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So, did you read the rules before playing The Review Game? And the review requirements in the first post of this topic?
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I did Curse of Moon. Needs some editing, but it'll be good. Palphor's Crystal please! I just changed it from its previous format: Instead of breaking it up into six chapters, I just posted it in its original format of two. It feels long to me now, so I hope you dont get tired ;) Thanks!
3/23/2008 #421
Done [i][b]"Palphor's Crystal"[/b] [/i] Chapter Six [i][b]"Letting Go"[/b] [/i] please. Thanks, [u]-Kaiyako K.[/u]
3/23/2008 #422
LG done! ^^ Chapter two, because it is new--would you? Or chapter one will also do. ^^
3/23/2008 #423
--- OFF TOPIC --- I am an idiot. I forgot to skip to page 9, and reviewed "Princess" from the bottom of page 1. Ah well, there's a freebie for ya :) --- END OF OFF TOPIC ---
3/23/2008 . Edited 3/23/2008 #424
Fractured Illusion
--- OFF TOPIC --- [b]@BlindmansWorkshop[/b] - I am not sure what purpose your post have, but since you reviewed for the RG, I am sure [b]Lefty[/b] would give you a review back (if your given review met the review requirements) so PM her about this. But you have not reviewed [b]Asherah Seirei[/b] , so your post should be an off topic post like mine as you are not up next. --- END OF OFF TOPIC --- Review [b]Asherah Seirei[/b] wit this: (Ch. 2 preferred)
3/23/2008 . Edited 3/23/2008 #425
reviewed "bunraku seirei," only chapter one, though... sorry... :\ mary sue, please... thanks! -Lefty
3/27/2008 #426
did 'mary sue' ch 2 "dragon" (3,4, or 5) please, or 'lady' (ps. lefty, I put the epilogue up)
3/27/2008 #427
I did "Dragon!" Some holes but overall OK! Can someone do "Hail the Conquering Hero?", please?
3/27/2008 #428
YES! read the epilogue of "dragon." :) it was good. disappointing, though. (not really, but i'm still trying to guilt-trip her.) mary sue if you can, anything else if you can't. :) thanks! -Lefty
3/27/2008 #429
--OFF TOPIC-- it looks like we reviewed at the same time... so... [b]sugaplumprincess[/b] owes [b]Lady Myamei Gaua[/b] a review on [b]Hail the Conquering Hero[/b]. --END OFF TOPIC-- my "mary sue" or anything else if you can't. thanks! -Lefty
3/27/2008 #430
~OFF TOPIC~ jfyi reviewed "Hail the Conquering Hero?" and guilting isn't going to work lefty :P you guilted me into an epilogue and that's all you're getting for now! plus i really don't know what kind of closure you're looking for :P ha ~END~ still lefty's 'Mary Sue'
3/27/2008 #431
Done mary sue can someone please do A Destiny Unknown or any of my others stories thankies!
3/28/2008 #432
Done "Destiny Unknown" Chapter Seven ---> "Letting Go" Please. Thanks, Kaiyako K.
3/28/2008 . Edited 3/28/2008 #433
Fractured Illusion
--- OFF TOPIC --- Ack, ack. [b]WishIWasAnEagle[/b] , why are you not reviewing a mod properly? :P It's definitely something you can't get away with. As the game is continued though, please give [b]Imalefty[/b] another review for that story, this time following the review requirements in the first post carefully. Remember: This is depth. Not easy fix. Major difference. So: [b]WishIWasAnEagle[/b] will give [b]Imalefty[/b] another review for [i]Mary Sue[/i] that follows the review requirements. --- END OF OFF TOPIC --- [b]Kaiyako Kagami[/b] with [i]"Letting Go"[/i] (ch 7 prefered) is still up)
3/28/2008 #434
did "Letting Go" ch 7 Dragon ch 3,4, or 5 please, or Lady ch 2 (or earlier chaps if u must)
3/30/2008 #435
Did ch. 1 of Lady, onto ch 2 (will review that too!) Someone pop over to [s:2497270:The Secret Steps], please? Thanks! --- Off Topic --- (Once more, didn't follow strict format, but it still fits within the requirements of two sentences apiece for four different sections.) --- End Off Topic ---
3/30/2008 . Edited 3/30/2008 #436
Reviewed "The Secret Steps", and nice work on that too. :D I hope it helps. Please review Transcendental.
3/30/2008 #437
Right back atcha (following the criteria this time!) [b]NB:[/b] Just my luck; review hardcode decided to clip off half my review. I will PM the rest of it to you.) [s:2497270:The Secret Steps] again, por favor. --- Off Topic --- By the way, Tane (as I just figured this out for my own stuff): [ s : 2496912 : Transcendental ] without spaces... [s:2496912:Transcendental] Tada! Same process for any other story or for poetry. --- End Off-Topic ---
3/30/2008 . Edited 3/30/2008 #438
Esther Jade
Done "The Secret Steps" - Quite engrossing. "Heart of the Driechtnacht", please. Thanks!
3/31/2008 #439
Reviewed "Heart of the Driechtnacht"! I thought it was quite good, better than the fantasy ones a lot of people write. Hope you find it helpful! Hopefully, the reiew didn't cut it. Please review, [s:2496912:Transcendental]! I might rewrite it though. --Off Topic- Thanks, thefilmchick!
3/31/2008 #440
Otseis Ragnarok
Reviewed Transendental. Not quite sure I got it, though... Someone read [s:2485924:Together] , please.
3/31/2008 . Edited 3/31/2008 #441
Did Together. Hope some of what I said helped, and it'd definitely make an effective prologue to longer writing - let me know if it does get used as such! Back to (yes, again!) [s:2497270:The Secret Steps].
3/31/2008 #442
Done "The Secret Steps" Someone do "The Last Train" please.
3/31/2008 #443
Done! Ch.2 of [s:2497270:The Secret Steps] is up; would appreciate a review on the new chapter over there (also going to make a few stylistic corrections to the first part since some things have been appropriately pointed out!)
3/31/2008 . Edited 3/31/2008 #444
I did The secret steps The Last Summer please (chapter 2 onwards is preferred)
4/1/2008 #445
read "last summer." i missed so many updates... ;_; "mary sue," please. thanks! -Lefty
4/1/2008 #446
MS done. (Fungus! XD) Anything, please!
4/1/2008 #447
read bunraku seirei: midnight laine. oh, forgot to mention that i liked your title. :) mary sue... preferably chapter 2 or 3, since there are only 4 reviews on them combined. XD (yeah, 14 of my 18 reviews are on the first chapter... sad, right? XD) thank you! -Lefty
4/1/2008 #448
Just reviewed Mary Sue Can someone do "Final Goodbye" please.
4/1/2008 #449
Otseis Ragnarok
Read Final Goodbye.... I recommend it to all... Review anything, please.
4/2/2008 #450
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