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So, did you read the rules before playing The Review Game? And the review requirements in the first post of this topic?
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done princess The Last Summer, thank-you!!
2/16/2008 #241
Done "Last Summer" Fists and Lipsticks (Start on chapter 1 please, not on the foreword. Thanks) Sorry for the Japanese style though. It was originally from the Manga section, hence the 'cartoonish' descriptions and written 'sound effects'. It was on chapter 43 already when I transferred it to Romance section, so it would be quite hard to do the revisions now I guess.
2/17/2008 #242
read and reviewed the first chapter of Fists and Lipsticks... it's definitely a "manga" story. XD princess, please! and if you absolutely can't, any of my other stories will do. :) thanks! -Lefty
2/17/2008 #243
Done Princess. Do whatever you want.
2/17/2008 #244
Seigetsu Ren
Did your April Fool's story. Was a good read. "Willing Tool" please.
2/17/2008 #245
Did 'Willing Tool' "A Summoner's Knight" please (had to use " since ' was used)
2/17/2008 #246
Seigetsu Ren
Did "A Summoner's Knight". Reminds me of "Zero no Tsukaima" Please do whichever of my two stories you please.
2/17/2008 #247
finished willing tool. :) i would like reviews on princess, but if you can't, anything that catches your interest is fine. :) -Lefty
2/17/2008 #248
reviewed 'princess' 'A Summoner's Knight' please.
2/17/2008 #249
Done 'A Summoner's Knight' Fists and Lipsticks please, thanks! (Originally from Manga section, so never mind the sound effects and anime-ish descriptions.)
2/17/2008 . Edited 2/17/2008 #250
Seigetsu Ren
done "fists and lipsticks" whichever story of mine you'd like to do, please
2/18/2008 #251
read "beyond the horizon." :) princess or if you can't, any others will do. thanks! :) -Lefty
2/18/2008 . Edited 2/18/2008 #252
C.F. Anne
Read Princess. Good start. (: Please read "Wings of Eagles"
2/18/2008 #253
Review "Deep Waters"!
2/18/2008 #254
--OFF TOPIC-- Karnipa, in order to qualify for a review on one of your stories, you must review the story that has been requested (in this case, CF Anne's story, "Wings of Eagles.") you're probably new, so no worries - lots of people get confused on their first try. :) --END OFF TOPIC-- CF Anne's "Wings of Eagles" is up for a review. :) -Lefty
2/18/2008 . Edited 2/18/2008 #255
did "Wings of Eagles" ch 2 "Dragon" "Lady" or "Marquis" please
2/18/2008 #256
Seigetsu Ren
Did "Marquis" Whichever story of mine you want to do, please
2/18/2008 #257
did "willing tool" ch 2 "dragon" "marquis" or "lady" please
2/18/2008 #258
C.M.F Wright
Did "Lady" (and enjoyed it very much!) :) "The Sylvian Outlaws", please?
2/18/2008 #259
read "the sylvian outlaws" - nicely done! :) princess, and if you can't, any of my others, please. thanks! -Lefty
2/18/2008 #260
C.M.F Wright
Ch1 "Princess" - hilariously wonderful! "The Sylvian Outlaws", s'il vous plait?
2/18/2008 #261
Done "The Sylvian Outlaws". It was amazing. Go check it out. "Experiment Thirteen", please.
2/18/2008 #262
read "experiment thirteen." as good as everyone says! :) princess if you can, any others if you can't. thanks! -Lefty
2/19/2008 #263
Done "Princess Charming." [i] [b] Beautiful![/b] [/i] I don't really mind, either of my stories are fine. Thanks. Kaiyako K.
2/19/2008 #264
Done "Everyone's After The Nerd :: WHAT!" Good twist at the end of chapter 2. "Experiment Thirteen", please. ^.^
2/19/2008 #265
done "experiment thirteen" ch 3 still great! "Dragon" "Lady" or "Marquis" please :-)
2/20/2008 #266
read "marquis." :) i think i may be pushing it by asking for princess again, so if you WANT to, then read princess. if not, then any of my others will be fine. :) thanks! -Lefty
2/20/2008 #267
C.M.F Wright
Read Ch2 "Princess" - well done! "The Sylvian Outlaws", if you don't mind :)
2/20/2008 #268
Done "The Sylvian Outlaws", and I must recommend that evryone read it. "Experiment Thirteen", please.
2/20/2008 #269
C.M.F Wright
Reviewed "Experiment Thirteen" Chapter 2 - AMAZING! "The Sylvian Outlaws" -- thanks!
2/20/2008 . Edited 2/20/2008 #270
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