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1 Somme by Rogue Energizer Bunny
2 The Last Ballad of Edwin St. Edwards by Faithless Juliet
3 Call Me a Demon by Annything
4 The Wolf by Nesasio
5 Insanity by inwardtransience
6 Monster by A. Gray
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I celebrate Halloween, and changing my avatar to something really scary for Halloween.

10/30/2010 #31
this wild abyss

ilu Potter! That just made my day. xD

10/30/2010 #32
Sercus Kaynine

I celebrate winning second at my marching band state competition!


There's still nationals in two weeks, anyways. :P

10/30/2010 #33

I celebrate how well my magikarp costume turned out :D

I uncelebrate the probable bombardment of acne in the near future, however.

10/31/2010 #34

I also celebrate writing 125 words tonight.


not bad for such an already eventful evening :P

10/31/2010 #35

I celebrate the sixth house I've lived in in the space of a year. Here's to hoping it sticks this time.

10/31/2010 #36

I uncelebrate my injured toe being really really painful this morning. -_-

10/31/2010 #37
this wild abyss

I celebrate the purchase of my first ever little black dress.

10/31/2010 #38

I celebrate Chicarito, may the man from Mexico continue to make us forget Wayne Rooney, that mutinous Scouse turnip

11/2/2010 #39

I quit my shitty fucking job today! They messed up on my pay again, which really screwed my financially, so I came in got a cash advance and then gave my resignation letter since I already got a new job. I feel so liberated!

11/2/2010 #40

I celebrate our 3-0 win versus Bursaspor in the Champions League, and my mate winning three hundred quid on the Spurs game, and now I'm gonna pass out

11/2/2010 #41

I celebrate finishing my WCC!

11/2/2010 #42

I uncelebrate the news we just got. -_-

11/3/2010 #43

I celebrate T-shirts in November.

*double thumbs up*

11/4/2010 #44

i celebrate city gettin beat by a bunch of polish nobodies. take that your rich nerks

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/4/2010 #45

I celebrate finally reaching my target word count for the night. I also celebrate that that means I get to go sleep now. ^_^

11/4/2010 #46

I celebrate going to the Twin Cities to SHOP! :D

11/5/2010 #47

I celebrate the puppy we're almost certainly bringing home tomorrow! :D:D:D:D!

11/5/2010 #48

I celebrate passing 10k words on my nanowrimo novel. :)

11/6/2010 #49

I celebrate puppy letting me know she had to potty this morning!

11/8/2010 #50

ALSO! For the virgin, I celebrate the email I just got that says my nanowrimo novel was chosen for the 30 Covers, 30 Days contest. It'll be up today! :D!

11/8/2010 #51

I celebrate page two of celebrate!

11/8/2010 #52


I think my last spam word on that OT was "thighs" XD

11/9/2010 #53

wtf, Frac? xD

who got the OT?

11/9/2010 #54

And oops, sorry Fang, when I go into spam mode I just don't even read the comments D:

Many apologies for destroying coherent conversation -_-''

11/9/2010 #55


11/9/2010 #56

yay, Fang got the marriage!

11/9/2010 #57

nice win Fang!

11/9/2010 #58

oohmysrsly, this movie, "Small Soldiers" is ridonkulus.

11/9/2010 #59

and today, I got the Utah quarter! :D

oh I have a million of those

11/9/2010 #60
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