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MARCH POLL. READ ALL ENTRIES BEFORE VOTING. Vote for your 2 favorite pieces.
1 Somme by Rogue Energizer Bunny
2 The Last Ballad of Edwin St. Edwards by Faithless Juliet
3 Call Me a Demon by Annything
4 The Wolf by Nesasio
5 Insanity by inwardtransience
6 Monster by A. Gray
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1.21 Jigawatts

I'm writing a blog article. Probably won't finish it tonight, but I'm kinda of inspired. Even though I'm really sleepy.

8/17/2012 #1,621
Rogue Energizer Bunny

Ossum. Wassit about?

8/17/2012 #1,622
1.21 Jigawatts

It's a one-off that talks about the mentality behind opposition to cultural changes from the people who would actually benefit from accepting it.

8/17/2012 #1,623
Rogue Energizer Bunny

Cooool. So like psychology and all?

8/17/2012 #1,624
1.21 Jigawatts

Yea it's gonna be a setup to an article series that I'm going to write in the future. It's informal psychology/sociology. Like I don't go into theories and who said what and crazy terminology. I reason it more from the ground level, but many of the concepts are the same. Yea, I run an informal psych/soc blog. It's not my formal field of expertise, but I like the subject a lot.

8/17/2012 #1,625
Rogue Energizer Bunny

Haha, I think psychology's really interesting. People are screwed up. In general, I mean XD

8/17/2012 #1,626
Rogue Energizer Bunny


I am supposed to be doing something, but I'm not. Hm.

8/17/2012 #1,627
1.21 Jigawatts

Lol, I'd like to believe that it's much more complicated than that. Do you have a tumblr?

8/17/2012 #1,628
1.21 Jigawatts

What are you supposed to be doing?

8/17/2012 #1,629
Rogue Energizer Bunny

Naw, I don't have a tumblr.

I'm really not sure, but I should be doing something. I'm creeper-stalking people's stories right now. Without reviewing them. I'm pretty sure I had something important to do.

8/17/2012 #1,630
1.21 Jigawatts

Ah kk. How was your day? This is my blog btw:

8/17/2012 #1,631
Rogue Energizer Bunny

Day sucked. I had coffee. Then I took a nap. It was cool.

Mm. I should creeper-stalk your blog instead of this shitty story.

How was your day?

8/17/2012 #1,632
1.21 Jigawatts

It was ok. The power of coffee compelled me. I finished the content part of this giant report I've been writing. Left work 40 minutes earlier than I had planned, so I lose the pay for that time but eh whatever.

Also, if you go on my blog, all of the question posts are in the 'Question Archive' tab and the articles are in the 'Current Angles' tab.

8/17/2012 #1,633


Hey OT

8/17/2012 #1,634
1.21 Jigawatts

como te llamas

8/17/2012 #1,635

What about my llamas?

8/17/2012 #1,636


sooo tired

8/17/2012 #1,637
1.21 Jigawatts
What about my llamas?

Como te!

8/17/2012 #1,638

Como se llama usted?

See, I can Spanish too. AND I'M MORE POLITE THAN YOU

8/17/2012 #1,639
1.21 Jigawatts

lol that's cool. I took Spanish a long long long time ago and never really used it. I actually don't remember that much of it.

8/17/2012 #1,640

I used to be conversational. But it's been way too long.

8/17/2012 #1,641

Possibly you should sleep, potter. I don't know what time zone you're in, so who knows if that's valid

8/17/2012 #1,642
1.21 Jigawatts

So what's crackin'?

8/17/2012 #1,643

Turtle shells

8/17/2012 #1,644
1.21 Jigawatts

gah i'm tired. I'm off to sleep. Good night Wings and anyone else who's lurking!

8/17/2012 #1,645

Mornin', fake OT!

8/18/2012 #1,646

School starts in three days. T__T

8/18/2012 #1,647

I think I'm still in denial.

8/18/2012 #1,648

I'm pissed at my hair. It's got these awesome natural highlights from cross country, but they only show when I pull my hair back.


8/18/2012 #1,649


8/18/2012 #1,650
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