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I'll vote Thread is Whack.

AIGHT' making new OT.

10/1/2011 #601

Oh, Marowak is the 105th Pokemon in the Pokedex.

"This Thread is Whack!"

zomg this is brilliant.

so glad it won. :D

10/2/2011 #602

So since it's October, if we're gonna do the trick or treat version of Secret Santa we have to get it rolling. So please vote. Previous discussion starts here.

A. I want to do it like secret santa, but everyone reviews with a current or past Halloween costume as their name.

B. I want to do it like secret santa plus an extra game guessing who left what review.

C. I don't want to do it at all.

D. Some other suggestion?

10/4/2011 #603

A- I like this! I'll have to pick something pre-RG though... lol

B- I also like this. If memory serves it's just guessing for guessing's sake, no winning reviews involved? (I dunno how you would implement that if you wanted to, seems like it'd be a bit much to organize to me.)

C- lol

D- Perhaps we could start registration to see how many people would want to be involved?

10/4/2011 #604

We typically vote to see how many people are interested. Then we make the first post and see if anyone has any comments and then we post it and open it u for registration.

With B. We kinda always have time to guess. This would be more organized and there would be a winner and reviews given. My thought was to have it be whomever "tricked" the most people. (People guess their reviews the least.) Someone else said maybe the person who guesses the most right should get reviews also.

10/4/2011 #605

I'm gonna go with A and B! I also like Mini's idea about having the winner to be the one who tricked the most number of people.

10/4/2011 #606

+1 with Lurch, also like the idea about the winner being the one who most tricked others!

10/4/2011 #607

I like A and B too.

10/4/2011 #608
Fractured Illusion

+2 what Lurch said! Good thinking, Mini.

10/5/2011 #609

I agree with the crowd (A and B). Are we going back to the details we hammered out a few pages back?

10/5/2011 #610

I think we have enough votes to it that yes we should go back to the details. The first part seems easy enough. I'll edit the secret santa rules for Halloween and add the part about using a present or previous Halloween costume. Then I'll post the sample first post here to see if anyone has any issues.

As for the second part here are the details/questions so far:

-An official guessing aspect.

-Sign up and give reviews to the person who tricked us the best and/or the person who was tricked the least (got the most right guesses)

-People can guess and put their POVs on who did what reviews, but participants will PM me official guesses and I will keep an updated list of who people think did what. Ie. 2 votes for dragonflydreamer is The Zombie and 1 vote for dragonflydreamer is The Ghost.

-How long for guessing? I'm thinking a week or maybe 2?

-How long for reviews to be given to winner(s). I'm thinking 2.

10/5/2011 #611

-How long for guessing? I'm thinking a week or maybe 2?

if we make it so they all have to be in by halloween, I wouldn't think more than a week for the guessing.

-How long for reviews to be given to winner(s). I'm thinking 2.

I would prefer 2 just so I can get it in on time without being banned (my life in shambles T__T) but that's just me.

also, I'm assuming depth? for the tricky review, particularly, I already know the anon review will be depth.

10/5/2011 #612

Here's a tentative post for the actual gift exchange. Pretty much taken exactly from Secret Santa. Let me know if you have any suggestions, etc. especially on the date timeline.


Halloween is coming soon, and with it: treats! The Review Game has thus decided to host a little Halloween review swap in this time of free candy and scary costumes.

Like Halloween, this review exchange is for RGers of all ages. If you're new or not an RG regular, you can also participate. Just read this post carefully.

Minimum review requirements:

You will leave an ANONYMOUS review, with the name of your Halloween costume this year or a previous Halloween costume you have worn.

Content is Easy Fix standard (but you are fully allowed to go above EF, but never under):

You need to state one thing you liked and *why*, and one thing you didn't like/could be improved, and *why*. Giving more feedback is not prohibited, but giving less than this is. Flaming is also prohibited. Being constructive is not.

(You can find more extensive info in the RG EF threads)

This is how we play Trick or Treat:

All those that want to play make a post in this topic, a registration post with post requirements as stated below. When registrations ends, I will put all names in a hat, and leave it to chance on who gets who (but be at least a tad sensitive to the restrictions you made. But I will not coddle you.).

I will then PM everyone whose page they are Trick or Treating at. No more info. No one will know who their Trick or Treater is.

Don't forget to allow for anonymous people to review your works! If you have good reason to avoid it, please say so in your registration post, and your Trick or Treater will thus PM their review to me and I will give the review to you (and thus it will still be anonymous). If you do not accept PMs please post your e-mail address or PM it to me.

If for any reason you edit your original post please PM so I know because I will not get an alert.

If you do not complete you review then you will be banned until you do so.

Important dates:

Registrations to play Trick or Treat closes on the 18th.

Trick or Treating (aka, reviewing) needs to be done before the 29th.Once people have started giving reviews feel free to speculate about who gave what review. Lying about having given a review or not given a review is allowed. HOWEVER, keep in mind with Trick or Treating will be a separate official guessing game to see who has tricked us the best.

Registration post requirements:

Tell that you register for Trick or Treating

Tell if you allow for anonymous reviews or not

Tell what pieces you would prefer to have reviewed (or if you have no pieces; what other author you want to be reviewed in your place)

Tell what type of stories/poems you really don't want to review (ie, slash, poetry)

Tell what others may not like about your work (tell if it is story or poem, slash, violence, strong language, etc)

Tell if someone has reviewed all of your pieces please indicate that in your registration post. If you do not, that person will have to re-review your piece if you are matched up.

Most Importantly! DO NOT forget under ANY circumstances:

To have fun :)

And Happy Halloween!!! Enjoy your sugar high and remember don't eat any already opened candy.

10/6/2011 . Edited 10/10/2011 #613

This seems to cover all aspects, can't find anything else to comment on.

10/6/2011 #614
Fractured Illusion

-How long for guessing? I'm thinking a week or maybe 2?

-How long for reviews to be given to winner(s). I'm thinking 2.

1 week for the first and 2 for the 2nd seems best.

Lying about having given a review or not given a review is allowed.

Maybe clarify that this is only allowed to other participants and not to you?

Otherwise I agree with everything. Time-limit seems fair.

I guess it could be discussed if we'd change from EF to Depth? With EF though it is much easier for several people go around giving fake reviews, so there's that.

10/8/2011 #615

I will clarify the lying thing.

While I agree that Ef makes it easier for ppl to half ass it. The thing with depth is I think a lot of people will screw it up and then we have to come up with a time line for them to give a make up review which with the guessing component might be more of an issue than usual...

EDIT: I went to go change the lying thing, but I realized they can't lie to me about who did what review. I know who did what review 'cause I'm making the review requirements... lol.

I'm thinking I'll put the first post up tomorrow giving people a week to register unless there are any issues anyone notices before then. I'll also work on the first post for the guessing part tonight and put that up here for comments, etc.

10/10/2011 . Edited 10/10/2011 #616

I dunno, I feel like the majority of us who are gonna do this are regulars and if they don't know how to a depth by now there's other problems they need to take care of XD *brick'd*

call it a hunch, haha.

10/10/2011 #617

I think we've done EF for review exchanges in the past because it's easier if newer people want to it and cuts down on the chances of owing reviews. Of course you can always give a depth review if you want.

So my vote is for EF.

Tekla's is for depth.

We need a tie breaker... someone else vote!!!!

10/10/2011 #618
Fractured Illusion

I vote EF.

Not sure when you're gonna put up the post, but if it's a while til then, people could consider this option:

EF reviews for trick or treating

A depth review to the one who tricked the most


But yeah I vote EF just so we're clear.

10/10/2011 #619

I vote EF for trick or treating. :D

10/10/2011 #620

I also vote for EF. All of the regulars who are tempted to do depth anyway will be easier to pick out ;) Haha.

10/10/2011 #621

EF reviews for trick or treating

A depth review to the one who tricked the most

this please! :D

10/10/2011 #622

I actually like Frac's idea of a depth idea for the second half, but we can discuss that once I put the sample post up for that I guess.

10/10/2011 #623

Chiming in with my two cents: EF for trick or treating; Depth for the prize review!

10/11/2011 #624

Ok. So I'm thinking depth review for the winner of the guessing.

We know the trick or treater who tricked us best gets a review. There was some discussion of also giving a prize review to whomever guesses the best also. Any thoughts?

10/11/2011 #625

There was some discussion of also giving a prize review to whomever guesses the best also. Any thoughts?

Yes, do that. That's a good idea. :)

10/12/2011 . Edited 10/12/2011 #626

There was some discussion of also giving a prize review to whomever guesses the best also. Any thoughts?

I vote no because it just sounds like it's getting too complicated. It'll be difficult for the mods (i.e. Mini) to figure out another round of reviews owed, and how long will the whole competition end up taking?

10/12/2011 #627
Fractured Illusion

I agree with Sparkles: a no for prizes for guessers. I think the tricking part is enough, and in the spirit of Halloween too haha.

10/12/2011 #628

I agree personally with just reviewing the best tricker. That was the whole point if the second part.

10/12/2011 #629

I think it'd be a good idea to make a post in the news thread. :D

10/12/2011 #630
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