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and for a sec, I thought the forums had gone down again (since when I hit "return to forum" it gave me the 404 error again) but I can still reply through here!

FP better not be broken again ever after this, XD

5/12/2011 #2,941

omg! avvy's are back!

praise reggy!

5/12/2011 #2,942

oh, it'll be so nice to get some life pumping back into this place again...

5/13/2011 #2,943

ohey, the return to forum button works again. XD

5/13/2011 #2,944

School trip = fun! :D Too bad I can barely remember any of the movie, though. There's no point going to a place at all if you're just gonna forget all about it 5 minutes later. :P

5/13/2011 #2,945

Whoa, whoa, whoa! HAI!

And the formatting is back too! This is so exciting!

*hugs RG*

5/13/2011 #2,946
Fractured Illusion

:D? Life? :D?

5/13/2011 #2,947
Stylistic Nightmare

Morning, OT.

Man, it feels weird to say that again after so long haha.

5/13/2011 #2,948

I love that the one day I decided to wander around places randomly was also the one day that there was a massive freak hailstorm! Dx And it kept on raining and hailing whenever I got off a bus, and it'd stop whenever I got on one! D: Something is out to get me...

It was quite funny though. Like really? Hail in the middle of May? xD

5/13/2011 #2,949

Woot OT is back :D

5/13/2011 #2,950

Hi Net! :D

5/13/2011 #2,951

Add blocker no working though :(

5/13/2011 #2,952

Heya :D

5/13/2011 #2,953

My cat keeps meowing. -_-

Anyway, how are you? :D

5/13/2011 #2,954

Meh feeling down today :(


5/13/2011 #2,955

Aww. :(

I'm fine, I had a school trip today, and it was fun! :D

Why are you feeling down? :/

5/13/2011 #2,956

Okay, good to know I'm not the only one who can't get Adblocker to work. -_-

5/13/2011 #2,957

Alright, who stole my brush? *glare* AND my comb? Wtf, people. I almost certainly have more hair than you. I need them!


5/13/2011 #2,958


Sad day at the zoo today.

5/13/2011 #2,959


5/13/2011 #2,960
Fractured Illusion

+1, major :(

At least the mother got her son returned. Must have been really upsetting to have her kid taken away not knowing how he was doing and then getting him back dead. :(

5/13/2011 #2,961
Stylistic Nightmare

Yeah, shitty deal.

5/13/2011 #2,962


5/13/2011 #2,963
Stylistic Nightmare

So, I just clicked the names of all the mods at the bottom of a page, and every one of them linked me to a Fanfiction profile. Except for Frac; her name linked me to a user who no longer exists. But when I left the page, came back and tried again, they all brought me to the proper profiles. Weird shit.

5/13/2011 #2,964
Stylistic Nightmare

Oh, I see how it is. If you click on their names within a thread, or this thread anyways, they link you to the Fanfiction profiles. If you click them on the main forum page, they work properly. Even weirder shit.

Also, I guess that explains the mystery of those fucked up avatars some people had when everything was still broken. If your name got linked to a Fanfiction account that had an avatar, you got it. It's the same for Emily, at any rate.

5/13/2011 #2,965

Also, I guess that explains the mystery of those ** up avatars some people had when everything was still broken. If your name got linked to a Fanfiction account that had an avatar, you got it. It's the same for Emily, at any rate.

I figured that's what it was.

5/13/2011 #2,966

in other news, what a gorgeous day in Provo! 70°/21°, so lovely :D

5/13/2011 #2,967
Stylistic Nightmare

It rained here. Sun is sort of coming out now though.

5/13/2011 #2,968

Marth challenged Falco again, I better get going on this ruddy chapter

5/13/2011 #2,969
Stylistic Nightmare

Indeed. Wouldn't want the sword to win this time, right? haha

5/13/2011 #2,970
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