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So, did you read the rules before playing The Review Game? And the review requirements in the first post of this topic?
1 Yes
2 No
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reviewed "dragon"... last chapter. PLEASE DO ONE MORE!!! XD princess... it's done, so i'd like some feedback on the end... if you can... >_> thanks! -Lefty
3/7/2008 #331
asylum writer
"Princess" done. edit OFF TOPIC Never mind, I though I was on easy fix, but it's depth. Sorry! So someone still has to review Princess, right? END OFF TOPIC
3/7/2008 . Edited 3/7/2008 #332
okay... so, reviewed "princess" ah is it really over? t.t "dragon" ch 3 or 4, or "lady" if u can't(won't) do dragon
3/7/2008 #333
Reviewed "Dragon". "Mommy's on the Radio", ch. 2 if you can!
3/8/2008 #334
loves him
did 'E Flat Minor'. Woww. What a great oneshot (or two shot i guess) can someone do 'Three Guys in One Coffee Cup' (EDIT: ergh, I guess that it takes me a while to read, because three ppl have already reviewed imalefty)
3/8/2008 . Edited 3/8/2008 #335
Fractured Illusion
--- OFF TOPIC --- Due to complications: [b]Lefty[/b] , you owe a review to [b]loves him[/b] . [b]Kinderwhore[/b] is next player. --- END OF OFF TOPIC ---- [b]Kinderwhore[/b] is up with her story [i]"Mommy's on the Radio"[/i] , preferably ch 2
3/9/2008 . Edited 3/9/2008 #336
-- OFF TOPIC -- just to let you know, the review has been given. :) -- END OFF TOPIC -- Kinderwhore is still up with "Mommy's on the Radio" - chapter 2 if you can. -Lefty
3/9/2008 #337
Otseis Ragnarok
Read "Mommy's on the Radio", only chapter one, though... Someone read "Together" for me, and if not, then Dream Angel, but only if you'll go up to chapter 5...
3/10/2008 #338
l. fayette
reviewed Together. interesting. Ascending Dawn if you would.
3/10/2008 #339
Otseis Ragnarok
[b]OFF TOPIC[/b] Umm... I'm not sure you're review fits the requirements... [b]END OF OFF TOPIC[/b] I don't really know the procedures from here on, but I think I'm still on the block... right?
3/11/2008 . Edited 3/11/2008 #340
A. James Robin
I got it covered- I read both "Together" and "Ascending Dawn". (Now everyone's happy, yes?) Please read "The Only Summer That Mattered". (It's a one-hit right now, but with more chapters to come in the future.)
3/11/2008 #341
did 'the only summer that mattered' 'dragon' chapters 3 or 4; or 'lady' either chapter
3/11/2008 #342
Reviewed: "Lady" Chapter 1. For me, either "The Other Half" or "The Manor." It doesn't matter.
3/12/2008 #343
Reviewed "The Manor". "Mommy's on the Radio", ch 2 preferably.
3/12/2008 #344
Done [i]Mommy's on the Radio[/i] Can someone do [i]Star Crossed[/i] please? =)
3/12/2008 #345
Did Star Crossed Someone please do Faen's Brutality please.
3/12/2008 #346
Otseis Ragnarok
Read Faen's Brutality... Review Together, or the last Angel... Whichever you want...
3/13/2008 #347
Esther Jade
Done "Together". "Heart of the Driechtnacht", please. Thanks!
3/13/2008 #348
Done "Heart", first chapter. If there was a different chapter you wanted reviewed besides the first, just message me on here and I'll review that one as well. Please review: "You Were the One Short Story" Please note the story title includes short story, don't review the one entitled "You Were the One Revised" that's a poem that is unrelated.
3/13/2008 #349
did "you were the one short story" "dragon" ch 3 or 4, or either chapter of "lady" please
3/13/2008 #350
Hi did Lady Could someone have a look at The Last Summer please?
3/14/2008 #351
A.S. Leer
I did one chap of 'Last Summer' for ting. Now if someone could do 'Memories of Life are Fading', which has zero reviews, I would love them forever.
3/15/2008 #352
read "memories." :) "mary sue," please, since i just posted it yesterday and could use some good feedback. thanks! -Lefty
3/15/2008 #353
C.M.F Wright
Read "Mary Sue" - nicely done :) "The Sylvian Outlaws," please (preferably ch 4, but it's up to you, and I totally understand if you can't)
3/15/2008 #354
read "the sylvian outlaws." great as always. :) "mary sue" again, please. thanks! -Lefty
3/15/2008 #355
Uh oh... I just reviewed "Memories of Life are Fading" intending for the review game --it took me like an hour or so to write up the review, and when I come back here two people have already posted. What do I do? o_0 Should I review someone else's?
3/15/2008 #356
Fractured Illusion
--- OFF TOPIC --- Since you wrote a review for the RG, you are owed a review back by [b]Arianna[/b] . :) But you won't be next up, since that is too confusing and leaves the participant above you out of the game. Thus: [b] Arianna[/b] , review [b]Audy[/b] --- END OF OFF TOPIC --- [b]Imalefty[/b] is up with [i]Mary Sue[/i]
3/15/2008 . Edited 3/15/2008 #357
I read "Mary Sue." Will someone please read "Bring On The Rain" for me? Be harsh!
3/15/2008 #358
Be harsh? Now that's an invitation I can never refuse! :p Reviewed 'Bring on the Rain.' "Sourceworks" if possible, but 'Masquerade' is ok too.
3/15/2008 #359
Deimus Maxiran
Posted a review for sourceworks. Can someone take a look at "Tree of Eden" for me? Thanks :D
3/15/2008 #360
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