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What's up Sheriff?

4/8/2011 #2,581

Fang left, that's all.

plus I need to figure out where to go now with my rewrite, blergh.

4/8/2011 #2,582
And... Nobody's here, right? :P I feel kinda proud of myself that I managed to get up at 6:30 after falling asleep at like 2:30. xD

And also that I successfully managed to sneak my laptop into my room last night! :D I feel like such a ninja or something, for not being caught! xP

4/8/2011 #2,583

@Nom if you're reading - I have absolutely no idea what's going on ._. But I truly wish you luck with whatever's been wrong.

Thank you Sparkles! :)

And Nom, if you care to backread this, this is directed to you: Queen was right, you're not weak, no matter what anyone says. Unless YOU specifically want to be. And if you so choose this designation over yourself, don't expect any sympathy, or empathy, coming from me. I've been in your position, where I felt I couldn't do anything to make things right for myself. My life was in disarray and I felt weak. Eventually, I got tired of it, and I stood up to myself. This might be cliche, Nom, but YOU are your greatest enemy. If you want to sit around and do nothing for yourself and let the decay of your life take over, then let it happen. No one can make you better except yourself. If you want to continue to do whatever it is you do and let yourself degenerate, no one can stop you. That's your choice. We can talk, and we can beg, and we can get mad and irrational, but if you don't want it, it's not going to happen. Just remember, you are FAR more powerful than you want to believe. I'm just giving you advice because I understand where you're coming from personally. It might be easy and comforting going back to old habits, but no one who ever lived a fulfilling life got there because they did the same things over and over. If you want a positive change in your life, make it happen. /my two cents

Yeah, I suppose you're right. Well, actually, I know you're right.

I guess I just have to decide which thing I wanna stick with; being stupid, or stopping that... :/

4/8/2011 #2,584

Hi OT. I just saw Tron o:

4/8/2011 #2,585

*feels awkward because she said the exact same thing to dead SkyOT*

4/8/2011 #2,586

aw, yay, I gained a tumblr follower :3 Thanks Sheriff! squee!

4/8/2011 #2,587

aw, yay, I gained a tumblr follower :3 Thanks Sheriff! squee!

oh, yeah, haha! I think I may have followed another one of yours, but I think you must've change the url or made it private or something, cos the link's dead on my follow list now :(

4/8/2011 #2,588

oh, right, yeah I deleted that one, I never used it, haha.

4/9/2011 #2,589
Hi Sheriff and Potter! :)
4/9/2011 #2,590

oh, right, yeah I deleted that one, I never used it, haha.

yeah and now I'm stuck following a dead link I can't unfollow, XD ah well. haha!

4/9/2011 #2,591
My number of the day is: 5
4/9/2011 #2,592
This is why I love my grandparents' house; no matter what I randomly decide to look for, I can always find it! xD I just randomly decided that I wanted grapefruit or pomegranate, and sure enough, there was a pomegranate smoothie in the fridge that I'm allowed have! :D Yay! xD
4/9/2011 #2,593
Hmm, apparently the smoothie I found was 14% pomegranate juice, which means I consumed 35ml of pomegranate altogether... I don't think that's enough to make any sort of difference. xP Oh well.
4/9/2011 #2,594
I wonder if there's orange juice here...
4/9/2011 #2,595
I love Saturdays! :D
4/9/2011 #2,596
Yo OT.

Still no HTML?

4/9/2011 #2,597
And pomegranate's are lush 8D
4/9/2011 #2,598

Yo OT. Still no HTML?

Nope. :/ Stupid FP and their stupid glitches... -_- I should sue them, or something! :P 4/9/2011 #2,599

And pomegranates are lush 8D

I don't even like pomegranates that much, but I heard that they're supposed to do good things... xP 4/9/2011 #2,600
Rainbow35 4/9/2011 #2,601
Woo, musical virgin! xP
4/9/2011 #2,602
4/9/2011 #2,603

It's so lonely in here! D:

4/9/2011 #2,604
Oh yay, it's not lonely anymore! :D Hi Net! xD
4/9/2011 #2,605
aw :( I need to get food I´m hungry!
4/9/2011 #2,606
Rainbow35 4/9/2011 #2,607
Rainbow35 4/9/2011 #2,608
4/9/2011 #2,609
Rainbow35 4/9/2011 #2,610
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