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I think we can all agree that this is a horrible review.

wow. you young scam artist, you. no, I will not help you with your homework, and I do not appreciate the fact that a fine and quite normal, serious story turned into a silly critique of a cartoon or whatever by the end. what, is Tweety a plastic toy of something? and the last sentence hearkens too close to South Park for my liking, son. all you need is to append "You bastard!" and you've got it.

(Oh, yes. Kyile is going to get as much mileage out of this so-horrendous-it's-funny review as she possibly can. >:D)

7/7/2008 . Edited 7/7/2008 #121
Fractured Illusion

I have a question regarding review replies!

I myself think we should all review reply. HOWEVER I am in a dilemma! I have been getting reviews lately, despite explicitly telling in my summary I don't even want the story be read. Should I review reply, with the risk of turning hillbilly on them for being illiterate and wasting my time, or not review reply, or force myself into a hippie mood and give a nice review reply, my "dont read" aside?

Help me!

7/9/2008 #122

I've been having the same problem :p

Personally, I've been taking the easy way out of it and not replying to the review, but forcing yourself into a hippie mood long enough to say "Thanks for the review!" even I think would be more polite.

7/10/2008 #123

I'd say thanks for reviewing, but as I've pointed out it still needs to improved and all. Thanks anyways.

7/10/2008 #124
Fractured Illusion

I'd say thanks for reviewing, but as I've pointed out it still needs to improved and all. Thanks anyways.

Except that doesn't sound nice either. You added in a "but", which means "forget everything I just said, this is how I feel you stupid snorkel!"


I am gonna swallow my pride and hatred and just write Thank you. The person did spread the review love, at least I can give him that...

Farewell, pride. I hope you taste well.

7/12/2008 . Edited 7/12/2008 #125

O_o was i outclassed? i don't understand the point of the quote either. it would be ironic if i wrote that quote in chatspeak, but i didn't. O_o

as for review replies... i've given up. i want to give the person feedback on their review (respond to things they've said) but i'm afraid people will take it the wrong way and think that i'm trying to defend my writing... when i'm not. XD and i don't want to just send a reply saying "Thanks for reviewing!" because that sounds flat and... well... not really grateful. so i stick a little "thanks" in my author's note and hope to high heaven that my reviewers know that i love them. XD


7/12/2008 #126
Fractured Illusion

O_o was i outclassed?

She's obviously just a troll or whatever. No need to pay attention to her if she's just going to insult you and not even make sense in the process. :/

so i stick a little "thanks" in my author's note and hope to high heaven that my reviewers know that i love them. XD

Haha, might as well, what with the trouble you are going through ^^; At least you say thanks!

Though you could always use review replies to ask what they meant by something. Sometimes people are a bit unclear (or an area is new to you, but not to the reviewer) so asking for clarification is good. Whenever I do so, I always feel the reviewer respond back and they are helpful about it too. :) FP has nice people. ^^;

7/12/2008 #127

ok so im still kind of a newb because I haven't explored FP much but what is "concrit"???

7/14/2008 #128

concrit = constructive criticism. :)

it's okay... everyone was a noob at one point. XD


7/14/2008 #129
Arianna Aine

I just be honest, brutally so if I think it is necessary. I have long ago gotten tired of people being easy on me to protect my poor little feelings. Give it to me straight, doc (yes, I have used that phrase in real life...with my doctor, funnily enough). If people can't handle the truth, don't post your stuff online.

I had one english professor who was an ENORMOUS help with my writing. Some of the most constructive criticism I have ever received, even above a friend of mine who is an avid fellow writer. I am still in contact with him. I send him my final version of I Am Radiance to discuss things. Even still, although I am no longer one of his students, he still puts time and effort into guiding a younger writer.

But maybe I'm just lucky.

7/15/2008 #130

yeah i take the honest route too. I also try to stay specific about what i like and don't like

7/15/2008 #131

Stupid snorkel?

Oh, my, know I'm going to steal that and stuff it into a poem somewhere?!

Consider yourself copyright infringed, Frac!

My big issue with reviews? I don't want people to be nice. I want concrit, flames, and brutal, nasty honesty. The only thing I can't handle are reviews that make no sense, and still manage to be vaguely insulting. I always end up feeling like 'INSULT ME TO MY FACE, DAGNABIT!' I do remember my first flame, though. Oh, how warm and fuzzy it made me!

7/24/2008 #132

Since there have been mentions of review replies in this topic, I'd like to take the opportunity to ask: How on earth do you make a review reply? Recently I've been getting a lot of these. I never used to years ago, so I'm assuming it's a relatively recent addition to the website (or people have gotten nicer... either way), but I just can't figure out how to send them. I must be looking in the wrong place for a "Reply" button - or maybe there is no reply button and you have to complete some devious secret ritual in order to reply to a review. Someone help!

Anyway, for my two cents on this topic, I don't like the replies that only go through picking out all the grammar errors. Grammar and spelling mistakes are really easy to find and to fix, and I'd probably discover them myself eventually. Plus, they don't tell you anything about the story itself, which is what I regard as being far more important than the fact that I might have written "as" instead of "was". I think those details are a bit petty, honestly.

The best reviews are the ones which point out the author's overall writing style, the flow of the story, the depth of the characters, how well the plot keeps your interest, and so on. Those are the kinds of reviews I like to get. They tell me that the person reading got more out of the story than just a bunch of sentences and technicalities strung together. For me, that's what storytelling should be about.

7/25/2008 #133
Fractured Illusion

For me, in order to be telling a good story you still need to have be on your A game regarding spelling and such, so if readers are annoyed or just notice spelling errors, it just gives less credibility. I myself like when they are pointed out. That way I can fix it and don't have to look like a fool later on that doesn't seem to have properly edited her story :p Saves face.

To make a review reply: Click on your reviews so you see the whole list of those that reviewed you. My last reviewer was Written. Under Written's username is a date and under that, the chapter, and wait for it!, a little bubble! :D That bubble is your way to review reply.

And I don't think it's new, really. At least one year old. O_o It was there when I got here, methinks. Or maybe that was only at FFnet?

7/25/2008 #134

Well, relatively new. I've been on this site a long time. Since '02, if you believe some of my publish dates. By the way, thanks for the help!

7/25/2008 #135

It's hard for me to post a review on much of anything, because most of the good stuff already has like, 11 chapters at least, and I don't have the time to read through everything and give them a good, solid, constructive review. If that makes any sense. :]

As for review replies, I just recently found out about them myself when someone replied to me. I think I'll have to start doing them...

I think a good review is made when the reviewer points out specific scenes or lines that they liked/disliked, and gave me tips on how to improve certain things. Basically, I think the best reviewers are kind of like secondary betas. :]

7/30/2008 #136
Fractured Illusion

@Reviews on someone's older works

I have wondered about this a bit... I personally don't really like to review a person's older works. They probably already knows of their faults by now (hopefully) that they had in the past. And they'd probably appreciate concrit on something newer.

So how do you guys feel about this matter? Do you think reviews on older works are less valued or less valuable overall? Since they may not be as helpful?

8/25/2008 . Edited 8/25/2008 #137

Personally, I like recieving concrit/reviews on my older works. I posted them here for feedback, and if it gets to the point where I can't bear to look at the piece without winceing, I take it down. Since I experiment a lot, almost all of my writing is different, and so while one piece is "flawless," another may have tons of things that could be improved.

I'll usually review one of an author's newer works and then review at least one unloved older work (unless they have something saying "do not review"). This way the author knows that I know they have improved (hopefully) since that piece was written oh so long ago, and they get the feedback they crave on a piece that didn't get feedback. Win/win situation. :D

8/27/2008 #138

I don't mind when people review on my older work, but given the choice I would much prefer comments on newer works because they are more likely to be still undergoing editting and their also just of better quality.

I don't really pay attention to how old an author's work is when I review it. I never scroll down too far though (which people do on my page A LOT), I normally stick within the most recent 15 or so. Granted, especially with fiction I would think, 15 stories ago could be awhile ago.

9/5/2008 #139

I hate, hate, HATE, it when people leave one word reviews.

That isn't a review. That's trash.

I would rather you didn't say anything at all instead of "Nice" or "Good".

What makes a good review is telling people what you liked about the piece, what you didn't, what you thought of it, what you thought of them even, or anything that gives a little depth and shows that you actually read it and thought about it.

Oh, and also.

I hate seeing a review that is the exact copy of the one before it, with words switched around.

You know what that tells me?

That all you did was copy, paste and change a few words and you didn't even read my piece.

That's like spitting in a writer's face.

9/16/2008 #140

@ reviews on older works:

hahaha of course i appreciate reviews on my older works, but i laugh when i see people who say: "yeah, this is good but it could use improvement (blah blah example etc)" on my older work. i always want to respond to them and say: please look at my more recent work... maybe i've improved and smoothed out some of my writing? i mean... a lot of my work that's on this site is like 2 years old... but then i feel kinda like that sounds like defending my writing and begging for reviews at the same time. so i don't... ^^;;


9/23/2008 #141

One of them was from someone I hadn't even reviewed (it was a pm) but who had just "seen" some of my reviews and one was from someone on behalf of someone else who, after I replied, conceded that I had a point.

Hey, jw, am I the person who sent that PM to you about your reveiw? I've done that before . . . . ^^

10/5/2008 . Edited 10/5/2008 #142
Fractured Illusion


Ever given them? Ever received them? Copy and paste it/them if you want to.

What are your thoughts? Is a flame review better than no review?


As for me, I have given them once when a work here on FP got plagiarized over at FFnet. It was amusing (to flame). Immature, yes, but I don't feel bad about it anyways.

Oh and she deleted the work and gave some crappy explanation no one bought :p Such is the way of criminals ^.^;

I don't think I have ever received a flame. Harsh concrit, yes, but that comes with the territory. I don't mind those. Actual flames? No.

10/31/2008 #143

I don't recall ever getting a flame and I know I haven't given any. ;p

Honestly, I'd rather be left without a review than have someone only yell at me about what a miserable piece of junk my writing is. Tell me why it's a miserable piece of junk and then I know I can maybe defend a few points that could be saving graces for the story. I've seen writing that was a miserable piece of junk and (trying really hard not to sound like a conceited jerk) I really don't think what I write qualifies. Maybe just a regular piece of junk, but not miserable. ;)

Someone brought up whether to reply to a review or not? I always reply to my reviews just to thank the reviewer for taking the time to write something. I don't feel bad defending points that were criticized because I let the reviewers know that I accept their opinions and maybe their opinions would change for the better if some questions were answered or points were explained better. Sometimes the reviewer is absolutely right about something and I need to fix it ASAP. I know it could come off as too defensive, but the reviewer will just have to take my word for it that I'm not trying to shoot down their critique. If my writing is put on display at FP then that's just like asking for an opinion, especially if I mention that comments are welcome and encouraged, so that would make me a hypocrite to not accept someone's opinion about my writing.

Just not flames. And for me personally, not really really harsh criticism. Not yet, anyway.

11/1/2008 #144
Nicki BluIs

usually if the story is so bad that i cant get through the first paragraph w/o my eye bleeding i move on; thus i aviod flaming. the only time i would flame is if the person was a jerk to me; if the review was just mean spirited i go for the passive agressive route...

11/1/2008 #145

I don't recall ever giving a flame. Though I do give very harsh critisism to my friend Snow, but she's learned to accept it.

The only flame I ever got was a while ago on FFN, and honestly, the story was so bad that I can hardly blame the person. I'm really harsh on myself, so flamers can't really say anything I don't already know. Basically, it doesn't hurt me, I just think they're an idiot. Hurts them more than me, so they can go ahead and do it if they want.

11/1/2008 #146
Fractured Illusion


Honestly, I'd rather be left without a review than have someone only yell at me about what a miserable piece of junk my writing is

I can sympathize with that input, Radio. I have a bit of a different idea, though (might be because I have been in the game a bit longer than you?). I think I'd rather get a flame than no review. If it is a flame, maybe they have a reason to be that annoyed. I'd be rather curious about it. Assume some omnipotent entiety said:

"Frac. You have submitted a story of FictionPress. It has recieved a flame. What is your choice? Do you accept the flame, and thus read it, or do you choose to revoke all knowledge of it and its existance?"

Like in Matrix, do you take the blue pill, or the red pill? You might get knowledge you don't want, or you can live blissfully.

(hoho, Reggy! XD)

I'd want that flame. Curiosity maybe killed the cat, but I honestly try to look for concrit in every possible way I can. If it is something lame like "ew, gays. BURN IN HELL" then yeah, maybe that would be a bit useless... But if its something like "You f-tard, your story put me to sleep three times and I only read one sentence! GO DIE" I might be inclined to look over the prose and see if its too purple, haha.

Basically, I am one of those people that try to find use in almost anything.

As for me leaving... I must admit I have left pretty mean concrits. I tell them what is wrong and why, but I am sure I have come across as too harsh. I am looking over my review history now, and only two stories are marked in orange (aka: have updated) since I reviewed them. This is not a really good example however as I have become nicer in my reviews and it was for RM where I mostly reviewed one shots and poems... :p

How does all your review history look guys? Full of orange or is it sparse?

I'm really harsh on myself, so flamers can't really say anything I don't already know.

I feel sort of the same. I am sure I am blind to some things, but yeah, I am very harsh on myself too. (which is also why I deleted my stories, hah. Either people said good things I did not agree with about my story, or they gave me concrit about things I already knew)

Ugh... We need to brighten the mood! :p


Come on peeps! Quote some reviews or parts of reviews that just made your sh*tty day turn equivalent to that of a princess in a fairy tale! =D

11/8/2008 #147

wow. you young scam artist, you. no, I will not help you with your homework, and I do not appreciate the fact that a fine and quite normal, serious story turned into a silly critique of a cartoon or whatever by the end. what, is Tweety a plastic toy of something? and the last sentence hearkens too close to South Park for my liking, son. all you need is to append "You bastard!" and you've got it.

'Twas a flame, but it was a hilarious flame nonetheless. I still haven't deciphered what this person was trying to say.

11/10/2008 #148
Fractured Illusion


Haha, yeah I remember that one. That would be rather useless. It doesnt seem to have anything to do with the story at all. The only thing I can get out to possibly use as concrit is to explain what Tweety is? :p

You'd think that if they flame, they could at least go all out ^^;

11/10/2008 #149

I know. XD It didn't offend me at all. My reaction was like this:




WTH did this come from?

*scratch head*



And I am one who always appreciates a good laugh.

11/10/2008 . Edited 11/10/2008 #150
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