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So, did you read the rules before playing The Review Game? And the review requirements in the first post of this topic?
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2 No
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read heart of the driechtnacht. princess, please! thanks! -Lefty
1/18/2008 #91
chewyy the moofin
Read princess! Nicely done. Could someone review The Third Wheel's Encumbrance? =D Please and thanks!
1/19/2008 #92
Me+ The Third Wheel's encumbrance= review Last Summer please/thank-you
1/19/2008 #93
I've done Third Wheel. Immortality or Fireside please.
1/19/2008 #94
Oh, looks like we reviewed at the same time, heh...I'd review Last Summer to make it sorta even, but I don't like MxM...sorry? Aw man, we messed up the game. Snrk.
1/19/2008 #95
No need for apologies. I'll do one of yours...then we can get back on track :)
1/19/2008 #96
Thanks. :)
1/19/2008 #97
just to clarify... i think the next story to be reviewed is KnittingKneedle's "Last Summer." correct me if i'm wrong. :) -Lefty
1/19/2008 #98
I believe you're right. Technically, two people should review Last Summer, as KnittingKneedle did Third Wheel and will do one of mine.
1/19/2008 #99
meh, that might slow up the one okay lefty? Immortality= done btw
1/19/2008 #100
Guys (not to add to the This is why there's that 'read this first' post) 10) Should it be, that in the rare case of two or more people reviewing your story (and posting), the person that got reviewed multiple times will review back. So, if two reviewed the same story, the author will review to the first of the two that posted. The last one is to be treated like a normal poster that is to be reviewed by a new one. Example: Person A posts. Person B reads, reviews and posts, shortly followed by C (that reviews A's story too). Person A will then review B back, and C will be treated like any normal participant, since he was last. So ... Chewwy needs to review KnittingKneedle. Neomonus is up to be reviewed.
1/19/2008 #101
I am confused. What is the story to be reviewed?
1/19/2008 #102
Sorry to be completley annoying...but Chewy has reveiwed my latest chapter and I've done arent we back to normal? what a faff!
1/19/2008 #103
Story to be reviewed: The Last Summer?
1/19/2008 #104
Fractured Illusion
--- OFF TOPIC! --- Oh, good grief... PEOPLE! When you make an off topic post, STATE it is an off topic post, and then END the post with saying which story is up to be reviewed. This way, innocents won't have to be confused. And follow the rules. To be quite frank, I don't care if someone has a dislike for MxM stories. When you are a participant of the review game, you are obliged to review back according to the rule Narc quoted, to make things right and less messy. MxM is still a piece of fiction, and can still be judged according to the criteria the RG has. Though this time, it wasn't Nemo that was obliged to give away a review, but I am saying this as a general thing. I made the rules for a reason. Don't ignore them. You'll offend me. Please carry on now, and follow the rules, or Ima be one angry mama. Mwahah. --- END OF OFF TOPIC! --- Story to review: "Last Summer" by KnittingKneedle (unless stated otherwise. This is because of the arrangements Knitting and Nemo did between themselves. Otherwise, what Narc said is the rule.)
1/19/2008 . Edited 1/19/2008 #105
read and reviewed "last summer." hope that was right. (and thanks to frac, for trying to clear it up.) princess, please. thanks! -Lefty
1/19/2008 #106
Amethyst Asheryn
Alright, I reviewed Princess. Any story I've got up would do, although I'd prefer reviews for 'The Timekeeper's Chosen.' If that's not possible, either 'Earth's Keeper' or 'Even As' will do fine. Thanks!
1/20/2008 #107
Esther Jade
Reviewed "The Timekeeper's Chosen". Could someone look at "Heart of the Driechtnacht"?
1/20/2008 #108
done heart of the driechtnacht. princess, please. :) -Lefty
1/20/2008 #109
Did Princess. Roanoke, please.
1/20/2008 #110
Did Roanoke. [s:2464423:Elegant Emotions] please
1/21/2008 #111
read elegant emotions. princess, please! :) (and uh... if you can't do that then... any of my other stories will do.) -Lefty ps: ha, sorry about the other thread. i went and deleted my post... since i posted in the wrong topic... XD
1/21/2008 . Edited 1/21/2008 #112
Yeah ... I was wondering about that. Done Princess. Roanoke, please.
1/21/2008 #113
Did Roanoke. [s:2464423:Elegant Emotions] please.
1/22/2008 #114
I did 'elegant emotions' Woodrowe High, please, chapter 11 if you can, but I realise that will mean having to read it all first so...yeah.
1/23/2008 #115
Did Woodrowe High! "Once Upon a Time" please :D Thanks!!
1/23/2008 #116
Did 'Once Upon a Time'. [s:2464423:Elegant Emotions] Thanks
1/23/2008 #117
Did Elegant Emotions. Once Upon a Time, please & Thank you!
1/23/2008 #118
Did Once Upon a Time. Roanoke, please (chapter seventeen is up).
1/23/2008 #119
Esther Jade
Done chapter 3 of Roanake. What a story! "Heart of the Driechtnacht" please.
1/24/2008 #120
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