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Engineer of Words

Hello new OT. Thank you for joining us.

12/23/2010 #61


12/24/2010 #62

Uuuugh. Family suck

12/24/2010 #63

I have the flu, and it is CHRISTMAS tomorrow!! No fair :(

12/24/2010 #64

well i may be a cripple with pneumonia, but at least i'm not working christmas eve night for the first time in FIVE FUCKING YEARS!!!

ah, i see the bar in this OT has got absinthe. classy.

12/24/2010 #65
this wild abyss

Anyone on this time of day?

12/24/2010 #66

Oh shit, it's Christmas Eve and I still don't have a present for my mom. :O

12/24/2010 #67

Anyone on this time of day?


For the moment, at least. I'm trying to find someone to go shopping with me so I can make a panic-buy for mumsies.

12/24/2010 #68
this wild abyss

For the moment, at least. I'm trying to find someone to go shopping with me so I can make a panic-buy for mumsies.

Ah, my mother should go and do that. She just informed me that she forgot to order one of my presents off the internet. I feel so loved!

12/24/2010 #69

I don't want to work for seven hours today T_T


Damn you corporate money sucking capitalists! *shakes fist at Hyvee*

12/24/2010 #70

Gah, I hate you FP for simultaneously logging me out and deleting my adblocker-ness.

Mind you, I should have expected it but oh well. I blame FP.

12/24/2010 #71
this wild abyss

Wow, the world at large seems to be in a Scrooge type of mood.

12/24/2010 #72

Gah, either my brother or my sister-in-law need to answer my text or I'ma walk over to their house and make them regret it. :O!

12/24/2010 #73

I'm not feeling Scrooge-y. Not really. I'm just annoyed that I can't get any help with my panicked last minute shopping. ^_^

12/24/2010 #74
this wild abyss

Didn't say you were feeling Scrooge-y, Lyra, haha.

Said the world was.

12/24/2010 #75

Ah, yeah, that's probably true. The world is usually a pretty Scroogey place 'til about 8PM and then people start to believe it's Christmastime.

At least in my experience.

12/24/2010 #76

OT 97 here!

Title is from Radiohead's song Paranoid Android, which was on the album OK Computer, released 1997.


12/24/2010 #77

Street cred to Lyra for OT marriage and to Gecko for thread title.


12/24/2010 #78

Chat or Santa will forget you!

Omg. D:

12/24/2010 #79

And hooray for Radiohead :)

Omg, yes!

12/24/2010 #80

liana is going to freak. XD


12/24/2010 #81

Yes, I am so happy! :D :D :D

YAY, RADIOHEAD OT TITLE!!!!!!!!1!!one!!!!

12/24/2010 #82

is this the second thread to be named after Radiohead or the first?

Second, I think. Did the Creep one pass? Can't remember.

Second. "Here we are now, entertain us" was Radiohead, right?

Nah, that was Nirvana from Smells Like Teen Spirit.

12/24/2010 #83

The best part about that Nirvana thing is Fang married that OT. XD Way to know your partner.

Ahahaha. Fang fail. XD ♥

12/24/2010 #84

Second, I think. Did the Creep one pass? Can't remember.

Animaniacs won.

12/24/2010 #85

I need to marry this OT. It needs to happen.

Last one I married was Frac's mom.

12/24/2010 #86

This video makes me feel 5 years old again. :) Good times. My mom sang this on all our birthdays. Not like a tradition but just in that I'm-a-mom-and-I-was-reminded-of-this sort of way that's awesome. :D

12/24/2010 #87

I stilll find it funny that I married the 'There can be only one!' OT and then married two others. :D

12/24/2010 #88
this wild abyss

Haha, loved your reaction, Liana!

12/24/2010 #89

Dang it, I'm gonna be singing this all day.

You would cry to if it happened to you!

12/24/2010 #90
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