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I guess the title is pretty self explanatory...

The format can be something like this:


Your current piece/your favorite piece of your own

How You Found This Forum!

I would put another "why you came here" but I think that's pretty obvious, considering we're called the "Review Game." However, if you have a different reason for playing, feel free to mention it.

After you introduce yourself, someone will come to nickname you, as is the tradition. Nicknames are however pretty much only used in the Off Topic conversations, and if you absolutely hate it, you can get a free pass from it - don't worry! Speaking of Off Topic though, we'd love you see you there as well, and not just in the review-based threads! So come over and chat sometime! :)


New and improved nickname list!

Old nickname list. (link broken, can try searching for post 10ish pages forward)


Invaluable tip for the newcomers:

If you intend to play the Review Games, start with Stories/Poems Easy Fix. Not depth, and not Multi-chap. Those are more "advanced", and for a newcomer, it is better to try out Easy Fix, to get a hang of the game, before you try the harder stuff. You gotta learn to crawl before you walk, that sort of thing.

Also, turn off the thread alerts! This forum is pretty active, so your inbox will be spammed pretty quick otherwise.


12/1/2007 . Edited by lookingwest, 6/6/2013 #1
oh right, i guess i can start: Name: Lefty Current Piece: Princess Charming Favorite Piece: I don't really have one... but i'm rather proud of E Flat... How I found the forum: uh... i helped hatch the idea for it... so... ^_^; -Lefty
12/1/2007 #2
Name: Zala Favorite Piece: uh..."Hakkeshou~ Not a day too soon"? How I found this forum: First I searched through forums, then I found a forum that had the link to the old Review Game then that forum linked here...It was a complicated process just accessing it every morning becuz i couldn't find this forum by itself in forums to click on, so i found that forum, then the old review game, then here. I eventually copied down the website onto a text document on my desktop.
12/7/2007 #3
Fractured Illusion
Behold! For I have arrived! *enters stage* Username: FracturedIllusion Nicknames: Frac, Frail, Phil, Fill, leader-lady, "mommy", "hey you", Fractured, "that weirdo person", etc. Current piece: They Who Sin Favorite piece of my own: Same as above...because my other piece sucks so much, I have grown allergic to it. Ack. Such is the way with my motherly love. How I found this forum: *blinks* *crickets are heard in background* ...Anyhow! Wieee! Luuuurv the topic, Lefty! Feed our baby with more and he will be right and ready for Christmas where we can chop him up and serve for dinner! :D ...I swear I am normal! :O
12/8/2007 . Edited 2/12/2008 #4
Otseis Ragnarok
Amazingly enough, I've yet to introduce myself... But you all already know me. What's that? You mean to tell me you don't? ... ... *sigh* Fine, here's my info: Username: Otseis Ragnarok (obviously) Nickname(s): Onar (which I actually prefer...) Current piece: Uhh.. I guess it would be Lady Hel's Kiss... Fav: Well, since I've yet to ost Murphy's law... It would be the same as above... How I found this forum: I kinda had some input in its creation... Does that make me its daddy? Well, does it? C'mon... let me use that paternal instinct of mine... Can I at least babysit? Pleeeaseee?
12/12/2007 #5
Fractured Illusion
[q]I kinda had some input in its creation... Does that make me its daddy?[/q] O.o No. Seriously, did I miss something? What importance did you have? *can only remember Lefty and Terrance* Plus, RG is a lesbian child! No daddies involved!
12/12/2007 #6
lol, then what's terrance? the OBGYN?? XD -Lefty
12/12/2007 #7
Otseis Ragnarok
Hey, I helped, back when you were coming up with ideas, back at the revolution. I had little input, true, so that would make me the man in this situation. That makes me a sperm donor... Still need one of those, even for one of those Lesbo couples.
12/13/2007 #8
Hi! *waves* I am joining the reveiw game, I think Name: BeautifulAssassin or CBT (my penname on FFNet) whichever you prefer Fave piece: Um...'Woodrowe High' i think...or 'Starbucks' How I found the review game: I was bored, browsing the fourums and I thought...hey, this sounds cool!
12/17/2007 #9
I've been out for way too long. In coming back, I decided some rules can be waived. If the format can be "something like this" - it can also be something not like this. I didn't find this forum. So, I didn't come here. I got lost and ended up here. Since, leaving for so long, I forgot most of what I wrote, so don't know anymore - but instead I've updated some (well, I'll try to do all - need time). Okay, I saw ads everywhere. Pretend that's how I found it. Name - Container.
12/27/2007 #10
Julian Laverne
Hi there. I like to go by as Julian Laverne. Or you can call me Jules for short, whatever suits your mood. I found this forum through another forum called "Review Revolution" which I subscribed to a few weeks ago in looks of reviewing and some conversation but I didn't find much talk there. I do recall posting under a review game topic a few months ago under a different penname, but this is the penname I would prefer to be referred as now. (if anyone here remembers me) I'm working on a piece right now called "Two Moons Apart." It's a story which I've changed around, taken up and down several times, but now I'm really wanting to dedicate it to right here. Getting a look or two at it wouldn't be bad either :-), since it is quite dreadfully unpopular. As well though, I would also like to meet some other dedicated authors here to share opinions with and to read some their works, since I find great pleasure in reviewing and discerning the work of others.
12/27/2007 #11
Demented Hellion
Why not I'll introduce myself NAme: Fireblade but ya'll can call me JB Current and favorite piece: In My Mind's Eye I was bored one day, discovered this place had forums (though I've been here forever) and found this forum... easy enough/
1/3/2008 #12
Hi all, how's it going. This seems like quite a nice idea, I think I might like it here.
1/4/2008 #13
Hi, I'm new here. Name: Harold Larucea ~ just 'Hiro' for short (yeah, I'm a guy BTW - some hot Chinese guy *grins* - - nah, kidding ^__^) Your current piece/your favorite piece of your own: Actively updating [s:2191842:Fists and Lipsticks] How You Found This Forum: Random browsing (I'm pretty much bored lately) Actually, I saw the 'What makes a good review' topic and I thought of replying in that thread. That's about it, initially. But upon further reading, this whole thread sounds kinda fun ^_^ So yeah, count me in! However, my stories could be quite different. You see, I'm writing under the Manga category, so yeah - lots of Japanese Anime-ish stuff in my writing style, but nevertheless I keep the writing style as 'English' as it could be. But hey, it could be fun sometimes, really (for a change).
1/4/2008 #14
Esther Jade
I'm also new. I found this through Narc's bio which I found after reading one of his reviews. I always track down people who give good reviews because I'm really trying to learn more about writing fiction. Name: I go by Esther Jade on fictionpress - though, it is a pseudonym Favorite piece: Anger Redefined Current piece: Heart of the Driechtnacht Motivation: As I said before, to learn from people, plus this just sounded like fun. (And the outline for how to give reviews is helping me become a better reviewer).
1/16/2008 #15
Oh, what the hey. I reviewed FractureIllusion, and they suggested I post here, so why not? Currently known on this site as Unbeknownst (I was all of fifteen when I created this account!), though I don't mind being called by my first name (Jenn). I . . . don't actually have a favourite out of anything I've written--at least, not posted up here. "Dragon, Maiden, Knight, Et Cetera" was the most fun to write (took about ten minutes, and the dragon was a blast), but I like all that I've posted. Um. I found this originally via *someone's* profile; I can't remember whose, though. :) I'm not here to get my stuff reviewed so much as I am to leave reviews--if I see an author asking for constructive criticism, I'm more than happy to leave a detailed review stating what I did and did not like in the story, and what I felt could be improved--and no, I don't expect to be reviewed back in return. :)
1/24/2008 #16
Name: Jesica Lee (also known in other sites as Yuki or Procyon, or you can call me Jes too x3) Current Piece: Daryem How I found the forum: I just browsed through the forums and the title of this one caught my eye :3
1/25/2008 . Edited 1/26/2008 #17
Seigetsu Ren

Penname: Dexterity, also known as Seigetsu Ren on fanfiction (changed my penname from the overly fangirl "Motoko Aoyama" I used when I was still in my early teens)

Nickname: Dex is fine. Ren-chan is cool too, lmao

Current Piece: "Stolen Flight" Not really my favorite though. I haven't completed a piece of writing that I can call my best; hopefully I will soon.

How I found the forum: through somebody's profile, forgot which one though...

1/26/2008 . Edited 9/18/2008 #18
Penname: GreatAmericanAuthor Current Piece: Several, but my newest one is A Plain Summer, which has yet to be posted on FictionPress Favorite Piece: Leaning Towards Love How I found the Review Game: Through Dexterity's page...
1/26/2008 #19
C.F. Anne
Penname: C.F.Anne Current Piece: Wings of Eagles Favorite Piece: Wings of Eagles How I found the Review Game: thought GreatAmericanAuthor's page. XD
2/2/2008 #20
Name/Nickname/Penname/Whatever you'd like to be called here: You can either call me tibetan_knight, or tibetan, or whatever. But, my name is kind of misleading on the gender front, so you can call me Rachel =) Just don't use male pronouns along with my screen name. Or you can, actually. Your current piece/your favorite piece of your own The Sky is Falling? Haaa... it's pretty much an outlet for my love of Greek Mythology. How You Found This Forum! It was under the general forums. I've been on for over three years, and I've just now started a story, and with that, I'm learning how to use the site to it's fullest potential with everything it has to offer. So, really, I stumbled upon this by accident when perusing the forums for the first time.
2/2/2008 #21
Penname: Detox Current piece: Spitting Blood Favorite piece: Untouchable How I found this forum: Link in someone's profile... I think Fractured Illusion's.
2/2/2008 . Edited 2/26/2008 #22
Ah. I should probably introduce myself here rather than just running rampant. Penname: LucienofShadow It feels immature now, but it's how I'm identified all over the internet. It probably started with my account. If anyone goes and notices my writing, please pretend it has nothing to do with me. I'd feel bad deleting it, but... how painful it is for an author to be inarticulate, but I believe some of you may understand my feelings on that subject. Name: Luke Nicknames: Technically my name is Lucas, so Luke is a nickname. But other things I've responded to include Lucien, Ruby, Lukien, and The Noble Sir Lukesalot. Some of those have stories behind them. Some of them are even about me. Current Piece: Sourceworks Favorite Piece (of my own): Something I wrote many years ago now on paper, just a few chapters. I don't know where it is now, though I could probably quote the plot. It holds a place in my heart. How I found this forum: Long story. Someone reviewed me, I can't remember whom now. I went to their profile, and their profile mentioned 'The Review Game.' But it wasn't this forum, it was a different forum. That one's just about dead. But there was a link in that forum to this one.
2/4/2008 #23
I believe that was me? I still had the link to review revolution before. Was that the story? I vaguely remember. :P
2/4/2008 #24
Otseis Ragnarok
Hey, Lucien... You realise that your name is a contradiction... right? You see, Lucien means light (Latin, I think), and well, shadow. So that makes your name Light of shadow... Hmm... Just thought it was interesting...
2/5/2008 #25
Penname: Tabiscus Nickname(s): too many. (tabby, tabi, tabby tic, biscuit, etc.) I think it's mainly tabby... Favorite Piece: "Nonsense" How I found the Review Game: through Frac :D
2/8/2008 . Edited 2/11/2008 #26
Welcome. @Fractured Illusion; how many views does your profile have?!?!
2/8/2008 #27
Fractured Illusion
My stats say this: "Numbers of hits to your profile page : 2156." I get around :3
2/8/2008 #28
crapping hell... scuse my language
2/8/2008 #29
Otseis Ragnarok
Biscuit... You igored my name for you... I like biscuit!!!
2/9/2008 #30
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