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So, did you read the rules before playing The Review Game? And the review requirements in the first post of this topic?
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2 Yes
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reviewed 'Marquis'. Very good dialogue! "Stories of the Mind" Chapter 1 (part one or two), or chapter 2. Thank you.
2/27/2008 #301
"Stories of the Mind' Chapter 1 pt. 1 "Sourceworks." please
2/27/2008 #302
--OFF TOPIC-- there were two reviews given to sugaplumprincess, so just to let her know... she owes me a review. :) --END OFF TOPIC-- story to be reviewed: sourceworks by lucien. -Lefty
2/27/2008 #303
Reviewed 'Sourceworks' Please review either, "The Flowers," or "Brother David," I would love a review for either. Or both, if you're ambitious! : ) Thank you.
2/28/2008 #304
Heatless Flame
Hi! I'll take care of Brother David, could I get a review for "Blade of Baikon"?
2/28/2008 #305
I took care of Blade of Baikon - Chapter: 1, could someone look at You Were the One - Short Story, or Sands of Time? Thanks. If you go to review you were the one, be fore warned there's one that's a poem and one that's a story.. you want the one that's not listed as poetry.
2/28/2008 #306
Reviewed [s:1994456:Sands_of_Time] Please review [s:2456078:The_Rendezvous]
2/28/2008 #307
Reviewed: The Rendezvous "Goddess of the gates" please? Thank you Kaiyako
2/28/2008 #308
Reviewed "Goddess Of The Gates". "Mommy's on the Radio", latest chapter (there's only two!) please.
2/29/2008 #309
Um, i gave a really long review...and it filled the criteria...can it count? Are you satisfied, oh whore of the most delicious substance on earth? Well, I'm hoping you are.... Phoenix please!
2/29/2008 #310
reviewed "phoenix." :) princess, please! (and if you can't... well, that's only one of you... then any of my other stories will be fine.) thanks! -Lefty
2/29/2008 #311
Done "Princess Charming" "Goddess Of The Gates" Please? Kaiyako K.
2/29/2008 #312
reviewed "goddess of the gates." princess if you can, anything else if you absolutely can't. :) thanks! -Lefty
2/29/2008 #313
C.M.F Wright
Chapter 3 Princess read and reviewed! :) "The Sylvian Outlaws" if possible... if not, anything else. Thank you!
2/29/2008 #314
Poena Sensus
The Sylvian Outlaws has been read and reviewed I would like you someone to read the story titled as NOTHING thank you
3/1/2008 #315
Reviewed [s:2477742:Nothing] Worth reading. Please review [s:2409355:Kims_Story]
3/1/2008 #316
Esther Jade
Read "Kim's Story". [s:2451223:Heart of the Driechtnacht], please. Thanks!
3/2/2008 #317
did "Heart of the Driechtnacht" yay for explanations! "dragon" please or "lady"
3/3/2008 #318
artificial destiny
did dragon great piece! nothing but stories in the end (3rd chapter pls?) thank you! -artificial destiny
3/3/2008 #319
Did "Nothing But Stories In The End" (but only chap. 2!) "Mommy's on the Radio", chap. 2 if possible.
3/4/2008 #320
Did "Mommy's on the Radio" ch 2 :D "Dragon" (ch 3) or "Lady" pretty please
3/4/2008 #321
Reviewed "Lady". Fantastic. "Mommy's on the Radio" (ch. 2) please.
3/5/2008 #322
Reviewed "Mommy's on the Radio" "Press Restart Take Two" please
3/5/2008 #323
Otseis Ragnarok
Read "Press Restart Take Two" Nice... "The Last Angel", if you would...
3/6/2008 #324
Sentance Winder
Reviewed the last angel Very Unique Belrodna chapter 2 please, chapter 1 is not actual story. Thanks Sentance.
3/6/2008 . Edited 3/6/2008 #325
l. fayette
Reviewed Belrodna. [u]Ascending Dawn[/u] please. PS-how do you link something?
3/6/2008 #326
Reviewed "Ascending Dawn". Lovely! "Mommy's on the Radio" please.
3/6/2008 #327
read "mommy's on the radio" - :) princess if you can, anything else if you can't. :) thanks! -Lefty
3/6/2008 #328
l. fayette
reviewed Princess Charming. Ascending Dawn if you please.
3/6/2008 #329
did "Ascending Dawn" very good! 'dragon' ch 3 or 4, or 'lady' if you must
3/7/2008 #330
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