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So, did you read the rules before playing The Review Game? And the review requirements in the first post of this topic?
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2 No
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"The Sylvian Outlaws" read and reviewed. I wish I could write like that. "Experiment Thirteen", please?
2/21/2008 #271
Experiment thirteen is done The Last Summer please!
2/21/2008 #272
Last Summer is done. I like your writing style. "Sourceworks," please.
2/22/2008 #273
Checked out "Sourceworks." Read and review either 'Guns for Hire' or 'Unknown Contact'
2/22/2008 #274
Reviewed 'Unknown Contact.' A solid start, I look forward to reading more. "Sourceworks."
2/22/2008 #275
asylum writer
Reviewed "Sourceworks." Review anything you want.
2/22/2008 #276
Did 'The Truth About McDonalds.' "Sourceworks."
2/22/2008 #277
read sourceworks. :) princess, please! (since i just updated. XD) -Lefty
2/22/2008 #278
Read Princess. Somehow, I always do. I should leave it for someone else next time... Anyway, read whatever you want.
2/22/2008 #279
Read "Luck's Got Nothing to Do With It" "Sourceworks."
2/22/2008 #280
read april fool's. even though it's NOT april fool's. XD princess, please! -Lefty
2/22/2008 #281
agh, it happened again. okay, freaky owes lucien a review on "sourceworks." my princess is up. :) thanks! -Lefty
2/22/2008 #282
------OFF TOPIC-------- Lefty, we really have to stop meeting like this. ------------------------ Next up is 'Princess' by Imalefty
2/22/2008 #283
Sentance Winder
Read princess and reviewd. Some one please read "Ominous Emnity" Thank you. Sentance~
2/22/2008 #284
Done Omninous Emnity Charms Chpt 2 again please.
2/22/2008 #285
read charms. princess, please! (and if you absolutely can't, any of my others will do.) thanks! -Lefty
2/23/2008 #286
did "princess" <3 "Dragon" <-(updated if that's any motivation), "Lady" or "Marquis" pretty please
2/23/2008 . Edited 2/24/2008 #287
Did Marquis. Looking forward to reading 'Dragon' next. "Sourceworks" please.
2/24/2008 #288
Ghost Love Score
Read "Sourceworks" (very sophisticated writing-you should be proud) "Beautiful words" please. I'd like some advice on how to continue.
2/25/2008 #289
Reviewed the first chapter of 'Beautiful Words.' You've got some potential there, but it needs some revision too. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help! "Sourceworks" please.
2/25/2008 #290
Otseis Ragnarok
Sourceworks done. Liked it. [h]The Last Angel[/h] , if you please...
2/26/2008 #291
Magnus Wolfbane
Reviewed ^-^ Will someone please review "A world apart" Or any of my other stories.
2/26/2008 #292
Fractured Illusion
-- OFF TOPIC -- @Magnus Wolfbane, your review do not meet the review requirements at all. Check the first post. You have to write at least two sentences about 4 different areas. Thus your review is not counted, and you are not a player of the game. This is a common mistake people do at the start, so don't feel discouraged :) -- END OF OFF TOPIC The Last Angel by Otseis Ragnarok is up
2/26/2008 #293
sleep is overrated
Reviewed "The Last Angel" Very descriptive and one of the most unforgetable intros ever! Anyone want to tackle "The Legion of Karabor" please? --OFF TOPIC-- You can review a chapter --END OF OFF TOPIC--
2/26/2008 #294
reviewed "the legion of karabor." fix the summary and you've got a good story. XD princess if you can, anything else if you can't. thanks! :) -Lefty
2/26/2008 #295
Esther Jade
Done "Princess". "Heart of the Driechtnacht", please. Thanks!
2/26/2008 #296
Done "Heart of the Driechtnacht" I only have one story, it's long but please let me know what you think. "Stories of the Mind" CH. 1 or CH. 2
2/27/2008 #297
The Sun and Shadow
Reviewed Ch. 1 of "Stories of the Mind". Nicely done! "Magic and Lyrics" or "Our Hate is all we Have", please and thanks.
2/27/2008 #298
did "magic and lyrics" nice beginning "dragon" please, or 'lady' or 'marquis'
2/27/2008 #299
reviewed "dragon." :) princess if you can, any other story if you can't. thanks! -Lefty
2/27/2008 . Edited 2/27/2008 #300
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