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What Happens Now
I be am Jekyll!
4/10/2011 #2,761

Zomg, where is Lurch!?

I must speak with him! I have the perfect video to show him!

4/10/2011 #2,762

oh thanks ^^ Yeah I used to have it as an avatar a reeeallly long time ago. I always really liked it! Wish my hair looked that cool ;)

4/10/2011 #2,763
What Happens Now
Wow I must be new if I don't know who Lurch is...
4/10/2011 #2,764

@Potter - I have a friend whose hair is slowly becoming quite similar to that. On the holidays she goes nuts cause her school doesn't allow hair dye.

Jekyll! Aah, I think I remember that. Hi! :D I be Lola.

4/10/2011 #2,765

Lola who I always want to call Bubbles, XD How have you been?

4/10/2011 #2,766

:O I feel honoured to be in the same brain-space as the ever-awesome Bubbles xD

I've been pretty great actually! I went to the football yesterday with a guy I kinda have a thing for, which was heaps of fun!! And also ran into my history teacher... which was quite awkward.

How've you been Potter? :)

4/10/2011 #2,767

this commercial features a woman whispering.

1. I can never understand what she is saying from across the room

2. It's a bit unnerving

3. It's just plain creepy, I don't know why they thought whispering about car insurance was a smart thing to do.

4/10/2011 #2,768

aw that's cool, I hope something happens with mr. football man! XD

I've been alright. Finished my most difficult research paper on Friday for finals--I only have one left to write and then I've got two more finals. Other than that I'm pretty much ready to put the semester on coast-mode, XD

4/10/2011 #2,769

ugh, I'm feeling very uneasy

4/10/2011 #2,770

I wish, but according to several probably-not-reliable sources, he and a girl at my school have an ongoing mutual attraction but he's not going to do anything until after this dance thing that my school is holding :(

Are you in full procrastination mode right now?

4/10/2011 #2,771
What Happens Now
Hate to interject but which football is it? American or International?
4/10/2011 #2,772
Potter Quote: Other than that I'm pretty much ready to put the semester on coast-mode, XD

Heh, my semester's just about getting to that point. It's the approach of next semester that terrifies me. Bulking up my schedule, finding internships, applying to colleges... Eh, why did I have to set myself up to transfer? -_-

4/10/2011 #2,773

Jekyll, I am not discussing any form of football you would be aware of :D Us Australians like to do things differently :D

4/10/2011 #2,774

Yuck Sparkles, that doesn't sound fun, XD. I've got a pretty easy semester, but it will be my senior year :) Which...well, the stressful part will probably be the applications for graduate schools and everything. Not looking forward to that at all!

4/10/2011 #2,775

Graduate schools!? How many schools do Americans need to attend in one lifetime!?

4/10/2011 #2,776
Lola Quote: Graduate schools!? How many schools do Americans need to attend in one lifetime!?

Haha, we're just crazy like that.

4/10/2011 #2,777
Also @Lola - Love your avatar :D
4/10/2011 #2,778

Thank you... I want to say Sparkles??

I made this my avatar a few months ago when my homework pile was starting to build up quite a bit. I was actually looking for something to change it to considering I'm now on holidays :)

4/10/2011 #2,779
Sparkles, indeed :)

Haha, guess you wanna escape that. I always go for flashier pictures, but I like more simple ones and can never seem to find them XD

4/10/2011 #2,780


I like your avvys, they're always really cool. :) I jut go on deviantart and sort through all the crap to find some simple photos.

4/10/2011 #2,781
What Happens Now
Well as you can see I just use pictures of shoes
4/10/2011 #2,782

Are you dead, OT?

4/10/2011 #2,783
*pokes it* Looks like it.
4/10/2011 #2,784

.... indeed?

4/10/2011 #2,785

oi, hello posts.

4/10/2011 #2,786


sorry. i like caps today...

4/10/2011 #2,787
What Happens Now
Hi poster
4/10/2011 #2,788

So, Jekyll... How are you?

4/10/2011 #2,789


yes'm. 'sup?

4/11/2011 #2,790
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