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Fractured Illusion

OT 103 here! Wzzup?

Name's because in ep 103 of Supernatural, Dean makes a deal with Death and they have some pizza while they're talking.

Street cred to Warrior for thinking of the title, and to Sheriff for previous OT's marriage!

Spam or you won't get any pizza. You loser.

6/18/2011 . Edited 7/23/2011 #1

Hello nice people who apparently aren't here! ^_^

6/18/2011 #2

In other news I'm beginning a campaign to hand out 10,000 reviews by the 28th.

Good luck with that. :P 28th of this month? Is it even possible to give out that many reviews in only 10 days? :/

6/18/2011 #3

oh hello new ot o:

6/18/2011 #4

*Corners OT in a gay boy attack*

OMG, I love you to death, new OT!

6/18/2011 #5

hi Lurch (and earlier Nom)

I need to review you T_T

6/18/2011 #6

I kind of hope that I don't work tomorrow for some reason, XD

Pretty sure I do though.

6/18/2011 #7


...I should call work to double-check when I come in, but I've already done that before. I think what I need to do is just crumble and write down my schedule, I'm being bad!

6/18/2011 #8

Maybe it won't be the same girl it was last time 8D

6/18/2011 #9

hokay...should call. yes. meh.

6/18/2011 #10



this shift is annoying, XD

6/18/2011 #11





6/18/2011 #12

but 8 x 7.25 = 58


6/18/2011 #13


I can't believe I spent 99$ in three days :/

That sucks!

I need to stop that. No more trips to Yankton. No more camping. XD

6/18/2011 #14

Hi! No problemo with the reviewing, man: I have to review too, remember?

Also: I had a dream the other day, Potter, that you'd moved in with us and your dad was yelling at me.

Why was your dad yelling at me?

6/18/2011 #15

He'd only yell at you if you didn't wear your socks on his hardwood floors in our house, so that is indeed mysterious.

Well then it's not really yelling it's just kind of like, "Lurch, please wear your socks. ...Lurch, I'd love it if you put on socks. ...You should put on socks, Lurch." etc. etc.

6/18/2011 #16

I seriously need to find a book to read...hmmm...

preferably a classic because those are free, XD

6/18/2011 #17

preferably a classic because those are free, XD

Try Frankenstein. Or Picture of Dorian Gray: if you haven't read them already.

And nope, it was a full on yelling spree. XD

Over the phone though.

6/18/2011 #18

ah, I've read Frankenstein, but I always forget about Dorian Gray!

I'm kind of thinking Great Expectations, even though I have a paperback of that book, but it's packed away somewhere. So I could start reading it on my Kindle and then switch over, assuming we eventually move back in to my house, XD

6/18/2011 #19

I effing hate gnats. :|

Most annoying creatures in the entire world.

6/18/2011 #20

yaaay new OT!

6/18/2011 #21

Street cred to Warrior for thinking of the title, and to Sheriff for previous OT's marriage!

always together, us. you'd think it was destiny.

6/18/2011 #22

Hi new OT! *noms pizza* I can really get behind this OT title. Pizza! WHOOT!

For really, though, I'm hungry. *leaves to find something to eat*

6/18/2011 #23

*snort* Skillz.

6/18/2011 #24

Hi/bye post: HAI ALL!

What would you deem a sexy costume for a fancy dress party?

6/18/2011 #25


I wants your avatar dude. In bed. Now.

6/18/2011 #26

Why are you so dead, OT? Aren't people supposed to be here by now?

6/18/2011 #27

My review hasn't shown up yet. :\

6/18/2011 #28

My review hasn't shown up yet. :\

none of them are. FP's glitching again.

6/18/2011 #29
Perennial Star

Glitching. Such a funny word to say... I wonder how I sound to people that speak other languages. I haven't experienced a problem, but I haven't been too active on the site.

Also, I don't see why my family gets so riled up during a storm. It's only weather.

Oh, and hello OT.

(I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. Forums are foreign. Heh, I laughed at that last sentence for some reason.)

6/18/2011 #30
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