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So, did you read the rules before playing The Review Game? And the review requirements in the first post of this topic?
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Fractured Illusion

This is the place to come if you want reviews for a poem, and the review type is "depth", aka more substance and more constructive.

For Review Game rules and some fun facts, go to "Read this first!".


FAQ: » Two or more people have reviewed the same person! What happens now? Answer


Moving on, this is the basic structure of the Review Game:

Person 1 says: Review "My Lucky Dream"!

Person 2 says: Ok, I reviewed "My Lucky Dream", ch 1 . So can the next person please review "Stereotypes" or "Window"?

Person 3 says: Done (I did "Window", chapter 4), so can the next person review "Stranger"? Thanks.

This means the first one to post here doesn't have to review another person. Aka, first to come gets a freebie. So, hurry!


For Poem Depth, your review needs to fulfill these requirements, otherwise you will not be seen as someone who has fulfilled their obligation and you can thus not participate.


Choose at least four of these and comment upon with at least two sentences. In other words: A minimum of 8 sentences total is required. Comments like "That was totally cool, update!" or "I want to read more" does not constitute as a sentence that is to be counted, in this case.

Also, each sentence must comment on something different in the area. For example, 'I really enjoyed the piece. I thought it was very enjoyable' does not count as two sentences. "I really enjoyed the piece. It was enjoyable because I could relate to the characters' is acceptable.

-Flow (ie, did it feel "chunky" and without much connection? A sloppy delivery? Easy to follow? How so?)

-Descriptions/images (Were the descriptions and images in the piece well done? Were they too common descriptions? Did they hit spot on? Effective? Dull? How so? Did the writer use symbolism, personification, etc. well)

-Word choice (were the word choices blending well together? Were some parts too intelligent while others too common? Could some words be replaced by others for more strength in the delivering of a point? How so?)

-Enjoyment (did you like it/dislike it? How did you feel reading this? Bored? Why? Was the direction the poem went for appreciated by you? How so?)

-Subject (what did you think about the main subject of the poem? Could you even interpret it? Was the obtuse nature appreciated? Did you like how straight forward it was? Clichéd? Didn't bring any original points? Suggestions on improvement? How so?)

-Word Play (How did the writer use alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, etc. in the piece?)

-Tone (How was the writer's attitude or the mood of the poem? Did it influence your response to the piece? Was it expected or original?)

-Rhythm (Was there a definite rhythm? Was it jarring, or was it smooth? Did it enhance the poem, or did it detract from it?)

-Punctuation and grammar (Were there any grammatical or spelling errors? Did the writer use incorrect punctuation/grammar intentionally? If so, did it work well?) Note: Pointing out an absence of flaws does not count.

-Technical Aspects (Did the writer use syntax, enjambment or repetition effectively?)

-Form (Was there a set rhyme scheme or poem category? If so, did the writer follow them well and did it work in the piece? Were the stanzas organized well?)

-Other (Anything you felt was left out from the other comments? Any areas you think weren't covered by the above categories?)

Note: Summary and/or title is not a category of its own. Neither is descriptions. The latter belongs to "Writing".



Here is a suggested way to format your review in order make sure it fits the qualifications.

[Area 1 from above] = Two sentences about this

[Area 2 from above] = Two sentences about this

[Area 3 from above] = Two sentences about this

[Area 4 from above] = Two sentences about this

Please remember that you do not need to make your review in this structure. It can be one flowing text, like how you usually review, and after writing what you had to say, compare with the requirements and see if you fulfilled them. Otherwise, just add what is "missing". No need to be so formal unless you don't want to. And remember that flaming is prohibited.


11/11/2007 . Edited 1/16/2011 #1
Could someone please read one of my poems in Place of Truth.
11/11/2007 #2
read the first one! "even if i scream," please... :) -Lefty
11/11/2007 #3
A Perfect Sonnet
I reviewed "Even If I Scream." If someone would review [s:2437543:A History Of Why People Leave], that would be fantastic. Don't be afraid of the constructive criticism with me, this is one that I'm really looking for opinions on. Thank you!
11/12/2007 #4
I reviewed 'A History of Why People Leave'. It was awesome and very descriptive and metaphorical. Would someone please review 'Promise Me'. It's not long or complicated, and I dont need a complicated in-depth review, just for someone to read it. Thanks all! X--hime1221
11/26/2007 #5
done "promise me." "a self tour" or "even if i scream" please! :) -Lefty
12/3/2007 #6
I reviewed your "even if I scream." can someone review my poem "hysterics?" (i hope I am using this posting board right.. my first time :))
1/4/2008 #7
Midnight In Eden
I reviewed Hysterics. I'd like some feedback on The NonEpitaph thanks:)
1/4/2008 #8
Otseis Ragnarok
Reviewed The NonEpitaph, it was alright... Sweet Saccharine, anyone? Much appreciated.
1/23/2008 #9
Militant Poet
Alright, I reviewed Sweet Saccharine. If somebody would like to review Moonlight that would be excellent, or any other poem on my page really. I'm not picky.
1/28/2008 #10
Midnight In Eden
I reviewed Moonlight. Could someone take a look at either Did I mention? or Rewind, Slow Motion Technical and content suggestions are much appreciated.
1/28/2008 #11
I reviewed Rewind, Slow Motion... Could someone please review... Overtime.. My most recent piece thanks
1/31/2008 #12
Otseis Ragnarok
Uhh... I was going to leave more of a review, but I accidentally clicked submit review... but I guess it was enough, but I still feel bad... I wanted to leave more, but I guess it'll have to do... sorry, panties. I guess It's me now, unless boss lady wants to say something... Review Sweet Saccharine if you please.
2/5/2008 #13
Question since I'm new to this... am I allowed to review you now or does it have to be someone else?
2/5/2008 #14
Fractured Illusion
--- OFF TOPIC! --- You are allowed to review anyone who is participating in the game. Though, next time you make an off topic post, please take consideration for Rule 12 in the Read This First! topic. --- END OF OFF TOPIC! --- Sweet Saccharine by Otseis is still up
2/5/2008 #15
--- OFF TOPIC! --- I is sawwy.... I think my brain stopped registering the rules halfway through.. lol --- END OF OFF TOPIC! --- Sweet Saccharine by Otseis is still up
2/5/2008 #16
I reviewed Sweet Saccharine by Otseis... I would appreciate it if someone would review Overtime or Harmless... they're both two (very similar) chapters... The second one is thew editted version, but if you wanna look at both id love you forever and ever...
2/9/2008 #17
Midnight In Eden
I've already looked at Overtime so I reviewed the second chapter of Harmless because it was a definite improvement on the first chapter. I'd love it if someone took a look at either Cato as a Prank or Portraiture.
2/13/2008 #18
Otseis Ragnarok
Portraiture done... It got me thinking... Something Higher if you please...
2/13/2008 #19
Midnight In Eden
Reviewed Something Higher. I'd love it if someone took a look at [s:2476192:The Feminine Mystique at Midnight]. It is more of a prose poem than anything else and I'd like to get some more feedback on it. If you're not up to that, then either [s:2469784:Rear Window] or [s:2471808:Cato as a Prank].
2/17/2008 #20
Please Review my horrible Novel: Deep Waters
2/18/2008 #21
Seigetsu Ren
-OFF TOPIC- Sorry, Karnipa, but I was just wondering, isn't Deep Waters a prose, not poem? You may be in the wrong section here. Hope that helps -END OFF TOPIC- sorry, mods. I'm not sure who is up for reviewing now...
2/18/2008 #22
Midnight in Eden's "The Feminine Mystique at Midnight" (preferred) "Rear Window," or "Cato as a prank" are up. -Lefty
2/18/2008 #23
doctor's diagnosis
I R&R-ed "the Feminine Mystique at Midnight", but my review didn't meet the standards, so I did "Cato as a Prank" properly. Could someone read [s:2478980:Little Vampires] for me? Or if you're not really into cutting undertones, perhaps [s:2477668:I'll See You Again]? I'll see you again is more of a song really, by the way.
2/23/2008 . Edited 3/8/2008 #24
I reviewed "I'll see you again". Nice piece. Could someone give "Authenticity" ( a little love? Thanks~!
2/25/2008 . Edited 2/25/2008 #25
I reviewed Authenticity... could someone review [s:2479614:My Prince] please?
2/25/2008 #26
Magnus Wolfbane
Reviewed "My prince" Will someone please read and review any of my poems.
2/26/2008 #27
Fractured Illusion
-- OFF TOPIC -- Again, Magnus, your review do not fill the review requirements. Read the first post if you wish to play. -- END OF OFF TOPIC -- It's [s:2479614:My Prince] by simpleplan13
2/26/2008 #28
reviewed "My Prince" Any poem from my page please? =) Thanks! ~silv3rdr34ms
2/26/2008 #29
doctor's diagnosis
I reviewed Farewell, excellent poem. Could someone do [s:2479918:Pretending]? Or any other of my more recent poems would be apreciated.
2/27/2008 #30
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