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So, did you read the rules before playing The Review Game? And the review requirements in the first post of this topic?
1 No
2 Yes
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Seigetsu Ren
Did "Quirky". Very funny! "Willing Tool" please, if you can't, then my other story is fine too
2/11/2008 . Edited 2/11/2008 #211
I did chapter two of Willing Tool. The Victors, please, or Immortality.
2/11/2008 #212
The Victors has been reviewed The Last Summer please
2/12/2008 #213
Otseis Ragnarok
Finally did Last Summer... The Last Angel, If you please.
2/13/2008 #214
Did "The Last Angel". "Experiment Thirteen", please.
2/13/2008 #215
Esther Jade
Did "the last angel". "Heart of the Driechtnacht", please. Thanks
2/13/2008 #216
Esther Jade
----OFF TOPIC---- Argh! I spent too long writing that review. Is that a rule 10 then? ---OFF TOPIC----
2/13/2008 #217
Esther Jade
---OFF Topic---- Ok, for some reason, my review didn't upload, so just scratch that... ---off topic--- it's equilibriums "Experiment 13".
2/13/2008 #218
C.F. Anne
Read "Heart of the Driechtnacht" Please read "Wings of Eagles" thanks.
2/13/2008 #219
Esther Jade
---off topic--- oh, it seems that fictionpress did upload my review - it just didn't tell me it did. So, I think we revert back to rule 10 and otseis review "experiment 13" - does that make sense? ---off topic--- So, I think it should be "CF. Anne's Wings of Eagles"
2/13/2008 #220
Fractured Illusion
--- OFF TOPIC --- Indeed you are correct, Esther. Otseis should do a make-up review (if he hasn't already) to Equilibrium. Then the order is established again. Just decided to finalize it in case anyone was in doubt. --- END OF OFF TOPIC --- Story to review: "Wings of Eagles" by C.F. Anne
2/13/2008 #221
Read and reviewed "Wings of Eagles" Please read "Guns for Hire"
2/13/2008 #222
Esther Jade
Done "Guns for Hire". "Heart of the Driechtnacht", please. Thanks!
2/13/2008 #223
C.F. Anne
Read "Heart of the Driechtnacht" Please read "Wings of Eagles"
2/13/2008 #224
Did "Wings of Eagles" 'dragon' please, though 'marquis' and 'lady' are fine too
2/13/2008 #225
read and reviewed "dragon." :) princess, please! (and if you absolutely can't, then any of my others will be fine.) thanks! :) -Lefty
2/13/2008 #226
Reviewed Princess. Leaning Towards Love, please!
2/15/2008 #227
holey moley (is that how you spell it?) that's a long first chapter. i'm reviewing it now, so please don't take my spot... :) i'll edit once i've finished reviewing. XD OKAY! whew. finished the chapter - it's good but it certainly does take up a chunk of time. XD princess please! (i just updated, so you should be able to review it... >_>) thanks! :) -Lefty
2/15/2008 . Edited 2/15/2008 #228
Dreams of death by Chocolat
Okay read and reviewed Princess. Please review either Life as a teenage assasin or A Night With A Necromancer. Thanks! :D
2/15/2008 #229
Done "Life As A Teenage Assassin" [b] Great start![/b] Can someone do "Goddess Of The Gates" Last chapter preferably. Thanks. Kaiyako
2/15/2008 #230
Seigetsu Ren
Done chapter 3 of "Goddess of the Gates" "Willing Tool" please.
2/16/2008 #231
Done 'Willing Tool' [b]Fists and Lipsticks[/b] please ^_^ (I'm sorry for the Japanese style... It's because it's previously in the Manga section) This is the first time I'm posting in this particular thread. Hope to do more in the succeeding ones ^_^
2/16/2008 #232
Done "Fists and Lipstick". It's interesting, and the Japanese style isn't all that bad. ^.^ "Experiment Thirteen", please.
2/16/2008 #233
done "experiment thirteen" really cool! "Dragon" please, or 'lady' or 'marquis' if you want
2/16/2008 #234
Done "Lady". It was awesome! "Experiment Thirteen", please.
2/16/2008 #235
done "experiment thirteen" yay for getting to the 2nd chapter 'Dragon' 'Lady' or 'Marquis' please
2/16/2008 #236
Dreams of death by Chocolat
Read and revied Marquis. Please review either Life As A Teenage Assassin, Under the light of the moon, or Arcania. Thanks.
2/16/2008 #237
-Maybe off topic?- Sorry to nitpick! I really appreciate the review but since this is the depth section could you cover 2 more of the areas listed in the first post? Like plot, characters, spelling, other. thanks
2/16/2008 #238
Fractured Illusion
--- OFF TOPIC --- First, sugaplum, when you make an off topic post, always state who is up for reviewing. It is even a rule. Second, the review left on Marquis is inadequate, even by Easy Fix standards. The first post in this topic lists the review requirements, so I really recommend to take them into heart, Dreams of death and chocolate. :) No worries though, lots of people get it wrong on their first try here so don't be disheartened. --- END OF OFF TOPIC --- As review is not legit, it's still sugaplumprincess's story 'Dragon' 'Lady' or 'Marquis' up for reviewing.
2/16/2008 #239
reviewed "dragon." i believe the review i got from Dreams of death by Chocolat on princess wasn't good enough, but no worries. please review princess! thanks! :) -Lefty
2/16/2008 #240
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