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Just reviewed chapter 3 of Corridors of the Mind. Please review chapter 10 - Broken of Crossing the Finish Line. Thanks!

6/2/2011 #3,061

Alright, I reviewed stuck in the shadows

6/2/2011 #3,062

Wisedec4u is still up for Ch.10-Broken of Crossing the Finish Line.

6/2/2011 #3,063
Seigetsu Ren

Reviewed Ch.10 of Crossing the Finish Line.

Can someone please review my story Lab Drama? Thanks!

6/3/2011 #3,064
Deedee Elle

Have reviewed Lab Drama.

Please review Honour of the Heart (later chapters preferred if possible).

6/3/2011 #3,065

reviewed honor of the heart.

wolfsbane chapter 2 please

6/3/2011 #3,066

Just reviewed chapter 2 of Wolfsbane, please review Chapter 10 - Broken or Chapter 9 - Heat of Crossing the Finish Line. Thanks!

6/3/2011 #3,067

I just reviewed chapter 10 - Broken of Crossing the Finish Line by wisedec4u!

Please review Chapter 1 of The Wolves of the Desert!

6/3/2011 #3,068
Seigetsu Ren

Reviewed The Wolves of the Desert

Please review my story Lab Drama. Thanks!

6/3/2011 #3,069
Dr. Self Destruct

Reviewed Lab Drama.

Please review Thirteen Sins: Volume I, preferably chapter 1.3.

I just finished revising the chapter and would like some input/constructive critiques. A review on any chapter will still do, of course.

6/3/2011 #3,070

I reviewed Thirteen Sins: Volume I.

Please review Red (preferably chapter 2 and up).

6/4/2011 #3,071

I reviewed Thirteen Sins. Please review any of my stories, any chapter. (Oh, desiscions. ;)

Oh, and mods, tell me if I did somethig wrong - this is my first review.

6/4/2011 #3,072

-- OT --

Rule 10, Aldrea Draco owes me a review.

Doomsday'sMascot, though, don't post only to say shoot, edit your post :p

-- OT --

Doomsday'sMacot is up with anything of hers (?).

6/4/2011 #3,073


Rule 10 Situation: Aldrea-Draco owes Adrenalin a review for Red and has one week to complete before being banned.

REMINDER TO EVERYONE: 1. if you make an off topic post, say it is off topic 2. Don't spam the thread with unneeded conversation, stick to game-related topics, Doomsday, I'm not pointing out to you specifically, but there's been a lot of it happening in the past two pages and I just thought this would be a nice moment for a reminder to all the regulars as well. 3. If you see a Rule 10 and call it as a Rule 10, try to write who owes who instead of just saying: rule 10!, because there needs to be some clarity on who owes who to limit confusion. Thank you guys :)


Doomsday'sMascot is up next with any of their stories, thanks.

EDIT: Reviewed Civil Combat.

Please review Deck, thanks.

6/4/2011 . Edited 6/4/2011 #3,074

reviewed adrenalin's red chapter 1

6/4/2011 #3,075

Please review Changes.

6/4/2011 #3,076

/ off topic

@diana: you did not review who was up next, so you are not up next

@psychic: im sorry but to recieve a review you must give a review, please read the rules located on the first page of this thread or in read this first, thanks.

/ end off topic

im still up next with deck, thanks.

6/4/2011 . Edited 6/4/2011 #3,077

Reviewed Decks

Please review chapter 2 of Stuck In The Shadows

6/4/2011 #3,078

Reviewed Stuck In The Shadows, Chapter One.

Please review Deck, thanks.

6/4/2011 #3,079
Seigetsu Ren

I also reviewed Stuck in the Shadows (chapter 2)


Rule 10 situation. TrulyDevious owes lookingwest a review for Deck (correct me if I'm wrong)

-End of OT-

Please review Lab Drama, thanks

6/4/2011 #3,080

Reviewed Lab Drama :)

Please review Itch. If you've already reviewed it could you please review 'She Dances In The Rain'. Thanks in advance. :)

6/4/2011 #3,081
Dr. Self Destruct

Reviewed She Dances in the Rain.

Please review any chapter of Thirteen Sins: Volume I.

Thank ya. =D

6/4/2011 #3,082
Ezekiel Finch

Reviewed Chapter One of Thirteen Sins: Volume I.

Please review Scorpio's Tale.

Thanks in advance!

6/5/2011 #3,083

Reviewed Scorpio's Tale.

Please review Deck, thanks!

6/5/2011 #3,084

Reviewed Deck, chapter 1.

Please review After the End!

6/5/2011 #3,085


Debt paid~! :]


Eponine254 is still up next with After The End, thanks! :]

6/5/2011 . Edited by lookingwest, 6/5/2011 #3,086

Reviewed After the End, could someone please review Chapter 4-Only in My Nightmares of my story Excalibur?

6/5/2011 #3,087
Ezekiel Finch

Reviewed Chapter 4-Only in My Nightmares of Excalibur

Shall someone review Scorpio's Tale?

6/5/2011 . Edited 6/5/2011 #3,088
Anastasia Ambrose

Reviewed Scorpio's Tale.

Oopsibaby is the piece I'm looking to have reviewed. =]

6/5/2011 #3,089

Reviewed Oopsibaby.

Please review Deck, thanks!

6/5/2011 #3,090
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