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Fractured Illusion

--- OFF TOPIC ---

Rule 10. Nutiekins67 owes singer22498 a review.


slashedkaze is up with Taming the Dragon

3/20/2011 #2,671

Reviewed Chapter 1 of Taming the Dragon

Please review Fight For Fate

3/20/2011 . Edited 3/20/2011 #2,672
Michael J. Scinto

Reviewed Cornered

Please review The Lunar Codex: Awakening

3/20/2011 #2,673


@Dexter Paul Corvus

Where did corner come from? You have to review the next story requested. So, is Fight For Fate still up or what? I'll just ask.


I guess The Lunar Codex: Awakening is next until this is resolved.

3/20/2011 #2,674
Michael J. Scinto


No, sorry. That's my fault. When I looked at the forum that post hadn't appeared yet. So when I reviewed Cornered, it was the one that was up next :\


3/20/2011 #2,675
Lady Darkness Diamond


Rule 4 situation. Dexter Paul Corvus mistakently reviewed Cornered instead of Fight for Fate which was up next. Therefore Nutiekins67 never got a review for Fight for Fate and they should rightfully be up for a review now since a mistake was made. (If I'm wrong then I'm sure an admin/mod will step in to straighten things out).


Nutiekins67 is still up with any chapter of Fight For Fate.

3/20/2011 #2,676

Reviewed Fight for Fate, ch 1.

Please review BDTR, preferably 3, 5 or 7.

3/20/2011 . Edited 3/20/2011 #2,677

And again, I simultaneously reviewed that story (Fight for Fate chapter 2) D:

Sorry, I even checked right before hitting review!

So I'm guessing rule 10 again?

(I'd still like a review on any chapter of Taming the Dragon.)

3/20/2011 #2,678

--Off Topic--

Yeah, Rule 10. Fictionpress lags. :P

Nutiekins67 owes me a review for BDTR.

--End Off Topic--

EDIT: reviewed Taming the Dragon. Please review BDTR, preferably ch 3, 5, or 7.

3/20/2011 . Edited 3/20/2011 #2,679

Reviewed BDTR.

Please review any chapter of Taming the Dragon.

3/21/2011 #2,680


@slashedkaze: When you review in the games you need to specify which chapter you review of a story if you review more than one, because I'm not sure that two of the reviews count and I don't know which one you intended to be for the game--if it was Ch. 3, then that definitely does not count per the Easy-fix requirements. Please remember in the future to specify or I will assume it is the requested chapter and if it doesn't meet requirements, you are not up next.


Slashedkaze is up next with any chapter of Taming the Dragon.

3/21/2011 #2,681


I'll specify next time. The problem this time is that FP ate half of my review to chapter 3. I tried posting the rest again in an anonymous review. I see it's still not up. I have it saved how ever and will try again later if it still doesn't show. I only intended chapter 3 to count. Sorry for the confusion.

MOD EDIT: No problem, but that is why clarification is needed. I'll keep an eye, the anon review will post if you submitted, FP just has a bad lag sometimes. Also, always state who is up next after an off topic post to limit confusion to those just joining the game :)


Slashedkaze is up next with any chapter of Taming the Dragon.

3/21/2011 . Edited by lookingwest, 3/21/2011 #2,682
Peevxwm Vaj

I reviewed Taming of the Dragon chapter 1. Please review The Breaking of Idumea

3/21/2011 #2,683

Reviewed chapter 1 of Taming The Dragon, can someone please review Imminent Insanity, preferably chapter 7?

3/21/2011 #2,684
Peevxwm Vaj

---OFF TOPIC----

Rule 10 - slashedkaze owes me a review on Breaking of Idumea

---End OFF TOPIC----

Rainbow35 is up next with Imminent Insanity, preferably chapter 7

3/21/2011 #2,685

I reviewed Lunar Codex: Awakening

Please review any chapter of CORNERED

(Preferably chapter between 5 and 7)

3/21/2011 #2,686


@singer22498: I don't know what you reviewed--but it wasn't up next. Please visit the first post of this thread or Read This First! thread to figure out how to play the games correctly. Because you didn't review the correct story that was up next, you're not up next.


Rainbow35 is up next with Imminent Insanity, preferably chapter 7, thanks!

3/21/2011 #2,687
Kristin Li

Reviewed Rainbow35's Imminent Insanity

Please review Chapter 4 of The Seeker =)

3/21/2011 #2,688
Tori Jynx

Reviewed Chapter 4 of 'The Seeker'

Please Review 'Red Dawn' :)

3/22/2011 #2,689

Reviewed Red Dawn.

Please review Academia.

3/22/2011 #2,690
Iva Hartnet

I reviewed Academia :)

Someone review 'The Final Blessing'?

3/22/2011 #2,691


@Tori Jynx: Your review for Kristin's The Seeker did not meet the review requirements for Easy Fix. Because the game moved on, you owe her a new review with the correct requirements and have one week to complete it. Please read the rules at the first post of this thread or at the thread Read This First! to learn how to play the game with the correct requirements.

@Iva Hartnet: I'm not sure about your review for Academia meeting requirements for Easy Fix either, and am bringing it to the Problems and Questions thread to discuss with the other moderators. I think it might make it, but it's missing clear whys so I need to double check with another opinion. If it doesn't meet requirements, then you also owe another review with the correct ones only if the game moves on.

EDIT: The moderators have decided that it doesn't meet requirements, thus Iva, you are not up next. To see the ruling you can go to the Problems and Questions thread.


YasuRan is up next with Academia, thanks!

3/22/2011 . Edited 3/22/2011 #2,692

reviewed The Final Blessing.

please review any chapter of Cornered

3/22/2011 #2,693


@Singer22498: I'm sorry, but you didn't review the correct person who was up next, therefore you are not up next--I edited at around 10AM this morning, and there is only a 3 hour period allowed for gaps of this sort of thing. If you have any problems, please go to the Problems and Questions thread.


YasuRan is up next with Academia, thanks.

3/22/2011 . Edited 3/22/2011 #2,694
Peevxwm Vaj


Aww drat! I reviewed cornered chapter 1.

If anyone wants to give a pity review of Breaking of Idumea I'd be appreciative. Obviously, it's optional.


YasuRan is up next with Academia

3/22/2011 #2,695
Connor Mack

Read Academia, great read! Could someone please review Abigail? Thank you.

3/22/2011 #2,696
Iva Hartnet

Reviewed Abigail :)

Lovely work!

Can someone review 'The Final Blessing'?

3/22/2011 #2,697


Umm. So do I need to give Whirlymerle's Beautiful Dreams, Twisted Realties another review? :D

MOD EDIT: No, upon surveying the situation, it looks like you and mandysoccer exchanged reviews that didn't count, so they canceled each other out. Therefore you don't owe anything.


Reviewed The Final Blessing..

Please review Toilets or Run and Hide? Thank you.

3/23/2011 . Edited by lookingwest, 3/23/2011 #2,698
Iva Hartnet

Reviewed Run & Hide.

Can someone review 'Innocent Day Dreams'? :)

3/23/2011 #2,699

Reviewed Innocent Day Dreams, can someone review Premonitory Nightmare?

3/23/2011 #2,700
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