes my spot? We could blame it on me having to do it for PR-related matters or something :P (me being boss and all...) Pwease? With a cherry on top? *puppy eyes*
1/25/2008 #5
Esther Jade
I just wanted to know, for the review marathon, how do we make links to the forum?
1/25/2008 #6
Fractured Illusion
Well, either you just copy and paste the link on your profile. Though, to make something clickable, here are the instructions (I'll add it to the Review Marathon post afterwards): 0. Open your profile editor ("Log in" - "Profile") 1. Write the word that you want to be clickable. In my profile, I used Review Marathon. 2. Select those two words 3. Click the last icon on your editor's menu bar. It is named "Insert/Edit a hyperlink" 4. Copy the adress for the forum topic in where the "Adress" goes. On the line under, write "Review Marathon" 5. Click Ok 6. Click "Save changes" Now there is a hyperlink on your profile, aka clickable words.
1/25/2008 #7
Okay, now that I read the proper thing. If you want to solve it, according to me, winners have their say. You do what you like with the prize as long as you don't wreck it in some weird way. That's that.
1/25/2008 #8
Fractured Illusion
Well, doing what I want with it sounds a tad too extreme. That way, I could give it away to some other participant, which would be unfair to the other participants.... Hmm... If one gives it away, it will be given away to a non-participant. Sounding fair? And if you don't give it away, and dont want it, the runner-up gets it! Good? Bad? Digi-evolve?
1/25/2008 #9
I think it should be passed onto the runner up... What makes you think you're gonna win anyway *shifts into annoying super competetive mode* That thare be fightin' talk Frac!
1/25/2008 #10
Fractured Illusion
Oh please, hun. I KNOW I will win without even trying. Such are my l33t skills. On a serious note, though, I want this issue settled just in case. And okay. To the runner-up. Anyone disagree? No? Can I register now? :D *excited*
1/25/2008 #11
go right ahead and register. if you win... uh... we'll just acknowledge this request and pass it on to the second place winner. XD the review marathon should be more about spreading the review love (and ADVERTISING!) than winning the prize. :) -Lefty
1/25/2008 #12
Fractured Illusion
Yay! Thanks! Beucase that is what I wanna do! Spread the love (and ADVERTISE!)! Yaaay!
1/25/2008 #13
Okay. I'll answer the problem thing here then. Even if they know it was for the marathon, we still reviewed according to easy fix rules anyway. They get an decent-ish review. There's a lot of people out there that review for - ??? that's the point - no clue. Maybe to tell people "I liked yours now read mine". And does it make a difference without the tag?
1/26/2008 #14
Fractured Illusion
What concon is referring to is the now deleted message in the Review Marathon that Detox made: [q]Wouldn't telling the person you reviewed that you are participating in the Review Marathon...just give them the idea that it was the only reason you bothered clicking on their story in the first place?[/q] And yes: we basically ARE only reviewing them for the Review Marathon. This is about quantity and spreading the review love, and getting people engaged in that. Like concon said, they will get decent reviews, too, so I don't see any difference. I mean, we would still only review them for the sake of the Review Marathon, with or without the advertisement. But having it with benefits more, as more people get to know it, so next time, we can have a bunch more participants to spread the review love.
1/26/2008 #15
I think it makes a difference because some people take that as an insult... such as: "Wow you wouldn't have bothered reading it had you not been in the marathon." edit: took awhile to try to word what I wanted to say (didn't get it all)... was replying to concerto's post...
1/26/2008 . Edited 1/26/2008 #16
Personally I believe by chance I would have read it anyway or then by chance I might not. More like if I review so much in marathon, I'll review less later. It just balances out. It's sort of like playing games the whole day or playing a bit each day. But as to the tag, I just have no opinion - actually we did that for review revolution. Maybe we shouldn't say marathon - something that sounds less "insulting". And, well Narc left again, never continued the C2 thing. Oh well.
1/26/2008 #17
Fractured Illusion
I don't particularly care how sensitive people are. Getting insulted just of something like that? They are given good reviews, acknowledging both a good and a bad side of their story. What is the problem? You forget that the main purpose of this is to have fun and spread the review love. And I see nothing wrong with how it is executed. We advertise it in the review so that they hopefully will join in too some other day. We have 8 participants now. These 8 will probably have a 10 point average each AT LEAST. This means 80 reviews from the Review Marathon on Sunday. Reviews that are decent, too. I see no problem.
1/26/2008 #18
It's not about sensitivity really... I can't really explain what I mean.
1/26/2008 #19
Fractured Illusion
Then how are we supposed to understand your point? @concon- Less insulting? It is CALLED the Review Marathon. I will not change the name just because someone takes offense it. It's mad! We are GIVING AWAY reviews. What is wrong? Insulting? Really? Isn't it just like getting a surprise? "Hey person! I CHOSE to review you! Out of a whole bunch of writers on this site, I chose YOU!" No one would review a story they wouldn't be half interested in anyway! I won't go to the "Kids" section just because its the Review Marathon. Like concon said, it'll balance out too.
1/26/2008 . Edited 1/26/2008 #20
Perhaps you're saying it's too explicit? Like having to say if you want to join follow the link and this from the review marathon, etc is a bit hectic and will get to people's nerves? @Frac - "Person I choose you" - reminds me of Pokemon from years back.
1/26/2008 #21
Fractured Illusion
People can word their "ad" however they want. Freedom of speech or whatever it is called amongst them yankers... But do you have a suggestion, concon, as to what is "not insulting"? "Heya, I'm from the Review Marathon (link in profile), and I just wanted to say that your story" blablabla How is that offensive?
1/26/2008 #22
Now that you started Frac, can you give me (and everyone) and example (since I don't think it explicitly stated in the rules) of what the review should look like. Probably: TAGLINE POINT 1 - ... POINT 2 - ... Perhaps you could create a standard way of the ad, so it's all the same, no insults and arguments.
1/26/2008 #23
The internet is not a country. But anyway...It also reminds me of those random people who read something (or don't even) and give a generic review while throwing in a "you should read my story insertnamehere" at the end.
1/26/2008 #24
Fractured Illusion
Rule 8 is regarding advertisement. There are two requirements: Mention the Review Marathon, and have a link to it in the profile. Not a link to the Review Game, unless you mention it in the review. And I don't know really how to make a tagline to fit all. Some might want to start with mentioning the Review Marathon, some might want to end the review mentioning it. I really think saying something like "blabla Review Marathon (link on my profile)" is enough. Examples: "It's the day of the Review Marathon! Woot! (link in profile)" "Coming at you from the Review Marathon (link in profile)!" "- Frac, from the Review Marathon (link in profile)"
1/26/2008 #25
@Detox - that's self promotion to begin with. It's like making money and helping others for free. @Frac - Detox made a good point though. If we had to check for quantity - we need to also check for validity - in the sense if all or like high number of reviews someone does is just generic - then doesn't count. To the point, might even have to check relevance to story. Or else, the number would possibly just be about limit that FP sets - something like 1 per 3 minutes including copy and paste? It just means click and paste the predefined lines.
1/26/2008 #26
Thanks for replying to my inquiry. But I have another question - - If a story you will review has, let's say, 20 chapters - and you give each chapter of a single story a review, will that count as 20 points? Or the count will be 1 review PER STORY?
1/26/2008 #27
Review Marathon Event - refer to link in profile. (It's fully objective there) - saving this for tomorrow, copying and pasting that is legal. @hiro - it's 1 per chapter - should say 1 per entry anyway. That means you have to read all the 20 and then review them as per rules, meaning same thing. I don't think it makes it easier or harder.
1/26/2008 #28
Fractured Illusion
Me and the other examinators will look through the reviews. Copy and paste will not count. I'll better go and add that to the first post. @Detox - Those people are fishing for reviews themselves. Aka; a selfish purpose. We are fishing for spreading the review love. A collective purpose. Obviously you don't agree with this either way, and I don't agree with you, so...yeah. I think this is helping beginner authors, you think it insults them. We can't really get anywhere past this point. So: Tell us WHAT it is you wish to create with this argument so we can discuss that instead.
1/26/2008 #29
Fractured Illusion
@Hiro - Points are per REVIEW, not story, see rule 3 :)
1/26/2008 #30
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