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Fractured Illusion

This is the place to come if you want reviews for a story, and the review type is "easy fix", aka a simple review.

You can use whichever RG you like: Stories and/or Multi-chap. Just because your story is multi-chap does not mean you cannot use the Story RGs. These RGs are all voluntary.

For Review Game rules and some fun facts, go to "Read this first!".


FAQ: ยป Two or more people have reviewed the same person! What happens now? Answer


Moving on, this is the basic structure of the Review Game:

Person 1 says: Review "My Lucky Dream"!

Person 2 says: Ok, I reviewed "My Lucky Dream", ch 1 . So can the next person please review "Stereotypes" or "Window"?

Person 3 says: Done (I did "Window", chapter 4), so can the next person review "Stranger"? Thanks.


For Stories Easy Fix, your review needs to fulfill these requirements, otherwise you will not be seen as someone who has fulfilled their obligation and you can thus not participate.


You need to state one thing you liked and *why*, and one thing you didn't like/could be improved, and *why*. Giving more feedback is not prohibited, but giving less than this is. Flaming is also prohibited. Being constructive is not.

If you absolutely can only find good or less good things to say, then please state two things you liked and *why*, or two things you didn't like and *why*. The review will be seen as invalid otherwise.

Restating the same thing does not count as a why. "I really enjoyed the piece because I thought it was very enjoyable" does not count as a why. "I really enjoyed the piece. It was enjoyable because the characters were relateable" does count as a why.

Phrases like "no mistakes" or "good job" do not count as a like. If you cannot find a dislike then write another distinct like do not say "there are no mistakes." That will not count. Saying "good job" or other similar phrases will not count as a like on a piece either. It is not specific.

Here are templates to ensure your review clearly fulfills the qualifications, you can use any of them if you choose, but they are not required:

1) I liked... because... I disliked... because...

2) I liked... because... I liked... because...

3)I disliked... because... I disliked... because...

If you are still unsure on how the review requirement for Easy Fix is viewed, look at this post for guidance.

Note: Commenting on summary and/or title will not count.



As this is a continuation of a previous thread, the last participant is the first one up to get a review in here. Eponine254 is next withGeography Lesson (preferred), but other stories are fine too.


9/18/2009 . Edited 6/19/2012 #1


Woot! First :D


Reviewed "Geography Lesson" by Eponine254.

Please review Wishing Wall by Point of Reason. Either the oneshot or the multi-chap, your choice.

9/18/2009 . Edited 9/18/2009 #2

Reviewed Wishing Wall chapter6 (according to FP - it's actually chapter 5).

Geography Lesson is preferred, but anything is great for me, thanks! :)

9/19/2009 #3

I reviewed Geography Lesson. Can someone review Revived?

9/19/2009 #4

Reviewed Revived.

Please review Zombie Treehouse Dance Party 3 (joke title!) Warning! Femmslash!

Thanks in advance!

9/19/2009 . Edited 9/19/2009 #5

Reviewed Zombie Treehouse Dance Party 3 (I love the title!)

Any of mine, please!

9/19/2009 #6

I've read

Only Fantasy. (very nice) :)

Come someone read my Barbie Gets Kidnapped Story Or My Best Friends A Vampire. ( its getting beta'd)

9/19/2009 #7

I reviewed My Best Friend's A Vampire.

Please review chapter 4 of Three Small Dots.

9/19/2009 #8

I reviewed chapter 4 of Three Small Dots.

Please review any of my stories!

9/20/2009 #9

Reviewed Eponine254's Geography Lesson (Ch.1)

Please review: Ch.3 of One plus one

9/20/2009 #10
Kristin Li

Reviewed Chapter 3 of 'One plus one'

Can someone review 'The Morphine' chapter 3?

9/20/2009 #11
Chasing Skylines

Reviewed "Morphine," chapter three.

Please review "Shattered Snowflakes," chapter two.

9/20/2009 #12

Reviewed shattered snowflakes chapter 2.

Review for Chapter 5 of Do I Laugh Or Cry? Please, :)


9/21/2009 #13

Reviewed Chapter 5 of Do I Laugh Or Cry?

Any of mine, please!

9/22/2009 #14

Reviewed Not Such a Superhero After All.

Please do Shiver Dog. Thanks!

9/22/2009 #15

I reviewed Shiver Dog, Chapter 1.

Please review anything of mine!

9/22/2009 #16

Reviewed. Inkstain.

Someone please review , The Nanny Sitters Club. Its been Beta'd.

9/22/2009 #17
Fractured Illusion

--- OFF TOPIC ---


You need to state two separate (dis)likes and a why to each. Your review lacked a second why. Thus you are not up next this time.


Eponine254 is up with any story of theirs

9/22/2009 #18

I reviewed "Inkstains."

Please review any chapter of "A Looking Glass World."

9/22/2009 #19
Ellison P. Asantewa

Reviewed A Looking Glass World

Please somebody do ICouldWriteABetterVampireStoryThanStephenieMeyer. Thanks.

9/22/2009 #20

Reviewed Ch.1 of ICouldWriteABetterVampireStoryThanStephenieMeyer

Please review: Ch.4 of One plus one Warning: the material in Ch.4 contains discussion about religion. If this is a touchy subject feel free to review a different chapter.

9/22/2009 #21

I reviewed chapter 4 of One Plus One.

Can someone please review the last chapter of Ivy & Isabelle.


9/23/2009 #22

Reviewed Ivy & Isabelle, Chapter 4.

Anything of mine, please!

9/24/2009 #23
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Reviewed Chapter 1 of Anja: The Story of a Tragedy.

Please review any chapter of Soul Catcher! :)

9/24/2009 #24

Reviewed Chapter 1 of soul catcher. Sorry, couldn't find anything bad to say.

I would like a review on Fairy Bad News, any chapter. If you are under 18 not chapter 2 or 14.

9/24/2009 #25

Reveiwed chapter 1 of Fairy Bad News.

Please review any of my stories!

9/24/2009 #26

I reviewed "Only Fantasy".

Please review any single chapter in "Allure of the mask" or "Fairy bad news".

9/24/2009 #27
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Reviewed Chapter 1 of Fairy Bad News.

Please review any chapter of Soul Catcher!

9/24/2009 #28

I reviewed the first chapter of Soul Catcher. Nice work. Could someone please review 'Dark Intentions' or 'Remember Tomorrow?'

9/24/2009 #29

I've reviewed Dark Intentions.

Someone please do The Dark Side of Incandescence

9/27/2009 #30
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