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Welcome to OT 104! A temperature a lot of RGers experienced last week and probably wish they never will experience again.

This is a marriage OT so start thinking of your hot proposals now...

7/25/2011 . Edited by Fractured Illusion, 10/1/2011 #1

NEW OT! *snogs*

7/25/2011 #2
Fractured Illusion


Wzzup OT?

7/25/2011 #3
Sercus Kaynine

Hey new OT!

7/25/2011 #4

Well hello there, hot new OT. *smooches*

7/25/2011 #5

Hey new OT!

7/25/2011 #6

*Makes the OT go weak in the knees with a slow, smouldering kiss*

Hi all!

7/25/2011 #7
Fractured Illusion

Shotgun SeƱorita

if I was a superhero/villain, I'd wanna have that name haha

7/25/2011 #8

hellloooo new OT!

7/25/2011 #9


7/25/2011 #10


7/25/2011 #11
Fractured Illusion


7/25/2011 #12


7/25/2011 #13

i totally have to leave for work now.


*drags lazy ass up and into uniform*

7/25/2011 #14

farewell new OT, and Frac, who I barely had any exchange with T_T

there will come other summer afternoons!

7/25/2011 #15
Fractured Illusion

there will come other summer afternoons!

Malicious foreboding words...

if my life had a plot...

7/25/2011 #16

Why does grass have to keep GROWING?

Off to mow the lawn again. -_-

7/25/2011 #17
Dr. Self Destruct

Too bad your lawn isn't emo, cause then it would cut itself.

Get it? Get it?

...old joke, I know.

7/25/2011 #18

Heylo OT! *glomps*

7/25/2011 #19
Fractured Illusion

Glenn Beck fucking scares me :/

There must be something wrong in his head or something

7/25/2011 #20
Stylistic Nightmare

There's a lot of shit wrong with Glenn Beck. He just likes seeing his name in all the news reports, and since he's a moron with no discernable talent other than royally pissing everyone off, this is how he does it. I'm sure he'll apologize in two days, but it won't matter, because he'll have already gotten what he wanted.

7/25/2011 #21
Fractured Illusion

Ive watched some youtube clips of him once and he is just a freaking insane psychopath.

The scariest thing isnt him tho, its that apparently he is really popular however the fuc that works

effing madman :/

tho one clip was funny because he was trying so hard to cry FER AMURICA


7/25/2011 #22
Stylistic Nightmare

He's popular because he says he Pro-America. The right wing nutjobs hear that, and then it doesn't matter what he says, because he's trying to make America better. He manages to tie everything he says to either "and if we do this, America will be even greater" or "nobody in America would do that" or something like that, and the morons go "AMERICA!" and cheer as loudly as possible.

Meanwhile, everybody else is saying "shut the fuck up and listen. he's going to say something incredibly retarded/racist/homophobic/wrong in about four seconds".

7/25/2011 #23
Fractured Illusion

Man the TV execs must be drowning in money because of this Beck guy XD

7/25/2011 #24
Stylistic Nightmare

They were, until they fired him. At the moment, I believe he's just doing a radio show. He's supposed to start a new show sometime in the fall.

7/25/2011 . Edited 7/25/2011 #25
Sercus Kaynine

If you haven't already, you guys should totally see John Stewart's impersonation of Beck. It's hilarious. XD

He's done it other times, too.

7/25/2011 #26

omg that episode was amazing.

7/25/2011 #27

I feel so lame for wanting to join in on discussions about Teen Wolf.

But then I read the posts, and I remember, no one on the internet who is a fan of anything knows how to spell!!!! D:

so then I come here. Where looking at words doesn't make me want to shit my pants. xD

blah, still feel lame. oh well. I think teen wolf is pretty kickin'.

7/25/2011 #28

Too bad your lawn isn't emo, cause then it would cut itself.

lol, I've never heard this joke.

It makes me cry a little... inside.

7/25/2011 #29

by the way Frac, I'd just like to say your awesome for linking that song.

cause I love it. And I love you. Because you're Frac.

7/25/2011 #30
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